Advice For Muslims On Handling Corona Virus – Sayed Mohammed Baqir Qazwini

my dear brothers and sisters we are going through difficult times some people as they try to make sense of this global crisis the outbreak of the corona virus they feel a sense of hope being lost complete despair utter loss of hope this is an opportunity for us to reconnect with the hope that Allah subhana WA Ta’ala has given us many people in this life what do they have their hopes are they have their hopes and their power they think power can save them they have hopes in their wealth and money they think money can really save them they have hopes in their social positions in times of crisis allah subhana wa ta’ala is teaching us there’s only one hope but too often we have forgotten this hope this hope is the Imam of our time and Imam Atlantia I did a lot I’ll follow you how many times have we forgotten our even we forget that he is our only hope that he is really the savior we think other things can save us in this life but only an imam and Magda can save us because he is the representative of God on earth but my dear brothers and sisters it’s not that we are waiting for the Imam many people think that we’re waiting for the Imam however the reality is he is waving from the Imahara Saddam is prepared the Imam Mahdi’s tsunamis at the peak of piety righteousness humanity there’s nothing that he’s waiting for on his side he is waiting for you and me to be prepared to take our hearts and turn our hearts to the Imam of our time for he is he is the door to allah subhanaw taala a noir mullah in a diamond Wilton where is the door through which we go to Allah Subhan Allah tada the Imam Hani Salaam is our Savior these days as you spend more times in your homes you spend more time with your family with your children remind yourselves that we do have a savior we do have an imam let’s remember him more my dear brothers and sisters as you are trying to make sense of this global outbreak of coronavirus many people are wondering why is this happening is this a punishment from God is God punishing human beings if God is so merciful and he cares about us and he is our Guardian he’s our protector why does he allow this to happen I would like to share with you some thoughts these opportunities this global crisis is a message from allah subhana wa ta’ala to human beings to take a break we human beings are so distracted by this life were so distracted by materialism we’re so distracted by our wealth by our power by our social position we forget of our future and our faith in our destiny we forget to prepare for our hereafter we forget to help the poor to help the orphan we forget to stop injustice around the world in fact we contribute to injustice we do not uphold justice we’re so caught up we don’t have time to sit and reflect yes many people are being afflicted many people are dying and this is unfortunate we pray for them and their families but let’s look at the positive side the world is coming to a stop this is an opportunity for all of us to re-evaluate our lives to recalibrate our programs and activities are we really preparing for the Hereafter are we really doing the right things do we even appreciate the blessings and the gifts that Allah has given us now that you’re sitting in your home and life is coming to a stop now you understand the blessings that are lost palitana has now you can appreciate them more now you can even appreciate your own family many of us we barely see our spouses children parents because we’re so distracted with our business with our life but this is now a great opportunity to reconnect with our children with our family members with our parents because we’re forced to stay at home it says of allies inviting us look your family is more important than your business then going out there and working look at the bright side take this as an opportunity my dear brothers and sisters to seek closer to allah subhana wa ta’ala to have a better relationship with your family members and to really evaluate what life is about my dear brothers and sisters as we are experiencing this global crisis the outbreak of the corona virus one challenge that we’re experiencing today in our communities is the hoarding of goods and the unreasonable stockpiling of goods we’re seeing people panicking going to the supermarkets going to the super centers and everything they see on the Shelf they’re taking and hoarding let’s stop a moment and reflect on this I know you all have families you have children you’re scared what if life shuts down I want to have what I need in my house for the next 2-3 months it’s ok for you to feel that way that’s a natural human instinct you want that which is good for you and your family but stop for a moment and think stop for a moment and contemplate if I hoard all these goods in my house to an unreasonable extent I may be preventing another family from having their essential needs is this something right to do subhanallah in these moments of crisis we learn about ourselves right we think we’re good were not selfish we’re doing the right thing Allah tries us this is a trial from Allah Allah says okay I’ll shake your life a little bit to see your true character do you really care about others in society or you’re only concerned about only yourself and your desires and your selfish needs let’s be reasonable yes to an extent you need to stockpile some essentials for a few days for a week for two weeks maximum but anything beyond that my dear brothers and sisters has implications has negative consequences on others this is one team every one every human out there is part of the human family they’re with you on the same team keep them in mind as well don’t just think of yourself and your family think of everyone and remember that these crises are an opportunity to learn about myself if I saw myself running to the shop trying to buy everything for the next three months that’s fine it’s ok if you did that but use that as an opportunity to change yourself because that’s the disaster of this life once the world pulls my heart it captivates my heart then I’ve lost my test but once I can rise and sacrifice why are the Companions of imamat sa na dhih salaam so special after 1300 years why because they were able to sacrifice in these times of crisis Allah wants us to sacrifice sacrifice for others be generous don’t be selfish this is one great lesson my dear brothers and sisters that we can learn and remember you have the Lord remember you have a las palitana some people panic as if that’s it it’s the end of the world there’s no God who’s above us alas the one who sustains you going and hoarding all these goods in your home is not going to give you safety it’s not going to bless your family sacrificing for Allah will bring the buttock and blessings on your life

16 thoughts on “Advice For Muslims On Handling Corona Virus – Sayed Mohammed Baqir Qazwini

  1. Allahhumma sulli ala Muhammad wal Ali Muhammad ❤️❤️❤️ thank you for the beautiful lecture let us all pray to the almighty Allah who is in control never give up Salam

  2. A gift from me for the Shiites 😊

    The Koran: the angels:

    19 Whoever stands blind is not like who sees the right way;
    20 darkness is not like light,
    21 the shadow not the hot wind.

    22 the living are not like the dead. God lets whoever he wants hear. You cannot make your voice heard in the graves.

    23 you're for was just a warner.

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  4. We need more spiritual lectures to purify our souls like this Useful word.
    You are one of the spiritual dectores.
    May Allah bless your breath
    Thank you all.

  5. JazakAllah.May Allah protect our soul from lust so we rise with a gud faith in hereafter.
    Best thing is to astaghfar and do sadaqa for poor people who earn on daily basis and r unable get their needs in this current sutuation of Corona out break.

  6. Thanks for the reminder talks inshahallah we all come of this trial successfully

  7. It's a very reflective and mind provoking talk. I agree. I also think people are behaving more primitivly now. They are hiding away for safety and fighting for food as our ancestors did throughout the evolution of human history. They are also becoming more empathic and compassionate. Although some do take advantage of others, just as throughout the history of human evolution. Still by becoming more primitive and simpler in our ways it seems we are being lead back to god. As an asperger myself i am now finding solice in a world amongst people that are becoming nicer. Usually we are misunderstood because we think a little differently which manifests in our behaviour and thinking. Creative and talented aspergers include Albert Einstein and Bill Gates. Humans have much to gain in humanity. Welcome to our world of simplicity and solice. Very good video.

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