Affordable 60W Bi-Polar LED Light For Video Production Review 💡🎥🎬

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new video by
“Original Video Reviews” I’m the OVR guy And you can see we have here a new package As always we’re going to find out Together What’s inside and how to use this thing But first let’s set it up,
so you’ll be able to see how it works Well boys and girls,
what we have here is the DEEP DP-6060S Which is an affordable bipolar LED light
for video and photography productions The panel includes a total of 240 LEDs One half is white
and the other is orange The body is made from a combination
of plastic and metal And the build quality is quite good The panel has a slim rectangular shape
which isn’t that common But proved to be practical
for my green screen videos Mounting bracket Rotatable mount Let’s plug this thing to the electricity Power output: 60W Let’s focus on the back of the panel You can see two rotatable dimmer switches The lower switch controls the brightness level And the upper switch controls
the color temperature Here you can see a cooling fan which is an evidence
this is an old generation LED panel Keep in mind that the fan
gets dusty over time Now you can see me doing
sort of a demonstration That hopefully will give you you a good indication
if this LED panel is relevant for your needs I invite to share your thoughts about this demonstration by leaving a comment to this video The last thing you’re about to see
is how noisy this panel can be Please note that I placed
a sensitive microphone next to the fan So it might sound worse than it is But the bottom line is that this noise
is probably the biggest weakness of this panel compared to the more advanced and expensive panels
that generate similar output Well boys and girls,
that’s it for today I would like to thank you for watching another great video by
“Original Video Reviews” Until next time Bye bye Thanks for watching a video by
“Original Video Reviews”

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