Agrobrite T5 Fixture with Lamps

Agrobrite T5 lighting systems are ideal for any applications that call for high intensity fluorescent lighting such as cloning setups, vegetative growth, microgreen gardens, and more. These tough powder-coated systems combine premium grade aluminum reflectors with energy-efficient high output T5 tubes putting out double the light energy of typical fluorescent systems. They are daisy chainable which allows you to connect two systems together and operate them from the same outlet. These systems also hang three ways: overhead, vertical or horizontal so you can choose a hanging configuration to meet your garden’s design. No assembly is necessary. Just plug in and turn on. Agrobrite T5 systems are available in your choice of seven different configurations. Whichever model you choose these systems will bathe your plants in brilliant high output florescent light. Agrobrite T5 systems work wonderfully with Jump Start seed starting products and Hydrofarm hydroponic systems. Get growing with Hydrofarm, your year-round gardening experts.

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