*silence* *silence Tanner: come here come here here what? check it out *mumbling
wow you’re so cool gfbbdjsie wow your so cool what is going on guys today we are back and today, check this out. okay I got a new setup and today check this out ok I got a new setup just exported my video just exported my video but check this out I got
the rainbow keyboard i got the rainbow keyboard and I have this mouse I already showed you guys but and i have this mouse i already showed you guys I literally have the perfect set up now and i’m so happy hey why do you have a picture of yourself hanging up? *giggle* I was about to ask if you don’t watch my videos but I haven’t uploaded it yet It’s for my video that I posted Why do you still have that up? I’m leaving it up..
just kidding I’ll give it to you but yeah it’s Friday. I hope you guys are all
having a great day today I’m going camping tonight I don’t think you’re
coming with me are you… yeah I’m gonna go camping with my cousin Owen that you guys
saw in yesterday’s video and then my cousin Logan. I don’t really know what
I’m gonna do until then I’ll go there in a few hours but for now what you want to do?
*lip smacking Okay guys follow the trail *giggle Today is also part of the cleanup day for this room. my mom is like “can we please just throw them away” because then we’re eventually
gonna throw them away someday but.. NAH don’t you want them in the other room?
yeaahh let’s do that. I don’t think it’s all gonna get done today but we’re going
to start today. Debbie?! Debbie is my mom’s friend that’s helping us. I was gonna put
her in the vlog but I don’t know where she is. these things are so light it’s
like solid air around you it’s weird *blows air Dad on the phone: alright dude I’ll leave it out okay? Tanner: alright Dad: Love you man Tanner: love you too, bye Dad: bye alright so I just took Paris home I just got in the country boy mobile.
Just exchanged cars real quick good bye Rose! goodbye Luna!
I’m gonna miss you! why are you limping? There ain’t nothing wrong with you. Quit it
you’re just walking weird and then you just lay down. belly rub will make it
all better won’t it. I’ll see you girls tomorrow okay? I’d let you come with me but
no girls allowed. This is a mans adventure we’re about to go on. so what I was talking to my dad about was getting a tent because we don’t have one
here I don’t think. We probably do I just didn’t look. and then I’m going to
meet my two other cousins down at the river. my dad’s dad, my grandpa too. I
don’t know why we call him that. he owns a lot of land and he owns a river that
we’ve always been camping at ever since we were little.
Dylan, Quinton, and I tried to go camping alone there like two or three years ago but we chickened out then we had my mom come help us. I’m excited I’m excited
to get out of the house and go make my Kansas country boy roots thanks dad! *music playing* I’m still listening to the clickbait album and i’m going to keep doing it until.. forever. so this is Owens house it’s actually really cool
I might have shown in a video really long time ago. he used to have a
trampoline and I used to come over here a lot but I haven’t been over in a really long
time. I just love the layout of it I think it’s really cool so let me find
him we’ll go inside. Tanner: what kind of doggo is this? Cousin: no idea Tanner: No idea *laughs* what’s up yeah I forgot jeans so you’re going to be the only real country boy around here. Just saying. More doggos! Hey. You’re being really loud. I’m just trying to look at the doggos. *Zooms camera in* Oh my god! Yoo it’s so freaking cool you come up here and then there’s this balcony I’d love this you should be like me and just take out one of the sections build a foam pit.
nothing much. oh this is new! last time I was here I slept with that giant teddy bear Logy! yeah we’re both repping the adidas tanks. I don’t know why I’m giving
them publicity they do nothing for me but yeah. these are not country boy outfits. you do realize this is going to have to go right? you got me with those boots? *nods head* okay sweet I’m Morgan from The Walking Dead. you ever seen that show? Well, yeah He goes like this, he goes– *hit’s something* I’m gonna set this back down… Oh bro! Owen in background: just wait Tanner:You get that out of
the mystery box? I’m kidding oooooh! you guys ever see my dream killer? Logan: is that the diamond one or whatever? Tanner: It’s like red and blue bro that is a demon killer. I don’t know what you’re saying *laughing* Thank You Owen for the boots.. and the toilet paper see you later! Wish us luck! I have an air mattress that I left from the drive-in That I put on my pool and we also have an air mattress pump so we might put that
on the lake too. I don’t know yet we’ll see the river, not lake sorry *music* haha! my snapchats won’t send to Paris so I
got to do this. I see a tower way out there, should be working but I don’t know Someone in background: Roll it! we’re about to be rolling through this
tree. Someone: That one?
*laughs* did you mow down here Owen? Owen: Yeah I did Tanner: You mowed down here just for us?
Owen: Yup Logan: It’s a roller coaster. Weee Tanner: Owen you didn’t have to do that! You’re so good to me I hope my camera’s microphone battery lasts dude I have a better flashlight than
you. just saying that I use at home for hide and seek, loser you’re under arrest! let’s get to fishing! Owen: well lets do that first okay tent first whatever I wanted to fish so we took a look at that River over there and it’s up right now so it’s full and
pretty fast so we can’t really put the air mattress on it unless we want to
like go to Canada or drown so we have an idea. we’re going to tie the air mattress
to the bank. we have stringer for fishies and we have rope that was in my truck
for some reason and we’re going to tie the two together and we’re going to
somehow attach it to the air mattress so we can lay on it maybe sleep on it
tonight that’ll probably just be me and I brought my macbook and that black bag
way back there it’ll be a fun night we out here bro we just made a tent.
I brought my Crocs just in case there we go boys. come on in let’s show them around! so there’s that corner, that corner, that corner Owen: don’t forget the roof! Tanner: Oh the roof! haha It’s really dirty but it should work. this
might actually work if it does it’ll be fun. Too bad there’s a bunch of trees
everywhere but, I better not poke a hole because I don’t want to swim. that
looks like good knot to me. did you take Boy Scouts? down the muddy hill.. Owen: you better not fall off Tanner: 3, 2, Go! yeah I grabbed it just to make sure. I think it’s gonna work! Yeah brother! It’s just gonna put me over here isn’t it? Owen: yup Tanner: boom, this doesn’t even count really I need a big long stick like the one
that was in your room so I can push off the bank and if I want to come back..
oh, please don’t fall off the stick Owen: It just broke half Tanner: Oh well it’s okay Owen: can you catch? Tanner: uhhh I can try yeah got it! hey he has my sleeping bag yay
Toss it in cuz! Owen: are you throwing it? Tanner: yep okay haha for some reason this is better than
doing this on my pool I think I just get more satisfaction okay let’s see if the
stick works.. kinda. if only I had my MacBook, Logan? and if the string breaks
I’ll use my stick to get back to shore.. get out of the water. okay don’t throw this
to me Thank You Logan no no okay that was close
yes this is amazing I’m so happy dad no okay now I’m gonna watch a movie I’ll
see you later okay? Owen: alright Tanner: bye Here Owen. okay we’re taking a break from the
the mattress I’ll come back on there later see you later stick! Owen: it’s not tied down Tanner: Ohhhh!! I forgot it’s on my foot! god dang it we’re so stupid we forgot hahahaha
hopefully go than that yeah there’s a little thingy right there that it goes and who
the currents going to push out there I just know it God goodbye for good I’m
still using yours with thumbnail title that is hop in and get it be cold good
ah come back sleeping on the ground and I boy I wanted to sleep on the water is
actually gonna do it I guess I don’t have to keep this on my foot anymore
yeah I think the rafts gone for good we can’t see it anymore but we got a fire
going right here and I think oh and just kind of fish we’ll see how I see em I
hear he’s just a little guy hey quit I’m trying to give you on my youtube channel
stuff almost three million subscribers you’re a pretty big deal now never talk
to your fish I caught a hold on a second this is not for the faint-hearted and
Logan’s double fishing right now I kind of had to give in mind well they get it
out and stick your thumb in there hey little guy or girl all right and there
we go see you later hold up I’m a good person
here we go back into Vassar well time to get out of this see how we’re going to
the boy Tanner just got himself a fish well not yet baby’s about ready I bet
it’s bigger than yours thanks huh yeah you got a good one yes for help but
we’re on video team effort you pull it you do that I pull oh yeah I see where
they go oh that’s huge you just freaking out fit everybody boy
ha ha got it cool ha ha yeah thought I was weak but it’s decent size this is
big for attendance I don’t know where you live but we don’t catch any sharks
around here you know what I’m good I got to get a selfie with this and you guys
thought I was kidding when I said it was a country boy come on jacket now I guess
I’m for this snapchat actually we have no service out here so it’s going to go
in my camera roll but yeah what’s the name um kid what’s that bump on his face
on I said Ted bump leave Molina now it’s Logan’s turn to catch a fish I will keep
that camera on and three minutes later Loki Loki I’ll
get some back muscles while you reel him in oh he’s gone goodbye Ted number two
we’ll catch you again Owens mom brought us a bunch of snacks this is becoming
less and less of a challenge but uh not complaining thank you
here let me get some lighting there we go we were about to go to bed right now
it is only like nine o’clock but I’m really tired too woke up really early
this morning so yeah we’re going to hit the hay my sleeping bag is soaked from
getting home the air mattress but yeah we also forgot pillows oh yeah this is
going to be another bad night’s sleep oh well yeah we will see you guys in the
morning and I will continue with this love goodnight Logan enjoy nighttime yes
correct after this guys this is my grandpa to DUP there he so I talked
about earlier and he brought his donut you want a fish yeah if you guys don’t
wanna mess with me yeah I don’t want to start sta please get it get it there you
go look at us we got the tent back in the
bag three-way high-five boys hi guys it is time to head back home right now we
only took my trucks like I had dropped them off real quick but yeah I’m gonna
head back home I want to check on that beanbag room see how it’s doing now I
don’t know how much they worked on it but I’ve been away the whole time so I
don’t know anything see you later until next time guys I was just going down the
highway and I checked to see if my air mattress is going to fly out and then I
realized I don’t have one anymore if anybody lives in Missouri that’s
watching these videos that’s where that rivers headed to to go down a river near
you and just check for an air mattress with a stick on hey what’s you’ve been
up to hey whoa wow did you have your old
collar in your mouth classic Luna well it looks clean outside the room and whoa
holy crap I know I think there’s going to be this empty yeah my sister has a
room back except I mean there’s a lot on the force though but you can’t get
everything we will eventually but oh my gosh yes guys they’re kind of drawer
right here so that it will hold it leave a like on this video four for one if you
enjoyed it i tried to make camping entertaining I don’t know how well I did
but also leave it like if you guys want to see like an overnight challenge in
this I would totally do that since the overnight on the like air
mattress kinda kind of click bait but oh well I still
hope you guys enjoyed this video I kind of big fish so yeah leave like any I
think you guys so much for watching and don’t you leave like insurance best you
enjoyed subscribe your new and I’ll see you guys next one you came in looking
like that you just maybe

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