Akai Network Midi How To Use With All DAWS MPC 2.7 Standalone

hey what’s up everyone thank you guys
for joining and today I am BK. back with another banger. today I’m showing how to
use the network MIDI the Akai network MIDI it was released in the 2.72
world a 2.7 update it was released and it’s basically centered around
controlling Ableton Live but you can also use it within other da W such as
I’m gonna show you how to use it in studio one today which you can use it in
all DW basically so you need two things well a few things you need either MPC X
or an MPC Live or the new MPC one that’s our daring to ship out so you need an
interface this is a persona studio 2 for USB it has the mic inputs this one has
two you need your Mo’s list two XLR cables only I’m only using two forth for
this instructional but if you have a bigger one that has or a mixer with an
interface that has six or eight outputs you can plug up all your six to eight
outs ins and out right I’ll just be using this so keep in mind you
definitely need an interface for this story
now it says live control seamless integration you can now control Ableton
Live using MPC X or live or one your MPC X live or one comes pre map to Ableton
Live 10 point 1.2 or later for an instant performance and production setup
for cable this operation that’s the key thing it’s cable this you don’t need the
de MIDI right so you sir have to use the five pen MIDI
then I don’t have one right here to show you but we all know what the committee
is tier in and out and you also have that on the back of your MPC X NBC live
MPC Renaissance MPC touch it’s not on the studio so keep that in mind all right
you can also use an an ethernet adapter to USB for the live to tooken but then
that gives you connections via cable we want to do this Wireless that’s the
whole thing about this so that’s enough of me talking about that one I’m going
to do is close this screen right here and show you the setup so this is the
the Akai professional network committee right now there is no configured devices
says it’s not available because I don’t have my uh my MPC live hooked up so I’m
gonna turn on my MPC live I don’t have another camera but we all know what the
MPC live look like so as soon as I turned on my MPC live it automatically
sees the the device it picks it up automatically the remote device is
discovered one cuz I only have one connection right now I’m curious to know
if you got multiple connections at once that’ll be cool right my studio one
opened up just a blank session I pulled in presents and I have a blank audio
track then you go to your audio track you go
to here will says none go down to audio i/o setup this should already be set up
for me why is it not alright so I had to set up the i/o device because it wasn’t
it forgot it somehow so you want to open up
your track so you open up a new track you open the
track is blank it would be on none right here you click on that and you go to
input 1 & 2 if this input 1 & 2 is not here this is for you studio 1 users if
this input 1 & 2 isn’t here automatically you go down to audio i/o
setup and if this isn’t here right say it’s blank like that you add
it add a stereo it opens up and then you’re good to go you apply it
it okay go back here and there it is and now you would have to put monitor on in
order to hear it press your spacebar not is a little lag in it but the lag is not
that bad you want to report it you record enable
put the punching on get report now you have it in
take off record enable make sure you take the monitor off because if you
leave the monitor on you’ll get that doubling flanger effect like this you
take the monitor button off you’re good not the the record offset you want to
set this to whatever specifically works for you this was a setup that I had with
um the mile MIDI so this I set that up for that it worked for a little bit of
time and then it stopped working so we off that but that’s how you set that up
right there in order to get it to uh because right now is playing off you
gotta find the time the delay the latency right so you said that how you
said it and uh that’s pretty much that now you need to have the MTC on right I
said that in Prior videos we want to set the MTC up once you go in here you
receive from the network MIDI send to Network MIDI and you wanna send MIDI
timecode right let me just see if I put it on use midi
clock start is it still going to work let’s check it doesn’t hurt to try
alright let’s just delete that that was way late I was way late you I mean it’s a little delay in there but
once you figure out that that delay time you should be wonderful now the network
MIDI DAW function it’s not working as it should be or as they intend it to work
is not controlling the MIDI the mini I’ll put a mute that I’ll add an
instrument go to a default piano and the NPC is set to on a MIDI track itself and
it’s going out for 8 and this thing is not working so all inputs should be fine
want it to be let me see so the MIDI isn’t isn’t working as far
as controlling audio as far as controlling audio it is not working
right put it on a doll control same deal it’s not receiving the network
blue wireless Wi-Fi and keep in mind you need a Wi-Fi connection like your MPC
live X or MPC one needs to be on the same Wi-Fi connection your your router
it needs to be on the same network that’s the only way this is gonna work I
guess in future updates this control will be will be working but that’s
pretty much how you do it you need your in it you need an interface with with
ins and outs and you can do seamless audio dragging and you could do multiple
out at one time you just set up your tracks I’ll show you to get rid of
presents cuz we don’t need it I’m gonna add a new audio track say you wanted to
track out separate checks or several tracks at one time you’d have to utilize
your ins and outs on the back of your MPC any one of your NPCs so in this case
I only have two two ins and outs as far as my interface goes so I have one going
through one and one going through three I put the drums on on outputs three and
four in the MPC and the sample is going out of output one
the i/o you want to add uh in and out for your mono and you set your you know
mono one or mono two for the stereo it don’t it it doesn’t benefit in this case
because I only have two ins and outs right so we do it the minor way you
delete that hit record you all right so that’s only the sample so that just
speeds up the workflow in a nutshell if you have a bigger interface for a mixer
with an interface or mixers our interfaces in a nutshell and it’s you
could connect it to your computer v8 via da-duh phone via USB
ta da W what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna try to show you guys how to set it
up in multiple da w’s just the part of using the the network mate to see if
it’s if it’s actually working alright so I’m gonna close out of Studio
One and I’m probably gonna open up reason it’s been a minute since I open
that up but I’m gonna open it up to test it out alright quick quick this I don’t
want to say so we got reason open this is reason light automatically when I
open up the Preferences on controller so fruit surfaces the dog control
automatically was enabled so I’m gonna test out the differences to see if I
could control any actual instruments in here or audio go think I need to switch
this to I think I should be straight with the audio I think I should be
straight with the audio let me just set everything up and then I bring out that
whole reason seems to be a failure as far as I’m concerned I can’t get it to
function right but Ableton link works as far as it’s
just communicating to each other right but it’s I’m not able to get it to play
inside of um Studio one inside of reason via
standalone it’s it’s not communicated as far as the the dark control the network
MIDI doll control it’s still not controlling the sounds in reason so
reason users standalone mode on your NPCs is not a current goal right now if
any of you know how to get it to to work please post it up in the comment section
how to do so and or if you have a video that references it I love to check it
out alright I’m gonna see if I can uh
whatever DW Zack I’ll open up and then we’re gonna close out all right so logic
is basically a failure I got it to record but it’s doing the boo boo the
fool thing where the playback is wrong that’s not how it was looping and it’s
not dragging from the one so that defeats the purpose as far as the MIDI
controlling the any other instruments in logic no I didn’t get it to work so
that’s it for that I’m not even gonna try fruity loops because fruity loops is
a headache with their settings so that’s pretty much it there is one thing that I
want to check though that I’ve discovered just now and I’m gonna see if
it works inside a studio one if it don’t work inside a studio one that I’ll just
close out hola that is is it for the acai Network MIDI again you do need to
install it it comes there’s a there’s an additional installer that you download
it’s called Akai professional network MIDI once you install that you’re then
able to utilize the the Wi-Fi on your MPC Live MPC X and the new coming MPC
one you connect it via the same network router of your household therefore you
won’t have to connect a five-pin MIDI to connect to your D aw the only D aww that
I’m able to get it to function how I wanted to function – controlling of
other instruments is studio one reason failed for me logic failed to me Pro
Tools I can’t find my I lock so I can’t open up Pro Tools life right now and
that is the only other DW that I have I don’t have
Ableton on this computer anymore I’m gonna get it soon but that’s pretty much
it man I know this video was all over the place I’m gonna edit it up the best
way that I know how uh that’s it man do remember that music is life it is our
DNA keep banging peace loving light till next time peace and if you have any
questions just post it up in the comment section and from my knowledge of what I
do know about the network MIDI I will help you I peace

2 thoughts on “Akai Network Midi How To Use With All DAWS MPC 2.7 Standalone

  1. **TIME STAMPS**
    Intro: 0:00
    Live Control: 1:40
    Wireless Midi Connectivity: 2:12
    Configured Remote Devices: 3:00
    Studio One 4.6 Setup: 3:47
    Audio I/O Device: 4:18
    Record Enable Audio Track: 6:24
    Record Offset: 7:30
    MTC Setup For Studio One: 8:12
    Akai Network Midi Daw: 9:52
    Multiple Input setup: 11:56
    Reason 11 Setup: 15:00
    Logic Pro X: 16:48
    Final Thoughts: 17:57

  2. Is the lag showing in a ableton? And is studio one an Akai thing? I only see people with Mpcs use it? Thanks again

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