100 thoughts on “Alaska Earthquake: 7.0 magnitude quake. tsunami warning in Anchorage | ABC News

  1. Thats sad my science teacher teaching us about earthquakes today and once u know theres a earthquake

  2. Alright so california burnt down… north carolina (south carolina is doin something) is under water watch.
    But north korea is doing..?

  3. Yesterday's news show Krakatoa erupting, so a quake in Alaska could be possible, that being in the ring of fire zone. Hope for no fatalities up there.

  4. Hey does anyone else think that this double earthquake is hinting at maybe fukashima,s cores have melted into some fault or some geologic layer of ,well I'll just say it what happen if those melting cores hit a thick layer of uranium or some other layer like coal or natural gas what happen if the cores ended up in one of those layers or what if it melted through a fault line

  5. Where would planes have diverted to: Fairbanks or Canada?

    I took a vacation to Alaska in 88. As I listened, I immediately flashed on what I recall of Anchorage & the bay…

    My thoughts & prayers to the people of Alaska!

  6. Praying for Alaska! We had close to the same magnitude in 1994 here in Northdrige CA. It was very scary so I know how you all feel right now. Stay strong and positive, you’ll get back on your feet and restored quickly. Stay safe. Praying that no one is hurt badly. Grace and peace. ??

  7. I've been in a couple of small quakes here in Michigan. they were enough for me. I can't imagine what a major one is like to live through. Sending hopes and prayers to all of you.

  8. Alright guys… there more technology than one person or team can track… But what we know is… places with technology are more than places without technology.

    alright let me give you example… have you ever drove, on a strip of land… such as a beach 1st street. or maine street.. where every single building on the road that was once houses… is now 5 story condiminiums..but then theres that "one shack" of a house, that didnt sell out , in between all of them… it sticks out.. it sticks way out…

    that one little shack, is one the same water system, pipings and electrical…
    Imagine it on a international scale…
    so imagine that on a giant scale…. for instance compare "NORTH KOREA, technology and land" to SOUTH KOREA… how big is south korea on a technology scale.. "being connected"

  9. OML i thought this episode was very old, but then I see it was streamed 5 hours ago and I was legit mind boggled and very worried that this really is happening… D:

  10. I would have love to have the reporter ask the expert from the US Geological Office if there has been any oil/gas drilling or seismic testing going on in those waters off the coast since Trump lifted the ban on seismic testing and drilling in the Artic? Anyone??? BTW GAS/Methane is a great threat and gas leaks emit this crap, then it's CA all over again!

  11. Sorry that you had to go through that but you do live in earthquake area it's like if you live in Florida you know hurricanes are going to come

  12. May you find your strength and peace in our Lord Jesus, trusting in Him with all your hearts and He will give you peace to overcome the storms we are all experiencing.Saying prayers for you all in Alaska.

  13. Ephesians 2:8 KJB
    For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

  14. My 1/2 brother lives in Anchorage. Thank God he and his family are okay. I got thru on the cell phone.

  15. just heard the news stay safe all you over there. 7.0 I've been looking at Earthquake activity recently I knew one was gonna hit, I just didn't know it was gonna be Alaska #Facts.

  16. They say that Alaska has 40,000 quakes a yr?? That works out to 109 quakes per day for a whole yr.

  17. If your house is a rocking then don't come a knocking. It might be an earthquake.

  18. It's interesting that as politicians, judges, and attorneys are being arrested for treason against the U.S., that such an earthquake has stricken a large metropolitan area! A distraction maybe? Coincidence?

  19. Hitlery & Obummer orchestrated this from their lair somewhere deep in the Earth's core or perhaps in outer space.

  20. @13:13 the concern is for the future. Earthquakes effect the water tables. you guys where lucky ?.

  21. after the 64 quake building codes became very strick. we can take a lot more than most

  22. No injuries and no lose of life. Alaskans are hardfuckingcore. California would be full of hurt crybabies begging for government help.

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  24. I wonder what sort of stupid think trump will say about this natural disaster. I wonder if he will blame Alaskans for not relaxing their fault lines in a gentler way.

  25. To Everyone sending worthless prayers – you are 7.0 too late; send a check instead to relief efforts.

  26. Its foolish for anyone to think climate change is not real. I hope you all are well, we are praying for you.

  27. Yeah, and these aftershocks are still happening. It's really annoying and I wish it'd all just stop. There's one happening as I'm typing this.
    Today was fun…. School was fun…

  28. This World is coming to an end believe it or not… If you notice count up all the natural Disasters that have happen in just this year alone Stay WOKE

  29. The 1906 San Francisco quake didn't have the firestorm because of broken gas lines. Someone tried to make breakfast in a fireplace with a damaged chimney. It spread so fast because water lines were broken so there wasn't any way to get adequate water to fight it.
    Liquifaction intensifies the shaking because of the loose composition of the soil under the suface. The space between the soil particles resettle and it makes it really easy for what's on top of it to be damaged more than an area with consolidated landfill.

  30. some have eyes but they do not see what is really going on in the world and all these floods , fires and earthquakes that are happening more and more frequently and are worsening daily. Matthew 24 has warned us how things will be like a woman in labor in the last days. Birth labor pains getting worse and closer together before giving birth., Jesus has warned us . If you are not a believer in God and his word and plan for man kind you may want to think about it . God is judging the world and it will only get worse as time goes on. Romans 10 : 9 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

  31. Earthquakes always follow the fault line….last time this happened everyone thought it would strike California next…but that was not the case…the earthquake followed into the midwest near yellowstone….the next few days will be critical…

  32. Alaska and California Governments should be helping and teaching Missouri and Illinois the Midwest prepare for Earthquakes I live in the New Madrid Fault line

  33. I was living in Alaska back in 1964 when we had a 9.2 earthquake there was a lot more damage.

  34. Only thing nice about Anchorage was flat top and The views up there. Skiing and hiking. Now I’m in a wheelchair and can’t live in Alaska lol. Washington state now. My mother forced me to live in Anchorage but I hated it. Brown mucky most of the year and freezing. Also it sits on a sinking mudflow from old glaciers and basically the worst material to build on. Asking for total destruction in any quake. Why do people WANT to live there where it’s unsafe and gross? Why not move to Kenai or Seward and have 300 thousands there!? Or Kodiak? Kodiak is gorgeous

  35. im not going to get killed im only in providence i know its all around the world under it is lava

  36. God Bless Sarah Palin and her family and All the good people of Alaska.

  37. It feels wrong to say the name of a false Egyptian god ,thus is wrong, 2^ to me.

  38. the reason why Alaska have earthquake because my friend told me that his dad heard about Alaska mining of ores,gold,,diamond way to close of fault zone
    that was more many years ago my friend told me … and now look what happen ..it did hit fault zone and trigger earthquake

  39. these words is for the idiot that wish that people died …….take your word and apply it to yourself ……..HEARTLESS FOOL !!!!!!!!

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