Alaska quake prompts tsunami warning on west coast of N. America

A tsunami warning has been issued across the
west coast of the United States, Canada and Hawaii after a 7-point-9 magnitude quake hit
the southern coast of Alaska. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the
quake struck early Tuesday, local time, around 300 kilometers southeast of Alaska’s Kodiak
Island. Residents of the island were urged to stay
away from the coast to avoid damage from possible aftershocks. The NWS Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said
“widespread hazardout tsunami waves” were possible. Meanwhile, volcanic activity in the Philippines
prompted nearly 56-thousand people to evacuate from the province of Albay… in the southeast
of the country’s biggest island of Luzon. Officials say Mount Mayon has been spewing
ash more than 3 kilometers into the air… along with fountains of lava 700 meters high. The alert level there was raised to four on
a scale of five. Damage from a volcanic eruption was reported
Tuesday in Japan as well… at Mount ( )Kusatsu-Shirane… in Gunma prefecture. The eruption sparked a huge avalanche that
left at least one person dead and more than 15 injured.

18 thoughts on “Alaska quake prompts tsunami warning on west coast of N. America

  1. you know the ufo has found ,the earth looks not well.some big thing will happen.i wish GOD BLESS YOU.


  3. Fuck we are doom like in 2017 a lot of natural disasters ugh the tsunami in California in San Fransisco plz god plz noo like 2017

  4. The entire west coast of Canada, and Washington is overdue for a mega thrust Earthquake… Possibly worse than Japan 2011… We Are Screwed

  5. Y’all can shut the fuck up about the rapture and shit. Y’all were wrong the first hundred times and y’all are wrong now.

  6. Nearly on 23rd January 18 Jakarta Indonesia also hit by 6,4 earthquacke and the second on 24 january by 5,2 schale richter. But minor damage

  7. Even mother nature against us when we let bigs fishs eat small ones, from climate changes to fogs and smogs,
    Tsunamis , volcanoes eruption, tornadoes, wild fires , floods,landslides, heavy snow storms and hurricanes twisters to air pollution and dry rivers at the time of economy crisis, this add up year after year ,Looks loke age of darkness and there nothing we can do beside.praying for good wiLL, and hope cz men made problems .

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