Alex Kingston on the future of River Song.

When I was first asked whether I would
like to bring River Song to an audio audience, I was very keen to join that
community and I can’t believe how many I’ve done. I mean I can’t believe, when
I’m told that I’ve done five box sets and, you know, 20 plus whatever
episodes, that to me is extraordinary, because it feels like the journey’s only
just begun. And for the listeners, let’s say I wish that they
would have an opportunity to see us working in the studio because we have so
much fun. And I find the writing really good, and
we have an extraordinary… we’re really privileged actually, to have
such an extraordinary array of actors and really wonderful talent coming
through and giving their alien performance or whatever it is. I
mean it is just so much fun so I’m thrilled to do it. I’m thrilled that
River is a character that actually can transition on to audio so
seamlessly in a way and I really hope that we have a lot more adventures

58 thoughts on “Alex Kingston on the future of River Song.

  1. Well clearly Alex wants it, we need behind the scenes videos for your releases

  2. We wish for many more also, excited to review this next month on our show, listening to episode 3 currently ❤️

  3. I love the River Song character and Alex Kingston is great on screen and on audio. I pre purchased the audiobook and can not wait to listen to it. Go Dr. River Song/Alex Kingston.

  4. wouldn't mind River Song and David Tennant's Doctor to do a few audios together for the 10th Doctor range.

  5. Will River ever reappear on Doctor Who? I could be fun for her to see the new form that the Doctor has taken…?

  6. Diary of river song is one of the highest quality bf releases, I hope it keeps going for a long time

  7. I love the idea of this particular boxset, and though I've not yet listened to any of the River Song audios, I can imagine there's great narrative potential. Sadly I've so much Big Finish still to catch up on that six box sets more rather exceeds my budget at present! Ah well, perhaps in a few years (or decades) down the line.

  8. Had Big Finish not already done a Boudica story, it'd be interesting to have Alex revisit that character in tandem with River. Perhaps revealing what really happened to the Iceni Queen after the Romans put down her revolt…

  9. She's never gonna age is she? I think she's got a Tardis stashed in her basement somewhere. 😎

  10. Love River/Alex writers please take note you have a gld mine here don't squander it.

  11. If the Marxist/ black racist propaganda isn't dropped the whole of Dr Who will destroyed . The BBC has been taken over by leftist minorities interests . Majorities don't matter any more . BBC must go .

  12. I love you Alex! Plz do an adventure with Amy and Rory! The ponds back one more time!

  13. the dog said, "this is like hearing about a character is a show.' ~ tenderbastard

  14. I've written a fanfic of how we rescue River from the library. I'm fine tuning it. At some point if I get enough interest I'll post it on my blog.

  15. Frankly I think that Big Finish Audio Productions is putting out better stories right now than the show itself. And it's bringing back a lot of beloved characters (played by the original actors & actresses where possible) from the original show as well as from the series since its' return.

  16. I have 2 in the series. Love Alex as River Song! Get my Doctor Who fix in the car on the way to work! Only being in the TARDIS could be better!

  17. Would love to see the adventures of river song the series. This way they can explore some of her exploits when the doctor wasn't around or call back some of the past doctors to tell the story of her diary ( Jim the fish )

  18. And Alex has moved on to other adventures, doing quite a bit of TV here in the US and at home. In the Whoniverse, though, anything is possible.

  19. I love the episode of Law & Order that she played a lawyer named Ms. Pond. Just one of her adventures.

  20. I love you my hello sweetie. I own 7 sonics and years ago Yours was my 1st i bought. At time of purchase it was literally only in Silence in the Libray, Husband's of River Song i hadnt seen yet, why it was so precious to me

  21. OMG OMG. That river song is so 🔥 HOT 🔥 she's incredible she's fantastic amazing,,,, wonderful ,

  22. Alex is beautiful and charming. Her daughter is gorgeous – just like her charming talented mother. Everyone loves your beautiful hair x

  23. I’m having a Brain moment here, lol! So I cannot think intellectually because of my lack of sleep. Audio meaning just sound and no picture right?! Is it any good for those who have tried it?!

  24. I have a ton of audio books, this one included. It was fabulous. Haven't seen but a couple episodes of the actual show last season, however…..

  25. River Song didn't become a favourite character of mine until "A Good Man Goes To War".

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