All 4 Adventure: A Decade of Dirt

This year marks a milestone for All 4 Adventure. It’s been 10 years of All 4 Adventure. That’s a decade of dirt. And it all started right here on season 1. And as you can tell, he’s excited. I’m excited, because this is one of our most
favourite places to come in Australia. So come with us as we travel across this great
land of ours. So welcome to the Kimberley. From home base, Jase Andrews and the team
have tracked out all over remote Australia, pushing all their gear to the absolute limit
and beyond. Yeah! And they are still not slowing down. By land, sea and air, the great southern land
is out there to explore. Searching for fish has been a big part of
it. Look at the size of that thing! Woo! We gotta feed Simon somehow. But fishing doesn’t always go well. I got up early this morning. Nailed one of these. And I was just getting the lure off then,
and the lure caught me. That could be so much worse though. Why’s that? It could be me. Nice guy. The bush surgery is open. There’s just no doubt, this is going to hurt
you more than me. There is, of course, campfire cooking. Ooo, yeah, she’s good to go. Hurry up, Jase. We’re hungry. Pretty cool, mate. Pretty cool. Who’s that weird dude behind you? I don’t know, mate, but he’s a bit scary looking. And old mate Jesse seems to be enjoying life
at sea. Now Jesse’s a little bit indisposed at the moment. As you can see, he’s laying here on the floor
for some reason. A bit seasick, mate. He’s a bit crook. So it’s a bit new for old Jesse. He’s used to running around in little tinnies
in the river. It is pretty rough out there, so it’s not
real flash. But Jesse is handy to have around camp. Yeah, I’m out! He’s a braver man than you or I. And there’s more critters in the mix. Oh, you’ve got to watch him. Yeah, he’ll get you. He’ll get ya. You just stand there, and he’ll nail you. We search our history and those hidden stories
behind it. Found it. I found it! I found it! Oh yes, yes. I’ll be buggered. Yes! Gordon, mate! Gordon. Well done. So this is where your grandfather would have
stood back in 1929. Well done. Good job. I got a bit teary there. Yeah, I get it. I get it. I mean, now it’s better than back then, you
know. My grandfather was shoved along with a rifle
basically. It’s a big difference between where they came
from and where I am now. It’s more of a civilised world than before,
so it’ll be a good day tomorrow. Another good day. This season is full of historical firsts. So it was in 1803 that Flinders first penned
it into his diary, ‘The Austalian’. Now it was the Yolngu men that were the first
ever people to be called Australians. But above all, it’s always an adventure. This has to be up there with one of our most
memorable journeys to get to an aircraft wreck like this. Just the sheer journey getting here has been
incredible. We made it. What do you reckon? Good job, mate. Yeah, no, it’s awesome. You came a long way just to be here. If you’re pushing the outer limits of travel,
things can and do go wrong. Ahhh, you’re kidding me! He’s been stung by a dangerous stingray that we
don’t even eat. We don’t even touch. We just don’t go near it, and he got hit by
it. He’s not good. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this crook. It was all bad. They’ve got venom in their barbs, hey. This is gonna hurt him. So when I saw him get stung by it, I thought
he was going to finish up there, because I thought he was going to die. All 4 Adventure: A Decade of Dirt–and it’s
just getting started.

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