All Alone… Illinois River to the Mississippi | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 27

– [Lauren] Last time on Sailing Soulianis, we finally started making some mile south down the inland river system. We got the hang of transiting locks, installed a much needed raw water pump and even woke up to frost on our deck. We made it about halfway on the Illinois River to the Mississippi. Now we’re going to take
on the second half. – [Kirk] Let’s do dis. ♫(“Restless” by Common Jack)♫ We found a gym that has yoga classes and showers and a pool for 11 dollars. So we’re trying to make it there before the yoga class starts and they’ve closed the marina on us. There goes Lauren. (screams loudly) – [Lauren] What we do for a yoga class! – [Kirk] I am weak. Lauren saved herself. I would be eaten by the bear. See ya Peoria, we closed you down. – [Lauren] So the rivers so high right now that they actually dropped
the dam below the water level and we’re driving right over it. It’s called a wicket dam. – [Kirk] You’ll see something
right here in a moment. Right there. That’s the dam that gets raised. (sigh) – [Lauren] Sure. – [Kirk] Especially since it may rain. – [Lauren] No, it’s not going to rain. – [Kirk] Alright. I’m going
to prepare for it though. – [Lauren] Might need to change your shoes. – [Kirk] Yes, but for right
now they’re the warmest. Right now I’m wearing long johns, two pairs of pants, a tee shirt, three long sleeve shirts, a puffy jacket, two other jackets, a hat, two hoods, a pair of gloves. This is sailing! All aboard who wants to go south. – [Lauren] Me! (laughs) – [Kirk] Ready? – [Lauren] Ready. – [Kirk] Okay good luck. (giggles) – [Lauren] Bye. We so came here a month too late. – [Kirk] Well he said that
closes down on Labor Day. – [Lauren] Oh, like two months too late? – [Kirk] Yeah. – [Lauren] Aww. – [Kirk] It would have
been fun to use the grill. – [Lauren] Yeah. (boat engine running) Probably our tightest squeeze yet. – [Kirk] There is nobody coming. – [Lauren] This winter hair. So Bob, you got his voicemail right? – [Kirk] No I talked to Bob. – [Lauren] Oh okay. Well
on his voicemail it says, “Thanks for calling Tall
Timbers. If you draft more than three feet just pass us by.” (laughs loudly) So, thank goodness the
river’s so high right now or else we wouldn’t have gotten in there. ♫(lighthearted guitar music)♫ – [Kirk] So I think we have only seen four other pleasure boats, boats that are not barges, on our entire two and a
half week trip so far. Two of those boats are being delivered. One of them was going the other way. The last one was anchored and we’re not even sure
that it was a looper boat. So, it’s been a pretty
desolate trip so far. But it’s made the anchorages
and docks completely our own, which is kinda nice! I guess that’s one plus to coming down the river a month too late. But it’d be kinda cool to meet some other people doing the same thing. – [Lauren] That’s Kirk way over there, dropping our stern anchor for our first night on
the hook in the river. (eeh) So far we’ve stayed at free docks. We’ve paid for a couple marinas, but we haven’t had an anchor yet and we’ve been, it’s gotta be like ten, 12 nights on the river? I don’t know I’m forgetting the days. But tonight was the first night we didn’t really have a choice. So, yeah, anchoring in
couple knot current. Fortunately it’s going to be a lot warmer tonight than it has
been over the last week. It’s been almost down to
freezing every single night and tonight it’s going
to be like 55 over night cause there’s some sort
of storm coming tomorrow. So, yeah, that’ll be nice and toasty. Okay I gotta move the boat
before we run into the sandbar. – [Kirk] Neutral. – [Lauren] Neutral. – [Kirk] Okay forward. We have about 100 feet of
line on our stern anchor so we attached a few extra
dock lines to give us just a little bit more working room. – [Lauren] We tight? – [Kirk] We’re tight? I think what we wanna do
is drop the anchor here. Can you keep us roughly right there? – [Lauren] Yeah. – [Kirk] We wanted to be
as far out of the main channel as possible which
meant sneaking into a pretty tight channel between a sandbar and the bank of the river. The stern anchor was
insurance against any wind that would be stronger than the current that would carry us up river, putting us in danger of
being blown into the bank or onto the sandbar. – [Lauren] What did we just do? – [Kirk] Spent the last hour and a half doing our first bow and
stern anchor on the river. Third time was a charm. – [Lauren] Yeah. – [Kirk] We tried three different times. – [Lauren] Yeah. – [Kirk] It worked out. We’re good now. – [Lauren] Seems, we seem good right now. – [Kirk] I think we’re good. – [Lauren] I can’t really
say it’s successful until we pull it up and leave tomorrow right? – [Kirk] Correct. As long as the river doesn’t drop more than a few inches we’re okay. (laughs loudly) Cause we’re not in very deep water. Here’s our depth chart. – [Lauren] Yeah. – [Kirk] Here’s our depth. – [Lauren] It’s not bad right here. – [Kirk] That is our depth right there. – [Lauren] So that’s what? Seven feet? – [Kirk] It’s to here. – [Lauren] Nope. – [Kirk] Just over six. – [Lauren] It’s six feet. (laughs loudly) – [Kirk] Yikes. – [Lauren] Hey good thing
we only draw 4’3″? – [Kirk] No, no that was when
we weighed 15 thousand pounds. Now we weigh 20. So
probably four and a half. – [Lauren] Alright, are
you going on an adventure? – [Kirk] Yes. Oh, there’s another barge coming. – [Lauren] Where you going to go? – [Kirk] Right to there. – [Lauren] Are you
going to climb up there? – [Kirk] Sit on that log
and look at the boat. – [Lauren] Oh, fun. – [Kirk] I should have a beer. – [Lauren] Do we have any? – [Kirk] I think so. – [Lauren] Alright. ♫(lighthearted guitar music)♫ – [Kirk] First anchorage on the river. Going on my first Huck Finn adventure. Oh, sh*t. It’s a little slippery. (laughs loudly) It’s a little slippery! I thought it was solid! Alright we’re going to
give this a go number two. That’s where we be. (birds cawing and chirping) It’s birds of summer again, bird. Come on dude take off. (bird noises) Oh, he almost did. He moved his wings. Oh there he goes. It’s so peaceful and calm out here. I felt like we were tied
to the dock all night except for when the tows went through and sent us like three or four foot waves. This is crazy. We’ve got woodpeckers. We’ve got morning doves. We’ve got all the little sing song birds. It’s like we’re back in summer, except for we have fall
colors all around us. It’s pretty cool. ♫(“I Fall Away” by Common Jack)♫ – [Lauren] Look at that! – [Kirk] The Mississippi. – [Lauren] Look at you no hat. – [Kirk] No hat. Only one jacket. Only one pair of pants. No gloves. – [Lauren] Look at that! Barefoot! – [Kirk] Barefoot.

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    Email [email protected]

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    For years my wife and I said it would be awesome to live on the water, and we got our wish. My job brought us to SE FL, and the boating and boaters is completely the opposite, not to mention general living. I now tell people, be careful what you wish for, today I am always saying I'd much rather be back up in the midwest.

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  47. Been looking at the Great Loop for a while. We live in TN and take our Hunter 23 to Kentucky lake some and love it there. We want to buy our Forever boat and Dock it on Ky Lake until early Retirement and make the trip South. So this Vlog is great to see. And you guys are great to watch. As a diesel mechanic myself was fun to watch the conclusion of your fuel problem. We all do it at some point in time. No need to feel too silly. You guys are safely concluding your tribulations that's the important part. Subscribed and hooked.

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