All for River

MOM: River is the sweetest
little boy you’ll ever meet. The day, actually, of
his 12-month well-check, the whole left side of
his face stopped working and just went paralyzed. DAD: So we made the
choice to get an overnight bag and head to the city. MOM: Nothing prepares
you for that kind of diagnosis. DAD: Immediately
you have to learn to take care of a child
that’s got cancer. DR. GOLDMAN:
Early on in my career, very few of the
children survived. And now, like 60% of the
kids are long-term survivors. And we had Lurie Children’s were
one of the institutions that really pioneered a style
of therapy that changed their prognosis significantly. DAD: Just
to know that they were really ahead of the
game on something so rare– it was just nice. DR. GOLDMAN: We have
experience and access to cutting-edge therapies that
other institutions may not. MOM: He finished
chemo on March 15, and he rang the chemo bell. [CHEERING] I really hope he serves
as an inspiration because there are so many
children surviving ATRT now. 10 years ago, they just weren’t. DAD: Knowing that
there are places like Lurie Children’s are there– they make it easier for
whatever you’re dealing with. MOM: There can be light
at the end of the tunnel. There is hope. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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