ALL PARTS to “River Flows In You” by Yiruma | HDpiano (Part 1/5) Piano Tutorial

(funky music) – [Dan] Hello and welcome to HDpiano. My name is Dan, and in
this lesson we’ll learn how to play River Flows in You by Yiruma. This is a highly requested song that I’m stoked to finally
be getting around to, it is slightly complicated, it’s a little bit challenging,
so, stick with me. This might be a long lesson,
but it will be well worth it. This is a nice, beautiful song. We’re going to learn it in five parts, part one in this video. The remaining videos two through five will be featured at, that’s where you’ll find the rest of the sections to this song. So first, part one sounds like this. (“River flows in You” by Yiruma) Okay. Again, challenging
song, but not too hard. There’s so much repetition in it that it makes it quite easy once we’ve learned a few of these parts. So, F sharp, C sharp, F
sharp is our left hand. I’m going to walk you
through the left hand first, you’re going to notice a
really convenient pattern. We play these three notes ascending. Then we play these three
notes ascending: D, A, E. Okay, then we repeat that. These three notes to these three notes. Okay, not too important that we go through these at tempo right now. I’m just teaching you
the chord progression. Okay, so then when the actual progression comes in after that intro, we have this F sharp, C sharp, F sharp. D, A, E, and then we have an A chord: A, E, C sharp, and then an E chord: E, B, E. That series of chords, those four chords, repeat over and over
throughout this entire piece. It doesn’t change. Really, really convenient in that way. Um, it does change octaves, so sometimes you may be down here. But it is just this series: F sharp, D, A. I wouldn’t expect you to be able to play these three notes at once unless your hands are somehow big enough. And then E. Again see: F sharp, D, A, E. Keep that in mind, okay? I’m not going to touch
too much, too much else on the left hand because
it is so repetitive, so keep that in mind. Another note, another little theory tidbit before we dive right into things, is that we’re only
playing with seven notes in this entire song: two,
three, four, five, six, seven. This is what we call an A major scale, we do not leave that scale, so that makes things even easier. Just seven notes in this whole song. Who would’ve thought? Here we can repeat that top note. Gives us an A major scale. Something else to hold in
your mind for this song. Alright, so let’s learn the actual parts. Starts with A and G
sharp in that right hand. Over that F sharp chord in the left. And the next section is: A, E, A, D. That’s over the D chord. And that repeats. We have pickups on A and C sharp. So let’s play that a few times. Repeat. Play it again. No pickup. Ready and play. Play the pickup: two, three, pickup. Okay, think you get the point. That is effectively the introduction. Okay, we keep going on with the same pickup notes. Pretty similar sounding,
a little different though in the right hand. Ah, but I’ll make it easy for you. These A’s stay on the
outside on the right hand, thumb and pinky. Otherwise, we have just
notes in the middle changing, so it looks like this. G sharp, E, D. So slowly Again. Okay, next part. So we have C sharp, B, A and E, C sharp, G sharp and B. And those are over A chord
and E chord in the left hand. So I got A chord in the left, C sharp, D, A and E, C sharp, G sharp and B over the E chord. Keeps going, pickups on A and G sharp. So once we hit that F sharp
on the thumb of the left hand, we go: E, E, A, B, C sharp. And then we change to the D chord when we hit that C sharp
on the right hand, so ♪ E, A, B, C sharp ♪ and then a pick-up on ♪ C sharp, D, E ♪ ♪ D, C sharp, A ♪ And the left hand ends on a G sharp there which is a little different
than the first time. Okay, so here’s this section again. Coming out of this. Pickup: A and G sharp to G, A, pardon me. E, A, B, C sharp. Keep going up to E. Now come back down to B. Okay, and then we repeat this section with little grace notes on A and C sharp. Grace notes are notes
that we just brush past. So we do this section again. We know that already, or
at least we’ve learned it. And it starts the same,
but now it changes. C sharp to B when the left
hand changes to the E chord. Now this part’s cool. We have grace notes on B, pardon me, just a grace
note on B to C sharp. And when we hit that C sharp
in the pinky, err the ring; the thumb will be playing
an E in the right hand. And then we walk down:
C sharp, B, A, G sharp. All while holding that
thumb in the right hand. It’s kind of, kind of tough. Okay, then we land on an
E and an A in the right. And then we actually play a similar melody to the one that we just played. So it’s A, B, C sharp. Pardon me, play E then A, C sharp, D, E, E, C sharp, D, C sharp, B. All right. Lot of material here
so what we’re gonna do, I’m gonna play this slowly once through. It might take you a few
rewinds and replays of it, but I’m going to play it
all very, very slowly. Okay, so for those of you
that want it slow, here it is. Two, and ready and slow and. One, two, three, repeat. One, two, three, starts the same but different. (“River flows in You” by Yiruma) Alright, like I said before,
that was the entire first part. Like I said before, practice that a few times, ten times if you need to. Until you’re comfortable
with it at that tempo, and then join me here. Here is the studio tempo,
River Flows in You, first part, almost ready to move on. One, two, ready, play. One, two, repeat, and play. One, two, three, start the new section. (“River flows in You” by Yiruma) Alright, wanted to make one last comment about performance here. When you’re playing you’ll notice I let go of the notes, but the sound stays. That’s what we call pedaling. I’m using the sustain pedal. So in this song I’m
using the sustain pedal for almost 100% of it. I break the sustain pedal every time I change chords in the left hand, so pedal down, pedal up and then right back down. Okay, just a little theory or a little performance
tidbit for you there. It might help you smooth
things out if they’re sounding a little bit
drier than you’d like. Alright, this song is River
Flows in You by Yiruma. My name’s Dan, I’m teaching
it to here at HDpiano. If you’re not already on
our website: the dot com, I would advise you to go
there for the remaining four videos, so that you
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hashtag or the handle rather; and we’ll consider your requests. Alright, we’ve got plenty more to learn. River Flows in You by Yiruma. My name is Dan. I’ll see you over there at for the rest of this song. See ya.

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