Jordy here for! and welcome to the educational
filmmaking channel here on YouTube. Now, don’t go straight
to the download yet. The presets that we’re
giving away today need some explanation, as they are
designed in a unique way. But first up, I wanna thank
the sponsor, videoblocks, who makes it possible that we can
share so many designer packs for free. Because, yes, this is the 6th
pack that we’ve created. So, after you’ve downloaded this one,
make sure to check out the others as well. Videoblocks is a huge library
of all kinds of video assets. And one of them are
Title Templates. And you can find tons of different
styles, they all look gorgeous and are very easy adjustable so that
they’ll fit perfect within your video project. And you might think, What?!
This is going to be expensive! Well, it’s about 40¢ per day. You can’t even buy
a coffee for that. And with that 40¢ you can
download the entire library. So, there’s no limit on it. Follow the first link in the description
below to check it out, guys! Now, back to the earthquake. Once you’ve downloaded the presets,
you can import it into Premiere. Simply right click on your Presets folder
and say Import Presets. Et voila! it’s inside your
Effects Library now. Now, within the earthquake pack
you’ll find six presets and… …here’s how they work. Simply drag one of them
to your clip and… …that’s it. Now, this pack is designed in
such way that you can combine different of these presets together
to create a unique earthquake effect. In front of each preset you’ll
find a letter from A to D. And you can mix any
of these presets as long as you don’t apply
the same front letter twice. So, you can drag the lighting shake
with the letter B to your clip and a heavy shake
with the letter A. What you can’t do is applying
the gentle and pulsation shake as they both have
the letter A. Usually you always wanna take one of the
A presets, as they shake on the position and are kind of the base
of the earthquake effect. And we’ve got three
variations of that. On top of that you can
add extra effects, such as a shake on
the rotation as well, or flickering lights, which is perfect
to simulating an indoor earthquake. Or a zoom effect, where you constantly
see the camera zooming in and out. Now, aside from simulating an earthquake,
this effect is also perfect for music videos. We’ve seen it a lot and actually
used this preset last week when we made a tutorial on how
to make a diss track music video. And you can check that video out
by clicking in the cards up there. Thank you guys so much
for watching again, there’s a link to the preset
pack in the description below. Give it a thumbs up,
but most importantly, stay creative! The studio is finally taking
some progress, guys. As you can see behind
me, this huge wall has been acoustically treated, and the next thing is going to be
the offices in the corner over there, so that we don’t have
to sit here anymore. And then we’re going to paint everything
black, so that it won’t reflect any light. So, great things to look forward to, and thank you guys for
making this all possible.

95 thoughts on “Amazing EARTH QUAKE Effect in PREMIERE PRO

  1. Jordy can you make a video about how to focus with a DJI Ronin without expensive focus gear? By the way nice eartquake preset!

  2. Thank you Guys. It is awesome can i ask you teach how create a gun shot effect in premiere?

  3. Jordy can you tell me casey neistat effect, its like stopmotion effect, but its not stopmotion, title of the video "candle lit on the air plane" im truly grateful if you want to answer. Btw its great preset 😉

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    00:05 to 00:19

  5. good tutorial! Oh ya, i'm waiting new video from this channel. Today is Friday, when you will send a new video? I'm very very waiting for new video. Thanks you ?

  6. Hi
    Can u please explain the data management for film and how data while to transcoded and encoded without lossing any resolution

  7. Hi Jordy, is this preset able to be "faded in" so that it doesn't look sudden in a shot and cut off weird ?

  8. was trying to be lazy and just use a preset. this one is cool but unfortunately i dont think you can adjust the speed, intensity, or the magnitude of the shake in the preset.. aaah well after effects here i come.

  9. i can't seem to import this specific lot of presets into my premiere pro cs6? what could be the reason for this?

  10. for some reason whenever i use it one clip of the footage im using it on gets laggy any tips?

  11. Any of change to make Ultimate Earthquake preset pack for After Effects?

  12. I doubt that anyone would actually take the time to read this… but started youtube a bit ago and my goal is to reach 7K by august, just liking this comment so more people can notice me would help… God bless??❤️

  13. Whenever I import your preset into Premiere, it says Premiere has encountered an error and then it just crashes. Every time. Any reason for this?

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