Amazing Evidence For God – Scientific Evidence For God

Over the last few decades scientists from
around the world have been making discoveries which clearly show that an intelligent designer
is responsible for the creation of the universe. Many believe that the entire universe came
into existence out of nothing by chance. But if you really think about it, nothing couldn’t
bring the universe into existence, because nothing produces nothing. Everything that
begins to exist must have a cause. But many believe that to get a solar system
like ours, with a planet suitable for life (like Earth), wouldn’t be that difficult.
However, many scientists disagree, and have brought forth overwhelming
evidence to support their position. For example, there are many forces
in the universe that are precisely balanced that do things such as pull matter together. Without these forces, galaxies, planets, and stars
would have never been able to form. Many stars have been observed to expand and
contract significantly. They go from very bright to very dim
even on a yearly basis. Fortunately for us, however, our star,
the sun has an amazing stability. It does not expand and contract
significantly like many other stars. If our sun did expand and contract
like these other stars, it would be catastrophic to life on Earth. Some stars will actually explode violently
into a supernova. The debris from these explosions
are called supernova remnants. According to many evolutionists, this debris should be visible with telescopes for millions of years. According to scientific research, galaxies similar to our galaxy experience a supernova
on average about every 26 years. Therefore, if we know approximately how frequently they
occur in galaxies similar to ours, the total number of supernova remnants we have in our
galaxy should give us an idea of our galaxy’s age. In looking for supernova remnants in
our own Milky Way Galaxy, astronomers have discovered a total of only about 250. So,
if a supernova occurs approximately every 26 years, as we see from these other galaxies,
a total of 250 supernova remnants would indicate an age of around 6,500 years for our galaxy.
That’s almost identical to the Bible’s indication of how long our world has existed.
Such a small number of supernova remnants points to an extremely young galaxy, definitely
not billions or millions of years old, but rather thousands of years old. To put it another
way, if evolutionists were correct about the age of the Earth, we would see tens of thousands
of supernova remnants in our galaxy, not about 250. In order for us to exist on Earth, our sun
had to be a star with just the right mass and temperature – not too hot or too cold.
Our sun generates a perfect amount of energy for life on Earth. The sun releases more energy
in one second than mankind has produced in all of human history. If we were to experience
a drop in the sun’s energy by only a few percent, all the oceans would freeze. The Earth is the correct distance from the
sun. If the Earth were slightly closer to the sun or farther away, it would be too hot
or too cold for life to exist. The size of Earth is also right,
not too big and not too small. We also fortunately have the right sized moon, primarily responsible for regulating
the tides on Earth. These are just a few examples (from a long
list of factors) that need to be just right, on both the cosmic level and Earth’s local
level, in order to have a planet that could support life. In many cases, if you even slightly
altered these precisely balanced factors, life would be impossible on Earth. On Earth many different forms of life are
completely dependent upon each other. Examples are insects and plants
such as bees and pollen-bearing plants. If either the plants or bees evolved before the other,
they would have not survived. Therefore, they must have come
into existence at the same time. The Earth’s ocean basins and atmosphere
have just the right mixture and balance of gases. If these gases were changed in any way,
animal life and vegetation on Earth would die. Evolutionists have no explanation for
why the Earth (unlike other planets) has such an incredible amount of water.
We also have a planet that is rich in oxygen. If our current 21% oxygen level were just
a few percent higher our atmosphere could become completely unstable and explosive. Earth has a magnetic field – without this field,
the solar wind would blow our atmosphere away. Earth’s atmosphere blocks harmful
sunlight, while at the same time it allows sunlight that is useful for life. Plants require large amounts of sunlight to exist, and a human being’s richest source (by far)
for Vitamin D is sunlight. When sunlight hits the skin,
Vitamin D is produced by the body. A lack of vitamin D has been directly linked
to many health problems. The Earth’s atmosphere also happens to be
transparent. This conveniently allows us to view other planets, stars, and things like
eclipses. A total solar eclipse is only possible because the sun is 400 times larger than the
moon and is about four hundred times farther away from Earth. The result is that, during
a total solar eclipse, from Earth, the sun and the moon appear to be the same size, creating
a perfect match. And it is only because of these total solar eclipses that we have been
able to make scientific discoveries that otherwise could have never been made. Evolutionists believe that the sun, Earth,
and moon formed when our solar system came into existence about 4.5 billion years ago.
But the moon is moving farther away from the Earth each year. So, if the moon were too
far away or too close to the Earth at the time humans existed, observers on Earth would
never see the event of a total solar eclipse. Thus, according to evolutionists, the incredible
total solar eclipse spectacle could only be seen in a tiny window of time
in the solar system’s existence. Isn’t it interesting that humanity
happens to exist on Earth during the very period of time when we could witness the event of a total solar eclipse? Another major problem for evolutionists is that the moon would have been extremely close
to the Earth in the past. In fact, the moon would have gotten so close that it would have hit the Earth in far less time than 4.5 billion years ago. Evolutionists claim that our solar system
emerged from a cloud of swirling dust. Therefore, the composition of the various planets and
their temperature should be similar to one another, but they are not. Those who adhere to the big bang theory actually
believe that all matter in the universe was originally concentrated in something
much smaller than a pinhead. Then it exploded, expanded and the ordered system of things we see today came out. However, there are big problems
with the big bang theory. First, if you concentrated all the mass in the universe in that much smaller than a pinhead starting point, there would be so much gravity there – that nothing would be able to escape it. Second, explosions don’t produce order,
they destroy order. So it would be impossible to have an almost endless number of ordered things emerge from an explosion. Also, if a big bang exploded everything, the planets and moons would be spinning in the same direction based upon a law called the conservation
of angular momentum. But we have moons and planets
spinning both forward and backward. Comets are also estimated by evolutionists
to be billions of years old. Comets frequently collide with planets and the sun. Comets are called dirty snowballs, because
a significant part of a comet is made up of ice. When comets travel in space
and move closer to the sun, they begin to lose mass as they are burned
up by the sun. Therefore, comets could only last maybe 10,000 years before all of them
would be burned up. Interestingly, other things that could only
last around 10,000 years are soft tissue, blood cells and DNA. Yet all these things
were recently found in dinosaur bones. This shows that dinosaurs
existed thousands of years ago, not 65 million years ago as evolutionists claim. Another huge problem for evolutionists is the Earth’s current human population
number of 7.3 billion. How long would it take to
go from 2 humans to 7.3 billion humans? It actually wouldn’t take that long. In recent history, the yearly growth rate
average hit its highest mark in 1963, with a growth rate of 2.19 percent. The world population is currently growing
at around 1.14 percent per year. But if we started with two humans, how long
would it take to reach our current 7.3 billion humans using say, a 2% yearly growth
rate? The answer is that it would only take about 1,100 years. Since evolutionists believe
that we have been on Earth significantly longer than 1,100 years – why don’t we have a
dramatically higher number of people on Earth? Also, where are all the bones or graves considering
that almost all people throughout history have buried the dead? Some may still try to convince themselves
that getting an incredibly special planet like Earth was just an accident in which everything
occurred in exactly the right way. But even if someone believed this – how would life
begin on Earth when it is a fact that life can’t come from non-life? All living things on Earth are made up of cells, so what are the chances that even a first cell
could have accidently formed? About 150 years ago, when Charles Darwin was alive, the cell was considered to be something like a simple, unsophisticated, microscopic blob of Jell-O. As a result of recent discoveries, however,
we now know just how amazingly complex these extraordinarily small cells are. The adult human body contains 100 trillion cells of various sizes. 10,000 average sized human
cells could fit on the head of a pin and every single cell contains information
equivalent to about 4,000 books. The information for all the cells
in one adult in book form would completely fill the Grand Canyon
more than 75 times. The cell is similar to a supercomputer, but
microscopic in size. The cell could also be viewed
as an amazingly miniature city, with an elaborate network of connected assembly lines, with numerous molecular protein machines carrying out different tasks which make the cell work. For example, in the cell there
are little molecular trucks that travel over microscopic highway-like structures carrying
materials around the cell. One example of a molecular machine in the
cell is the flagellar motor that some bacteria use to swim. It is a molecular rotary motor
that has a whiplike tail that can operate at up to 100,000 revolutions per minute. This is a picture of the flagellar motor
magnified more than 50,000 times. It is 1/100,000th of an inch long. Eight million of these tiny motors would fit inside the cross section of a human hair. You can see the details of its construction.
It is made up of 30 different protein parts. It looks like it was designed by an engineer. The flagellar motor is extremely
similar to an electric motor. Rotating forward and backward, the flagellar motor drives a bacterium
through extremely sticky liquid conditions. As a result of the flagellar motor,
a bacterium’s top swimming speed is estimated to be the same as
a human swimming at 60 miles per hour. If that doesn’t sound impressive to you, consider that the fastest swimming speed of a human ever recorded was about 5 ½ miles per hour. Thus, the bacterium using the flagellar motor
can move about 11 times faster than the fastest human swimmer ever recorded. All 30 distinct parts of the flagellar motor
are essential. So, if you remove one of the parts, it will not work at all, and the bacterium will die. The flagellar motor is similar to a mouse trap. For a mouse trap to work,
you need all the different parts, and if you remove one of the parts of the trap,
the trap won’t work at all. The construction process of the flagellar
motor requires all 30 different interacting parts to be assembled correctly, and placed
at the proper locations at the proper time. The construction process also requires instructions,
translation, and feedback within the cell, at both the beginning and end of the process.
If all this does not happen, these amazingly tiny machines, or their various individual
parts, will not be built or assembled correctly. But how would these numerous microscopic machines
or parts know where to go and how to build things correctly
in an evolutionary system? They wouldn’t.
It would be impossible. These facts refute and eliminate
Darwinian evolution, which is, by definition, a “blind”, “undirected” process,
“without either plan or purpose”. Cells are mostly made up of proteins. A typical
cell uses thousands of different kinds of proteins. To get even the simplest cell would
take at least 600 different protein molecules. Proteins are made of amino acids. A single
functioning protein is typically made from a chain of between 50 to 1,000 amino acids.
Some proteins require a chain of thousands of properly sequenced amino acids. Every time
a new amino acid is joined to a chain it must form a chemical bond called a peptide bond in order to successfully join with the other amino acids in the chain. Left handed and right handed amino acids
are produced with about the same frequency, but only left handed amino acids can be selected
for use in a chain to make a protein. Evolutionists do not have any idea why proteins
only use left-handed amino acids. Every amino acid in the long
chain also has to be a specific amino acid (there are 20 different types that can be
selected) and they need to be placed in the correct order in the chain in order to form a protein. The amino acids are placed in the exact right
order because of a molecule in the cell called DNA. DNA could be described as a master blueprint,
information code or special language that uses a four letter chemical alphabet. The
chemical letters, or code in DNA, are the set of instructions for the cell’s machines
on how to correctly assemble amino acids in chains to build proteins. If the DNA is not
present from the very beginning, the amino acids will not be correctly selected
and placed in the proper order. As a result, a protein will never form,
and the cell will not survive. DNA can’t function without at least 75 preexisting
proteins, but proteins are produced only by DNA. Since each needs the other, they must have come
into existence at the exact same time by God. This fact eliminates evolution. A DNA fiber is only about two millionths of
a millimeter thick. While DNA is not thick and is incredibly small,
it is extremely long when uncoiled. In fact, if the DNA in just one of your cells were uncoiled, connected and stretched out,
it would be over 7 feet long. It would be so thin that its details could not be seen, even under an electron microscope. If all the DNA in your body were placed end-to-end, it would stretch from here to the Moon
more than 500,000 times If you took a set of DNA from every person
who ever lived and placed it in a pile, it would weigh less than an aspirin. Yet, the information storage density of DNA is many times greater than the most advanced silicon computer chip. Bill Gates described DNA saying: “DNA is
like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created.” But having the complex DNA instruction program
is not enough by itself. Other things in the cell must be able to understand
and use DNA’s information program. In other words, the highly complex DNA
program is actually worthless unless you also have a system inside the cell
that can understand the DNA language. To understand this better, imagine that DNA
is a complex CD or DVD disc. But if you don’t also have
a machine or system that can read, understand, and utilize the information on the disc,
the disc is worthless. Therefore, other things in the cell need to understand, and be able to use the DNA information program in order to build things correctly.
If not, the cell will die. DNA is able to make an identical copy of itself. God also programmed DNA to detect
and correct errors. There are special proofreading protein machines that constantly travel up and down the DNA molecule looking for any errors requiring
correction. If any problems are detected, repairs are made immediately.
This whole process is incredibly complex. The information contained in DNA proves that
life doesn’t just consist of matter and energy. It also contains information. Information can only come from an intelligent source that put the information there. Another function of DNA is that it is the
program that God uses to build what you look like,
your hair color, your height, etc. As mentioned earlier, each adult human body
has about 100 trillion cells; but at your conception you were only one cell. Incredibly, you began your existence
no larger than the head of a pin. Yet, all the complex information that physically
defined you and every organ in your body was there, contained in that one cell. Within one month of your conception, your
eyes, ears, and lungs developed. Billions of new cells formed, and your size
increased by over 10,000 times. Shortly after the first month, the speed at which you were rapidly growing slowed down dramatically. If it didn’t slow down and your speed of growth
stayed the same, you would have weighed 3,000 pounds at birth. After two months, you were only
three to four centimeters long, still small enough to fit inside a walnut shell. There is no evolutionary explanation for the
incredible complexity involved in conception and birth, or even a reason for
reproduction itself. Evolutionists believe the amazingly complex, radically different, yet complementary reproductive systems for all the different kinds of life
happened to develop by chance, completely and independently at the same time. Just a slight incompatibly in one of the two systems would make both reproductive systems useless, and life would become extinct. Also, how would reproduction have
happened in the beginning if there only had been a male and
not a female? How would reproduction occur without reproductive systems or organs before they “evolved”? According to evolutionists humans evolved
from land creatures which evolved from fish. But how would the first fish make it onto
land and survive out of the water? How did the animals and human beings survive
without having organs, limbs, and other things critical to life as these things were “evolving”? Also, not one transitional fossil has ever been discovered that shows one kind of animal evolving
into another kind of animal. And the so-called “missing link fossils”
which some use to argue that apes evolved into human beings, have all been shown to
be fully ape, fully human or fake. Evolutionists also have no explanation for
consciousness or for the origin of the immune system. For example, white blood cells attack bad
bacteria in our body. White blood cells will actually search out and chase down bad bacteria on seek and destroy missions. In order to do this, they must have the programmed information that enables them to tell the difference between friend and foe. Unless all of this was in
place and working from the beginning of life, a requirement that rules out evolution, bacteria
and other agents of disease would have won, and we would not have survived. Evolutionists have no explanation
for the extremely complex, yet perfect precision in which the body clots blood. Disaster can happen if blood
doesn’t clot at the proper time or in the proper place. If blood were to start
clotting in the wrong place – for example in your lung or in your brain – you could
die. If blood began to clot too long after too much blood had drained, or didn’t cover
the entire cut, you could die. If the blood-clotting isn’t restricted to the cut area alone,
your entire blood system could solidify. Evolution has no explanation for blood-clotting; for how would your body automatically know when
and where to start the blood clotting process unless there is intelligent internal
information to guide it. And speaking of blood, what came
first: blood, or the heart that pumps blood? Did skin evolve before blood?
If so, how did it survive? The truth is that all of these things had to be completely developed and present together from the beginning in order for humanity to survive. The three pound human brain is the most complex
and orderly arrangement of matter in the universe. The adult human brain contains 10 to the 14th power (that’s a hundred thousand billion)
electrical connections. That’s more than all the electrical connections
in all the electrical appliances in the world. On the back of your eyeball is the retina.
It is less than one square inch. Yet that one square inch contains over one-hundred
thirty-seven million light sensitive cells, all of which are wired to the brain. The human
eye can heal itself and is self-cleaning; the eye also has automatic focusing enabling
a person to distinguish millions of colors. If your eye were off even by a slight degree,
you would see double. These facts are just some of the evidence
that proves we were created by God. And we find clear evidence of God’s creative power
and intelligence not only in the design of man, but also in the incredible complexity
of animals and insects. This is covered in detail in the video series:
Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution. Some believe that the complexity of life and
the universe can be explained by the possibility that an alien race created it. But do you really believe that aliens have
the power to create the Earth, or how about something the size of the sun? Over 1 million Earths could fit inside the sun. The sun is also very hot. So, how would aliens go about
putting the sun together and constructing it? How would they get close enough to the
sun when building it, or move away from it quickly enough
without dying after starting it up? The conditions outside Earth in outer space
are, according to the evidence, too hostile for life to exist. For example, prolonged exposure to the cosmic
rays in outer space can be fatal. Just the temperature extremes
in outer space would make almost any form of life either too incredibly hot or too cold.
There are also poisonous gases, deadly radiation, gigantic explosions, extreme gravitational
forces, and the lack of proper atmospheres and chemical elements for life to exist. Yet, a large number of astronomers believe
that life evolved on Earth, and therefore (according to them) it must have also
evolved on other planets in space. However, if this were true, many alien races on other planets, much older than our own, should exist. Some of them would be far more technologically
advanced than we are. As a result, they would have sent a radio signal through space that
we could pick up or they would have reached us
with their aircraft or robots. But we have never found any alien robots, any aliens,
any alien aircraft, or any pieces of their aircraft. Here are some of the reported
flying characteristics of UFOs. While in flight, UFOs will frequently change size, color or
shape. Multiple UFOs will merge into one UFO, and one UFO will instantly
change into many UFOs. Many UFO witnesses have described these instant
changes to the size and shape of UFOs by saying that the UFOs seemed as if they were alive. UFOs sometimes show up on photographs,
but other times they do not. Most witnesses of UFOs do not report
seeing an object or craft, but an unusual light moving around in the sky. Sometimes UFOs instantly appear and
disappear right in front of people and will also pass right through
the ground or physical objects. This type of behavior means that UFOs
could not be from the material world, but would have to be some kind of
spiritual phenomenon. Based on the observed activity of UFOs, many
of the world’s top UFO researchers no longer believe that UFOs can be from the material world. Also, most of the so-called UFO abductees
can only “remember” their “experiences” after being put under hypnosis, proving that their so called experiences
with aliens were not real. These issues are covered
in much more detail in my book UFOs: Demonic Activity and Elaborate Hoaxes
Meant to Deceive Mankind. If ETs really existed, it wouldn’t take
them very long to discover what they needed to know about Earthlings. As a consequence,
they would have already taken us over, destroyed us, or revealed themselves clearly to humanity. The organization SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial
Intelligence) has been scanning the skies for decades looking for intelligent life.
But they have never picked up even one signal from outer space that would
indicate an alien race exists. Those searching for ETs have said that if
they did pick up even one complex signal, it would prove that an intelligence
must have produced it. But why don’t they apply the same standard and
employ the same thought process to DNA? If they did, they would realize that
the complex information in DNA proves that an intelligence put it there. Because whenever you find complex information,
it is always traced back to a mind. For the best book refuting the theory of evolution
from all aspects of science, including the scientific evidence of
a world-wide global flood, see Dr. Walt Brown’s book, In the Beginning. Another interesting DVD is called:
Intelligent Design, Unlocking the Mystery of Life. For another video that discusses Creation, see my video: Creation and Miracles, Condensed Version. “For the invisible things of Him,
from the creation of the world, have been clearly seen – both His eternal power
and divinity – being understood by the things that have been made;
so that they are inexcusable.” – Romans 1:20

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