Amazing light show on Wembley Stadium’s iconic arch

Night time over North London, and Wembley
Stadium, famous in the world of football, was the showpiece, lit up earlier this week
for the first time. The arch now has more than 200 huge LED flood
lights, and there’s a real technology story here. From a social media perspective, they
could potentially change the way football fans watch a match. From next year, the lights will reflect what’s
being talked about on social media during live games. For example, during Chelsea v Man Utd, if
people are tweeting about Chelsea, more blue lights will light up across the arch. Unless
they’re playing in their yellow away kit, then it would be more yellow… anyway! The
lights will also respond to in-game action, such as go off when a goal is scored and reflect
crowd noise and sentiment. Now, all of this is quite interesting because
the physical impact social media is having on sport. Wembley was also chosen earlier this week
to host the final and semi-finals of Euro 2020.

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