Amazon River Cruise – Peru

I can’t believe it, I’m on the Amazon River
in Peru. Taking an Amazon River cruise is our dream
come true. We visited Peru before, but missed out on
going to the Amazon so when International Expeditions invited us to experience it, we
were so excited. There’s so much to do in a River Cruise, it
was worth waiting until now. What I really enjoyed the most about the Amazon
was getting on the skiff boats and getting down on those tributaries.
We got to see a lot of wildlife, a lot of birds.
Also mammals, monkeys, spider monkeys, three toed sloths and just getting out there in
the beautiful scenery it was really the highlight of the trip for
me. We’ve got some monkeys up there somewhere.
oooh, He goes, I just fell down! I also really enjoyed visiting the villages,
and interacting with the local people. We got to visit a school and really see what
life is like on the Amazon. Great village visit, time to head back to
the boat. You know I really expected that I’d be on
the boat the entire time, but this actually a really busy trip.
There’s even an opportunity to fly over the Amazon.
To see that vastness of the lush jungle is an overwhelming experience.
It’s absolutely incredible. You can swim with dolphins, there’s kayaking,
you can even go fishing for Pirhanna. There’s so much to do.
And then to have these professional guides with you the entire time.
And they’re spotting all of this wildlife from a mile away.
There’s no way you could spot any of this on your own.
And then after your lecture room recap you get to watch the sunset and drink cocktails.
It’s my kind of trip. Cheers

6 thoughts on “Amazon River Cruise – Peru

  1. Awesome! I'd love to visit Peru. For a week I'd visit places like Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lima, Lake Titicaca, and then for another week I'd cruise down the amazon. Seems like an amazing trip/opportunity. I just found you guys on Instagram and subscribed btw 🙂 Happy Travels! 

  2. Great work guys! It looks like a great way to explore the area!

  3. Wow! Amazing video! Did you use a drone? Looks like you captured your trip to the Amazon perfectly!

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