Amber Alert Flood Warnings, August 30, 2019

Amber Alert Flood Warnings, August 30, 2019. Did anybody else get one of these Amber alert flood warnings yesterday I was downstairs in the basement and my phone started blowing up. So I ran upstairs to answer the phone and it was this flood warning Amber alert. How many people in Michigan die in floods This phone is blowing up, telling me to build an ark, because there may be a flood and I almost died running up the stairs to answer the phone. Then I had to walk back downstairs after I clicked off this flood warning, risking my life again. There’s probably 100 people a year, who die from running up or down the stairs, to get their flood warnings on their telephones and nobodies dying from floods. I could see it what if it was a nuclear war warning or maybe a tornado or tsunami, but why is the phone given you flood warnings? Is there any way to shut this thing off? I’m never going to answer the phone again, what is this one of these damn flood warnings calling me? Wonder how many people year smash their phones, because they got a useless flood warning? .

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