38 thoughts on “Amber Alert: Missing 3-Year-Old Girl From Richardson

  1. shit. I’ll keep an eye out, I got the alert at exactly 10 this morning..

  2. they must know what happened to her unless they spent '5 hours searching? special needs? they probably didn't want to spend money for her needs.

  3. They killed her ..5 hour time gap..Enough time to dispose of a 3 year..Why Put a 3 year old specials need child outside at 3am over fuckn milk..Then mention coyotes to throw blame elsewhere..
    If my child was missing for any reason i be calling police asap and looking for her then and there..No doing laundry waiting for the sun to come up and search get real..They probably hit her too hard for not drinking the milk.Killed and made up the story.Or he really did put her outside and who knows what happened to her..Sad Tho

  4. Obviously a family member killed the girl somehow and they made up a story to cover their tracks. Probably a beating gone wrong.

  5. I'm lost let me say I put my baby outside!! Wth unattended too come on now! No jail time

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