American Dad: Lazy Ranch River (Clip) | TBS

– Isn’t that– Way ahead of you, Hayley. It’s not milk. It’s ranch dressing, from
the Lazy Ranch River. Stan, the doctor gave you
this health journal to monitor your fitness and eating habits. Hey, if it ain’t
broke, don’t fix it. And you heard my
stool sample results. Too hard to test. But you’re getting older. You need to take
care of yourself. We still have a lot
of memories to make. Of course we do, honey. Now I’m going to see how
close the ranch river gets me to the cheese cauldron. [SPLASH] [WHISTLE BLOWING] Sir, you need to wear goggles! That ranch is
highly chlorinated!

6 thoughts on “American Dad: Lazy Ranch River (Clip) | TBS

  1. Why would they build a ranch dressing river over the customers’ heads in a restaurant and make giant hamburgers? This makes little sense

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