American River College – RAD and WAC

[ Music ] [ Music and Inaudible
Background Conversation ]>>American River
College brings students from all backgrounds to campus. But they do more than
just study economics, or history, or biology. They learn how to be students. The doors are open here, and
RAD is as good an example of a room you can walk in
and find the help you need to be a better student in
whatever subjects you study.>>I think WAC really helps
the students in our classes, and we have a lot
of written work. A lot of writing assignments. And particularly for students
who haven’t done that before, or haven’t done a lot of
it, they really benefit from the services
that WAC provides.>>So for a lot of students,
I think they don’t realize that reading was
actually the problem. They know how to read, but they
don’t realize just how much goes into reading as a process. They have the opportunity to have an educational
experience that’s tailored around their individual needs. And also the strength
that they come to school and their classes with.>>In that citation, do
we just say the movie and then the director after it? By the director?>>I want students to know
that they can feel at home when they come to WAC. And that they’re working with
faculty in the discipline who listen to their
concerns, and who are invested in giving them the tools
to become better writers.>>They can have somebody else in a one-on-one environment
explain to them, beyond what I’ve been
able to do in class. And help them be successful, and
be more confident as writers.>>They can expect
to get really, really high-quality support
for writing assignments for the classes anywhere here on campus [Inaudible
background comment].>>That’s the part what I
like, because I get to work with economic students,
and nursing students, and electronic students. And history and psychology
and sociology. I’ve learned so much
stuff from my students. It’s a lot of fun.>>I highly recommend students
to enroll into WAC and RAD because it’s a huge help. It’s easily accessible. It’s affordable, and everybody
who works here is very invested in the education of
the students here.>>You get that one-on-one
attention with the professor. Something that you can’t
get in a classroom.>>So in our final exam, I believe I got the third
highest in our class. And I was beat out by one
guy, but he also took RAD. So I’ll take that [laughs].>>So it’s — now I
feel I’m at the level that may be considered advanced. And that’s because
of WAC and RAD. I’m very grateful
for this program. [ Music ]

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