Amir Tsarfati Middle East Update, October 17, 2019

Thank you, everyone, and Shalom from Sao Paulo. Behind me is the city. But if I open the curtains, you won’t be able to see me. I guess this time, after Rio de Janeiro, I prefer that we talk more about the situation rather than about the place itself. Rio de Janeiro was amazing. We came back to Campinas. I’m now in Sao Paulo. I’m literally one hour before heading to the airport. It has been a wonderful groundbreaking tour. If you haven’t received the newsletter that we just sent a few minutes ago, then you really want to. Because we specified all the things that happened here. It was just amazing. But we want to talk about what is going on in northern Syria. I’m not sure if you noticed that. But in the last day or so, there are less, and less reports. There is less, and less, commotion. You can, clearly, see that the dust is settling. The propaganda and all the fake news about the things that are happening there are now coming to the right proportion. First of all, let me explain the chain of events so you understand. It was about October 6th, if I’m not mistaken. That President Trump had a phone call with President Erdogan. I am not a big fan of Erdogan. I, actually, think that Erdogan is evil. I think that Erdogan is vicious. I think that Erdogan is almost, almost, a type of the Antichrist. I don’t think he is. But I think he is that bad, that evil. So, by no means, am I going to be justifying anything this man is doing. But I will tell you that he did speak to President Trump. He made sure that the American President understands that turkey is about to open a military operation to clean the northern border. Turkey has 450 kilometers border with Syria. But the problem that it has is 100 kilometers just east of the Euphrates, on the northern part of the border. There are several places such as Ras al-Ayn, Tel Tamar, Tal Abyad, excuse me. Kobani… and west of the river there is Manjib, itself. These are all places that the Turks have a lot of problem with. Because that which is known as the Syrian Democratic Army is, actually, comprised of many of the PKK… The Kurdish underground, which is considered a terrorist organization, … not only by the Turks, but also by the US and by the EU. Make no mistake, we are talking about a Turkish intention to clean their border, on the Syrian side, from terrorist element as far as they are concerned. Make no mistake that the PKK, over the last years, killed over 40,000 civilians, among them we are talking children and women. As President Trump said, “We’re not talking about angels here.” But I do want to tell you that President Trump did not give any “green light” to anyone. He, basically, understood that a military operation is about to undergo. What he said to President Erdogan is the following thing. “Well, I’m not going to stand in the way and risk my 50 American special forces that are, right there, in that exact region. I will move. But if you, anyway go in, I expect of you 2 things. Don’t even think about to kill the Kurds as an ethnic cleanse. But you are more than welcome to fight against terrorists and kill the terrorists. But if you are the one that is going to go in, we will gladly let you take care of ISIS. Because we may have destroyed Isis. But we captured 5,000 of ISIS fighters. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about 5,000, actually… If I’m not mistaken, it’s 5000… operatives that are from Syria. Then we’re talking about another 1,000 from European countries, from 44 different countries, among them Europe, Western Europe. None of them: France, Britain, Germany, none want them back. So, President Trump says, “Erdogan, if you go in and you expect me to let you fight the terrorists. I expect you to take control now of these captured ISIS terrorists.” That’s all. He released a statement on October 6, if I’m not mistaken. In that statement, President Trump did not give any green light to anyone. He, basically, said the following thing. “They said that Turkey will soon be moving forward with its long-planned operation into northern Syria. The US armed forces will not support or be even involved in this operation. The US forces, having defeated the ISIS territorial caliphate, will no longer be in the immediate area. US government has pressed France, Germany, and other European nations from which many captured ISIS fighters came, to take them back. But they did not want them and refused. The US will not hold them for what could be many years at great cost of the United States taxpayer. Turkey will now be responsible for all ISIS fighters in the area captured over the past two years in the wake of the defeat of the territorial caliphate by the US.” We are now talking about a very clear thing. Turkey received from America not green light to kill anyone. But the mandate to, actually, be now the guardian of the captured ISIS terrorists. That’s it. This is the only thing that Trump, actually, gave “green light” to. Now, when Erdogan announced the “Spring of Peace” operation and he started going full force. President Trump realized that this is, probably, going to be a “Turkish interpretation” by the American press release and that it is not going to be really good. Then he wrote Erdogan a letter. In the letter he said, “Mr President, [he wasn’t really nice to Erdogan] He said, Mr President, let’s work on a good deal. You don’t want to be responsible for slaughtering 1,000s of people. And I don’t want to be responsible for destroying the Turkish economy, and I will.” Look, he told him, “I will”. “I’ve already given you a little sample with respect to Pastor Brunson.” Then he said, “I have worked hard to solve some of your problems. Don’t let the world down. You can make a great deal.” Now, what deal is he talking about? The deal is this. You want the Kurdish PKK not to operate against you on that border. The General that is, actually, now heading the Kurdish forces is General Mazloum. He’s willing to negotiate with you. He is willing to make concessions that they would never have made in the past. I’m confidentially enclosing a copy of his letter to me, just received. History will look upon you favorably if you get this done the right and humane way. It will look upon you, forever, as the the devil, if good things don’t happen. Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool and I will call you later.” Do you understand what I just read? When President Trump realized that President Erdogan is about to show the Turkish people. That he’s killing hundreds of Kurds and to show the Kurds that he’s not afraid of them. He started bombing from the air, different places. The gruesome pictures started coming out. Then, it was evident that America will have to do something about it. Now, President Trump only moved 50 soldiers from the path of the Syrian invasion. But he’s not making any secrets in… his intentions. He wants to move 1,000 US soldiers from Syria, back home. He said, “Look, we have no reason to stay there.” I would like to tell you something. America did not leave Syria. It’s a big lie. The American forces are still there. In fact, they’re still controlling most of eastern Syria, where the gas and the oil is. They’re still collaborating with the Kurds there. But I want you to know that the Kurds, themselves, are not united. They’re not one entity They’re divided into different factions and different groups. Each and every one of them is actually showing loyalty to someone else. Those next to the oil, they’re loyal to America. But those that are in the north are actually loyal to Iran. Loyal… Some of them collaborate with ISIS. Folks, make no mistake, the PKK is a terrorist organization, just as ISIS is. It may not have graphic videos, like Isis. But it has killed thousands of people. Make no mistake. I can give you many, many testimonies of people. Such as the Arameans, the Syrians, those Christians that live in that area. That have suffered, greatly, by the Kurds. Don’t forget that many of the Kurds have adopted Sharia law. Their women and daughters are suffering from many of the Sharia law, rules, on females. Don’t forget folks that, in many ways, the Kurds even collaborated with ISIS to some degree. There are Kurds that are loyal to Iran. Now, some of them switched loyalty to Assad. Some of them are still with Americans in the Southeast, and some of them are now looking for another sponsor. They had a chance, a couple times, to have their own state in northern Iraq. They, themselves, were betraying one another. Therefore, they have no state. One of them, Talabani, and the other one, Barzani, both of them worked against each other. You need to understand that we’re not talking about one group of people. By the way, when they fought ISIS, they fought ISIS to defend themselves. Not to defend America and not to defend the world. America is the one that came and helped the Kurds. It’s not that the Kurds came to help America. Make no mistake, the Kurds live there. You cannot blame America for abandoning the Kurds, when the Kurds live there. That’s who they fight and… that’s who they also do business with. Another thing I want you to know is that, the first thing that the Kurds did. They staged a prison break of some ISIS terrorists in order to cause America not to leave that area and to stay there. It didn’t really work and President Trump did not change his mind. In fact, we know that Turkey is now coming in. We believe that Turkey is going to recruit some of those ISIS people. Remember 5,000 of them are Syrian and Iraqis. These are not Europeans. These are not Asians. These are all locals. Turkey wants to create a Sunni force that will actually stop the expansion of the Shiites. That, also, will be a way for Turkey to re-populate that area with Sunnis. Because that area was cleansed ethnically to some degree by the Kurds. When the rebels lost and the Shiites started coming in. Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, there are no saints in this area. There are no angels in this area. They all hate one another. They all collaborate with one another. It all depends on when the wind blows and where the wind blows towards. We have to realize that for the last… few years, hundreds of thousands, almost a million people, died in Syria. Yet nobody, nobody, criticized anyone there in the way they criticize today. As if what President Trump is doing right now is the deal-breaker of the situation in Syria. Let me tell you that President Trump, also, never mentioned Israel as the one that should take care of itself. In fact, if ever he pledged to stand with someone in the Middle East, it is, actually, with Israel. By allowing Israel to control the Golan Heights and acknowledging it as an Israeli territory. He basically secured the Israeli northern part as far as not questioning if it’s even an Israeli territory. But I do want to remind all of you, Bible believers. America is not going to help Israel, not because America is evil. It is because America has to take care of America. The American President told the American people, throughout the campaign, that he will make America great again. That he will bring back the American troops back home. That he will not be involved in wars that are hundreds, if not thousands of years old. And spend trillions of US dollars, of taxpayer US dollars over there. That’s what he said. What he’s doing now is, actually, along what he said and promised before. It has to be clear that if you come against what President Trump is doing right now. You’re, basically, blaming him for fulfilling his election campaign promises. But I also want to tell you this. I’m not in love with America leaving. I’m actually a little bit concerned. But I’m also very realistic. It has to happen if we believe that the Bible is telling us. That nobody will stand with Israel when it comes to Ezekiel’s war. You need to understand that the Turkish invasion and the American intention to leave, plays perfectly to Bible prophecy. These are the things you cannot fight. You cannot change. You don’t even have to criticize them. Because they have to happen. It’s not an evil thing for a US President to take back, 10,000 kilometers away, American soldiers. That are there for no reason and to bring them back home. It’s not a reason to hate him for that. I don’t have a problem. If I was an American, I would have supported that, by the way. As an Israeli, I have my own opinion that, we should take care of ourselves. That we should get ready for whatever is going to come from the north. And not trust that other countries going to help us. It is proved to me throughout what is going on right now. That America is willing to use only one weapon. That is the financial and the economic sanctions weapon. That’s all. President Trump made it clear that if Turkey is not going to stop what he is doing and the way, they are doing things. That it’s gonna be painful sanctions on the Turkish economy. I want to remind you that President Erdogan cannot afford to suffer more blows to his economy. Because we’re talking about, already, a terrible situation, garbage level ratings to their credit. The Turkish Lira is really, really losing its value. It’s important that we understand that. I also want to tell you that American… troops are still on the ground. There was an incident yesterday where some of the… Sunni rebels blocked the road for the American patrol. The American patrol stopped. They called 2 F-16s that flew all the way from Jordan. They came and broke the sound barrier. Of course, those sonic booms were there and the Sunni rebels were not impressed. So, the American Air Force sent 2 gunship helicopters. They were right above the Syrian patrol. That is when the Syrian decided to change their mind and they left. America has a huge war machine in that area. America is not leaving because America lost that war. America’s, actually, the biggest force in northern Syria right now. If they want… But America is choosing to leave. America, actually, destroyed one of the weapons depot lest it fell into the wrong hands of those rebels. They’re still there, and they’re still controlling a big part of eastern Syria. But the intention of the US President, alongside with his promise to his voters, is that he will eventually bring those 1,000 troops back home. For now, about 50 to 60 people were just moved away from the path of the Turkish invasion. That’s all. But in the near future, I’m not going to be surprised if President Trump will pull them out and fulfill his election campaign promise. I, also, want to tell you that we’re speaking of a very fragile situation in other places. It’s interesting, because President Trump said, “I’m the only person who can fight for the safety of our troops and bring them home from the ridiculous and costly endless war, and be scorned.” …”Look, not only that I secure my troops, I bring them back home for all of those… And I’m being scorned. Democrats always liked this position, until I took it. Democrats always liked walls, until I built them. Do you see what is happening here?” I want you to know that much of the TV footage is actually staged. Or much of the TV footage is actually recycled. We already know that some of the things, gun rage in Kentucky, I think. A footage of that was used as if it’s a Turkish massacre in Syria. There’s a lot of fake news. There’s a lot of propaganda. There’s a lot of internet deception that is going on all around. You have to understand they realize it’s not working. So in the last 24 hours you don’t see much of that because it doesn’t work. I, also, want to tell you folks that we are looking into the situation where the Europeans are completely paralyzed. President Erdogan is threatening to flood Europe with 3.5 million Syrian refugees. He’s basically saying, “Look, guys, if you don’t let me invade northern Syria. And put those millions of Sunnis in northern Syria. Then I’m going to just open the doors and they will come into your territory.” Erdogan, basically, turned the refugees into a weapon. I’ll give you an example. The Island of Cyprus, which is divided to Turkish and Greek side. The Greek side is opposing Erdogan drilling for oil next to its territory. What happened is that Erdogan started shipping Sunni refugees from Syria to the Turkish side of Cyprus. They are crossing it to the Greek side of Cyprus. So, they are officially in the EU. He’s already using that weapon in Cyprus. He will do the same in any other country. We can definitely see that. Again, in Turkey, the Turkish morale is down. The Turkish economy is down. The Turkish currency is down. We know something very interesting happened. Take a look at this, folks. Take a look at this. It looked like, it appeared like, Turkey and Iran are in the same alliance. It appeared like we see a Russian/Turkish/ Iranian axis. Which is the truth when it comes to Israel and when it comes to Syria. But look what happened, right now. When Turkey invaded into northern Syria, they are, actually, going to block the Iranian expansion of the Shiite road all the way towards the Mediterranean. And the Iranians are not happy. Now, all of those Arabs that sided with the axis of Iran and Turkey now have to take sides. Who are you siding with? We see that even the Palestinians are now torn between the two. If you are going to come against Turkey, then, of course, the Turkish Erdogan will not see you in a great way. He will not help you. If you are going to come against Iran, then the Iranians will not like you. So, you can see that it, basically, causes many of the Palestinians, at least in Gaza, to just leave through Egypt, through Turkey all the way and enter into… Actually what we see is that many of them are actually migrating all the way into other places…. Such as … They go all the way to Greece, Bulgaria, into Germany, Scandinavia, and other places. Iran is not happy with what is going on. I want to tell you this. Israel, at this point, is the biggest winner of the situation. Why? Because now Hezbollah is going to be called to help the Shiites in northern Syria. Iranians cannot, now, focus on Israel. Because they have to focus on their problem with ISIS and the Sunni forces over there. Israel has nothing to lose here. Because the projector and the lights are not going to be on us anymore. We understand that any Sunni invasion into eastern Syria will, actually, interrupt more the Iranians than anything else. Erdogan, himself, by doing that is getting weaker and weaker. Although the Europeans don’t take harsh actions against him, American sanctions will, definitely, cripple him. We know that he’s gonna have to deal with internal problems, even with his own Kurds, in his own territory. Europe is, definitely, going crazy with what’s going on with them. The Palestinians are once again losing. Because they’re now being, completely, torn between the Turks that are their allies and the Iranians that are their Allies. So they gonna have to lose in both ways. I want to tell you this. We often forget. We often forget that it is going to be Rosh, Russia, that is coming. Gog, the prince of Magog, is going to come all the way. It doesn’t mean that Iran must be the best friend of Turkey. It means that at a certain point, Iran, Persia and Gomer and Tubal which is turkey, will actually join Russia. They’re not gonna be great friends. They’re going to join Russia to achieve their goal in 2 things. One, …. diverting the attention from their evil doings and, of course, fulfilling their will and wish to destroy Israel. I want you to know, it is an obvious thing that the Iranians want to destroy us. Just about few hours ago, one of the Iranian generals was standing right by the Iranian leader. He said, “Soon Tel Aviv will be completely destroyed.” He just said that, by the way, “Soon Tel Aviv will be completely destroyed.” By the way, he cannot say Jerusalem because Jerusalem is a holy site to the Muslims. So he’s mentioning Tel Aviv. But I also want you to know that, if there is one wish for Erdogan to somehow make his sultanate, make his position as the leader of the Sunni world. If there is one way for him to do that… He knows he cannot invade into Saudi Arabia. But at least he wants to invade into Jerusalem. At least what he used to have before, when the Ottoman Empire controlled Jerusalem, he wants to restore back to himself. We can see that as far as the Iranians and the Turks, their wish to somehow destroy Israel and use that ground for their own benefit is going to merge with the Russian aspiration to take the Israeli oil and gas. At some point it’s going to happen. America is not going to intervene because America is not going to be there. Europe is going to deal with Europe’s problems. Of course, Israel will have to rely on God and God himself. We know that he is going to help them. With everything that is going on right now, I want to assure you is part of the script. That’s the wonderful thing about students of Bible prophecy. We’re not surprised. We’re not even disappointed or amazed by anything. Look, when you know the script, when you know who is going to do what and when. Why are you disappointed? Why are you surprised? Why are you angry, even? You should be smiling because everything is happening in the way the prophets said it will. Now listen. I’m not going to try and change the plan of God that he already communicated through the prophets. When God communicated the future, it’s not because that’s what he wants to happen. It’s because that’s what he, in his “knowing all” nature, already knows that it is going to happen. God is not telling the Russians, “Please invade”. But God knows that they will. God is not telling the Iranians, “I want you to fight Israel”. But he knows that they want to. So, God, by His grace told us through the prophets that those things will happen. Whether we want it or not, whether we like it or not, whether we agree with them or not. There’s no point of being angry with President Trump. There’s no a point of being angry with a Turkish invasion into Syria. We know these things are to happen. The question that I always… ask people is: When you know these things that are going to happen. When you see them happening. Now, my question is: What are you doing? How are you living your life? I always like to quote the famous verses of Roman’s Chapter 13, “Knowing this, [the Bible says,] Knowing… the time that now it is high time to awake out of sleep. For now, our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore, let us cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light. Let us walk properly, as in the day, not in revelry and drunkenness, lewdness, or lust, not in strife or envy. But put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh to fulfill its lust.” May I even add one last thought. Because I just heard this a couple days ago. I think yesterday I heard that, and that was really, amazing. I heard that there’s a Dutch family that was waiting for the end times. And they were in the basement for 9 years. The authorities found out about it just because one of their sons that managed to go to the local city pub and ask for help. This is exactly the opposite of what we are to do in the last days. It’s not to lock yourself up and wait for their last days. We are to go out and tell people these are the last days. Tell people about Jesus Christ, share the gospel, and share the good news. Because these are horrible things that we see around. But there is hope and there are good news. But, also, time is running out. So I want to remind you of those things as things are only going to escalate. Iran is blaming Israel, Saudi Arabia and America for hitting their oil tanker. They say, “We have proof”. They might do something stupid. I don’t know what. But I just want you to know that things will only escalate. Things will only get worse. At the same time… The last thing we need to do is lock yourself up in a basement and just wait for the end to take place. We need to occupy until He comes. … The Lord wants to come back and find us doing the Father’s business. I want to encourage you. If things look a little gloom, and doomed, and crazy. You may be disappointed from a president or a politician. I just want to remind you that none of the politicians are aware even of the fact that they are, actually, fulfilling Bible prophecy. None of them are even aware of the fact that God knows everything that they’re about to do. He already told us through the prophets 2,500 years ago, 2,700 years ago, exactly what’s gonna happen. We cannot be angry with those things. We need to understand. We need to, actually, get ready. We need to even be more so active. Proactive when it comes to spreading the gospel and telling people about Jesus. It’s so easy not to see the full picture and just blame politicians, presidents, and … prime ministers, and all of that. I want to tell you, folks, even if Prime Minister Netanyahu is not securing his own government right now. I can tell you one thing: The liberal agenda is taking over Israel already. I can tell you one thing: Eventually, they are going to accept the Antichrist. It’s going to happen. I cannot stop it. I know that he’s going to cut a peace agreement with them. I know that he will allow them to build a 3rd temple. Somehow, they will be captured in that deception. I can see that happening. Am I gonna try and stop him from from coming? No, I know it’s going to happen. I can tell people, “Get ready. Be aware. This is going to happen.” The same thing with what is happening right now. These are just the first fruits of what is going to happen, even in a greater scale, all around the world. I want to encourage you. I want to encourage you. Things are not falling out of place but, actually, into the right place. I want, also, to remind you all that from us: self-control, perseverance, hope. These are the things that are expected from us. And not the opposite: anger, vengeance, confusion, and all of that. We are people who know what is going to happen. We are people who understand the times and the seasons. We need to not fall asleep as others do. As Paul says, “We need to wake out of sleep for now our salvation, our redemption, is nearer.” It’s not the redemption of our soul, not the salvation of our soul. It’s the salvation of our body. The redemption of our body from this world. “Now our with redemption is nearer than when we first believed.” It’s very important for me to communicate those things to you. There’s so much that is going on. You will see things escalating even more so. But don’t believe… everything that the media’s is saying. NBC shows fake news. The Iranian media is showing fake news. The liberal media around Europe and even in Israel is showing fake news. Look, don’t be surprised. This is their hour. This is their time. We need just to pray for revival at the end, before the very end. We need to pray for more people to open their eyes to see. We need to pray for more people to understand that unborn babies are still human beings. That God created us, male and female… We need to pray for some common sense to come back to people. But we cannot be surprised when we see what we see. That the spirit of the anti Christ, the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. These are the signs of the end times. Israel is back in the land. Israel is prosperous and secure. Israel is one of the strongest countries on planet Earth, right now. How can we not see that the fig tree comes back to life and that’s it? This is it. We are at the very end. This is the one thing I came to Brazil to share with the people. So many people here are so confused. They wait for the second coming of Jesus. Folks, how sad it is that the believers around the world really think that Jesus should come back to Earth rather than to meet us in the clouds. How sad it is that they don’t understand that if you’re still on earth, when Jesus comes back to earth. It’s not going to be a good thing for you. Because he’s gonna come to judge you. The 2nd coming is to judge, not to save. The 1st coming was to save. If you are really, truly praying for Jesus to come back, it’s not to come back to earth. You want him to come back to the clouds, to take you out of here, to be with him. That’s what you want. People are so confused. What is the 2nd coming? I tell them …that the 2nd coming of Christ to earth is not for you, it’s with you. This is the hope of the believer: To be out of here. Not to invite him to be back here. No, trust me, Jesus is not excited to come back here, right now. He’s more excited to come, take us out of here, to marry the bride in heaven, to be there to give us the crowns and the rewards when we stand before him. That’s what he wants to do right now. He wants to find us faithful servants. He wants to take us. He wants to be with us. People said here last night, “Vem Jesus”, which means “Come Jesus”. I told them we want also to hear him say, “Vem meu filho” or “Come my son, or my child.” We want him to come halfway. We want to go up halfway. We want to be with him forever and ever, wherever he goes. When he comes back, we’ll come back with him. That’s what we want. Father, I thank you that you are not the author of confusion. Father, I thank you that in you we find hope and we find future. We know who we are, and where we go. I pray now for the thousands of people that are watching us right now. That you will open the eyes of their hearts to understand the wonders of your Word. That all that is happening, right now, is part of the script. We should be encouraged and at the same time, motivated to be about your business. We thank you, Father. We bless you for giving us the opportunity to live in these last days, in the last hour of the last days. We bless your name, Father. Yevarechecha Adonai Ve’yishmerecha, Ya’er Adonai panayv eylecha vi’chuneka, Yissa Adonai panayv eylecha ve’yaseym lecha Shalom. The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up his countenance towards you and give you peace. That peace that surpasses all understanding. That’s what we pray. That the Prince of Peace, the Lord of Peace, will give you now and forever, here and everywhere. In the name of Yeshua, Jesus, we pray. Amen. Guys, subscribe to our newsletter through our website. Follow me on Facebook, Behold Israel; on YouTube, beholdisrael; and on Instagram, beholdisrael. One word. We still have a few spots on our February tour next year to Israel. It’s the best time of the year to come. Of course, if you want to take part of the “Jerusalem Awaiting His Return Conference”, sign up for our November 2020 tour. If we’re still here, it’ll be an awesome time of fellowship, worship, and study of the Word of God. I love you. God bless you, Shalom. Pray for my journey back home. In a few minutes I’m gonna pack and leave. Thank you. I love you. As always God bless you and Shalom from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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  12. Amir I love you as a brother in Christ ……I enjoy your channel and listen to it religiously.I love Trump and Netenyahow..
    House can these men be Freemasions…..Israel the most liberal gay and abortion Wright's.Can we support
    them having this standpoint.Then please deliver into the Noahide laws and there role in the endtimes.l
    Pray for the pease of Jerusalem,Your ministry and the work that you do.May God righly bless you and your

  13. You are amazing. Thank you for your time and labour of love, to share this wisdom with us. This is lovely insight.

  14. I do believe you, Sir Mr Amir for is not Turkey is ISIS safe haven, the reason he wants to siege the northern side Syria- Kurdis not to annihilate the locals but to rescue thousands of ISIS, May GOD bless and protect the Kurdis locals irregardless of their belief in GOD in JESUS CHRIST Mighty Name Amen and Amen,,,

  15. Does President Trump know about the prophesies of God regarding the events of end times?

  16. I really enjoyed this update!!! We all need to be about our Father's business!!! Maranatha!!! 😀

  17. Greetings and blessings. I just received the CMJ newsletter, a worldwide ministry started at Christ Church located in Jerusalem and run by anglicans in England. They wrote an article basically blaming Trump for the future mass genocide of the Kurds by taking out the troops from Syria. Please read his article and please tell him not to make such concerning allegations. CMJ newsletter is read worldwide and he is definitely inciting many Christians. Thank you for your great ministry.

  18. Thank you Amir! I am not surprised at the things we see going on around the world. Nor am I upset at this decision President Trump has made. I believe he has his reasons for pulling out the American troops. God is in control ??✝️✡️

  19. Shabbat Shalom, Amir‼️ Listening from Santa Barbara, California. ¡Maranatha! ✝️

  20. 29:35 into the video; "God is not telling the russians, nor the iranians to invade Israel." So, what does the Allmighty mean by putting "hooks in the jaws" of these nations? He also says he will entice them to march up to the mountains of Israel like a storm and be like a cloud covering the land. Some christians know the muslims have been gathered unto the Antichrist, but in Ez.38:4-9 the Bible tells God himself will mislead them. When the prophesy then will be fullfilled the Bible tells the Devil will deceive them. Rev.20:7-10  The same thing happened when muslim warriors long ago in the name of Allah destroyed "Babylon the great". Rev.17:16-18  God led them. Now the friend of order asks himself: "Is the Allmighty and Allah the same talent?" God cannot lie the Bible says. Who is telling the truth; is Jesus the Son of God or is he not? Who is the father of the lie? You tell me.

  21. Does Erdoğan not want to revive the Ottoman empire? If that's the case, he will do anything to see that through. In order to accomplish that feat, he will cause the Turkish people to see themselves as the pinnacle of humanity and, therefore, to kill any other nationality will be acceptable and actually a good thing for the empire. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  22. Stay strong in Yahweh all my tribulation saints brothers and sisters.?????????

  23. Genesis 6:12… Is the prophetic curse against descendants of Ishmael. The Muslims have been butchering each other since days of antiquity. If anyone thinks for a brief moment there will be true peace in the Middle East, they are naive & ignorant of biblical prophecy. God has placed hooks in their mouths & they are being led to that great day when our Lord will utterly destroy His enemies. Some trust in horseman, others in chariots, BUT we will trust in the Lord our God.

  24. Amir you are a good man who is driven by the word of God. Thank you for all you do God Bless my friend.

  25. I have listened to this three times, and have now shared this update with family members. I cannot imagine living life now without our Precious Brother. Amir. What a tremendous Blessing you are to The Body of Christ.♥️♥️♥️

  26. Thank you Amir and Behold Israel for this encouraging message from Brasil. Have a nice birthday with your family in Israel. God blesses all my online brothers and sisters in Christ. Shalom from Holland-Europe (less than 50 km. From the family hiding for the last days).

  27. Greetings from Bulgaria!??
    Thank youuuuuuuu!…
    Thank you, brother Amir for this Message.
    I was just demonised by some of my brother and sister in Christ who were AGAINSTS Trumps decision to get out the American soldiers from Syria.
    I…was…very HURT because of Trump!
    But…the Lord gave words to defend Trump and my support to him.
    And…what I said to them…you just PROVED it!

    I sent them your message and I told them NOT TO LISTEN if….they do not LIKE Trump.

    I hope…O, God, …..I hope they may come to KNOW the Heart of Jesus and the Works of God Almighty on HIS PERFECT WAY!

    ☝️ Praise God!
    ☝️Praise my Father in Heaven!
    ☝️Praise His Holy Name!
    ☝️Praise all His awesome works!

    ☝️ Allelluya!!!!

    Love you, brother!
    Get stronger and stronger in the Prophecy Update so WE MIGHT BE STRONGER in His promises for Christ COMING!

  28. Good Word, and thank you for blessing us, Brother Amir, and I have taken it to heart-Thank you and our LORD BLESS you richly and yes, our blessed hope is Christ our Bridegroom comming in the clouds to harpazo us to Himself and so we forever will be with Jesus, our Salvation!

  29. i believe israeli people are the most intelligent people .i live in macedonia(north) hope they come here

  30. Do the math search on number 3 and you’ll find the keys to salvation and Heaven
    God sent Jonah to warn Nineveh that because of their sin the city would be destroyed in 40 days. Jonah did not want to see that city saved and had to spend 3 days and night in the belly of a great fish first before Obeying God. Thus begins the salvation number 3.
    In Matthew 12:40 Yeshua=(Jesus) makes mention of Jonas in the Whales belly. Now watch 3 get more value. When Jesus was born 3 wise men brought 3 gifts to the new born savior of planet earth. In the garden before his death he prayed 3 times.
    Jesus==Yeshua was killed the 3 rd hour of the day= then 3 hours of darkness followed= there were 3 on the cross= there was 3 days and nights in the grave. Death, burial, resurrection are 3 then repentance, water baptized in Jesus Name and infilling of Gods spirit are 3. At the birth of Gods church the Holy spirit fell on the 120 in the upper room at the 3 rd hour of the day.
    God is spirit and in order to be part of his family you must be born of Gods spirit.

  31. Just because America is not mentioned in Ezekiel does not mean they want help Israel I think we will in some way.

  32. The bible says Israel will not have walls guarding them when the Ezk. war happens and Israel has a lot of walls guarding them so it will not happen for some time then

  33. I believe that our POTUS is doing what's best for our troops. Not for the warmongers who've made billions off the lives of our armed forces. Keeping us out of a war anywhere is better for us. I trust Jesus to keep His hands on our country & give her wisdom & guidance. <><

  34. If Jesus was in this day and age, the left wing feminist would cut him up into shreds and deny he is the son of god, then accuse him misogynist and, oppressing females, then the left wing would replace him with a transgender Muslim, the feminist would argue with the left wing, then the feminist would throw tantrum stating that they are oppressed, and Jesus is the reason for why there is wars, climate emergency, and why female get paid less then men.

  35. Indeed, Trump did green light Turkey to go in and "cleanse" and settle and probably fight Russia for the oil fields eventually. The U.S. did not defeat ISIS; it was mostly the Kurds, 10,000 of them that fought and died to help us… The gruesome photos are not fake news, this is an "alternative facts" rhetoric, so do research for yourself and find out the truth. The Kurds ARE bring "ethnically cleansed" and this is something the Turks have been wanting to do for a long time…now we are letting them after so many Kurds gave their lives to help fight ISIS, not just for themselves but for the rest of the world…Trump said, he didn't care if ISIS gets loose, because "they all want to go to Europe", and he hates Europe too… We are betraying our allies there too now…Its an incredibly ignorant and criminal thing to say…So now the Turks recruit and use ISIS to make them stronger…how is that a good thing? It seems to me we are the ones that go "any way the wind blows" and we have just done a very dishonorable thing by betraying and allowing these atrocities to take place…and when we needed the oil we very much dealt ourselves in the Middle East and of course we still do by selling billions in arms to anyone who will buy from us, Example the murderous Saudis at this time. We also just sent them 2000 American troops so how is Trump keeping his promise of getting out of the "endless" wars…that we in fact had a lot to do with starting. We destabilized whole Middle East with the two unjustified Iragi wars and now the whole region is a crazy mess…and as far as the unborn babies he is talking about being human beings…well so are the millions of children that were massacred in Iraq and are now being massacred in Yemen and in Syria again.

  36. Amir, who is Elam in Jeremiah 49v35 to 39? But it shall be in the latter days that I will reverse the captivity and restore the fortunes of Elam? The Amplified Bible has a footnote that says it is Khuzistan, a province of Iran?

  37. Prayers from Alabama, God's Kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven! God bless Israel and I pray that the Jews will come to know their Messiah, Yeshua Hamashiach!

  38. The 'crowns' (stephanos, not diadema) you were talking about are victory wreaths, for overcomers, for conquerors !
    What about the Millennium of (Rev.22) CHRIST's reign from Jerusalem for a 1000 years, during which Satan is locked up in the Abyss ?!

  39. When the Rapture happens and believers in Jesus are moved to their new home with Jesus in heaven, including Pres Trump and VP Pence and numerous born again cabinet members…according to the U.S. Constitution…the Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi) becomes President of the United States. Nancy Pelosi will willingly join forces and be in lock-step with the Antichrist and will leave Israel "in the dust"….Prophecy will be fulfilled. God will protect Israel as He promised. Pres Trump has affirmed to many people, Jesus is his Savior…that's between him and Jesus… Pres Trump won't be here…makes perfect end-time sense.

  40. Thats been always a pleasure to listen to the teachings of messianic jews.

    I know from revelation given to me that America will stop supporting Israel and the main reason is rapture. America will become insignificant after loosing best part of its population due to the the rapture.
    The One, Who doesn't let the unfolding
    mistery of lawlesness will be taken out with its people, which is the Church.
    If Trump would not be elected being supported by Christians, the mistery of lawlesness would have happened during Hillary's presidency (Wilkirson had prophecy that should women become US president that would be the end of USA).
    The Holly Spirit through beliver/Christian voters prevented it from happening this time. After the rapture happens, who will be left to make the right choice. Thats why US will become another socialist democratic state.
    No Christians, No support for Israel. Its obvious.

    I totally aggree on second.
    I dont want to be here on the earth when He comes, i want be raptured by that time, thats what i say to everyone.

    Thank you, Amir, you are blessing from God for the belivers.

  41. So Very Good News !!! Such Truth and A Powerful Teaching on These End Times and What is Unfolding Before Us This Very Hour !! God Bless You and I'm Looking Up as I Abide in our Lord Jesus Christ Always… Thank You Brother !!!

  42. You continue to error, in the fact that Messiah's name is not and never was jesus! His name is Yahushuah! Jesus is not a translation, but a fabrication by William Tyndale in the 1500s! For 500 years believers have been decieved. And you contribute to the deception, by rejecting the true name of messiah! Yahuah the creator of all has exalted His Son's name Yahushuah above all names, and you reject it like dirt! You would rather believe the lie of jesus, which is a man made name, and those who praise what is man made, is idolatrous! And you don't seem to care!
    YAHUAH cares! YAHUSHUAH cares! If you don't think names matter, think again!

  43. God bless you for the perspective on Syria. No one is reporting in the States that Trump basically moved those fifty troops because Turkey was planning to invade. Our fake news is so frustrating and I can’t imagine if that was the only resource available. Thank God for you and the others who actually give all the facts. My prayers are with you and Israel and her people.

  44. somebody notify CNN …..yeah..we need to continue praying for America and Israel, and for God to confound the enemy!

  45. Will you please, please, please stop talking about this stuff. Preach the word brother, preach the word. Love you, but have so tuned you out

  46. That was not the wisest move President Trump has made politically.

    He risks losing his Republican supporters in his fight against the Democrats' impeachment process. He should have waited to withdraw his soldiers and negotiated with Recep Erdogan who is either the Antichrist or controlled by the Antichrist spirit. What we are seeing now is that the US is losing the Middle East, and Putin and Russia are coming in.

  47. Wow, you are Jewish and you believe in Jesus!!! Amazingly powerful…I enjoyed hearing you speak about prophecy and the Hope you have for All of us believers!! I sure hope many more…all the Jewish people will accept Jesus as humanities Savior!! Thank You!!


  49. All I can say truthfully is God bless Israel and Peace to Jerusalem her capital forever amen… Turkey and that Islamic Nato traitor Erdogan are a danger in the Middle East like Iran and even Saudi Arabia "Mystery Babylon" is a world danger for sponsoring terrorism to because Islam is as Satanic as its followers! The world needs Jesus our "YESHUA" and not Allah? Jesus is Lord amen!

  50. Other Prophecy is also saying that God will destroy israel by powerful nations from north. So God desires to destroy Israel according to your logic. So why dont you support anti- israeli forces as christians? It is obvious that Israelis screw you. They sucks your money with such arguments and enlist you to support them. Rediculous.

  51. If God makes a prophecy, realizing this is his job. Does he say oh my christians help me please? What you only need to be a good servant him. If you wanna play God, then you will make the God angry. Dont be stupid and make America great again.

  52. Amir, where are you? Hope all is well! Fight the good fight♥️Much Love in Christ. R

  53. News today Trump blowing his own whistle. if you really
    pay attention how he rambling on .
    How easy he turn on
    Kurdish people .
    Now Russia hold favor with turkey Kurdish people
    Syria Russia Navy Port (Israel) Know
    Trump's lies on Syria were jaw-dropping
    As you read "Alice in Wonderland" factor may have been lost on Trump's most devout followers, probably the intended audience for this spectacle of deceit, but the fact is that much of what Trump said wasn't just incorrect, it was the exact opposite of the truth –
    Israel I know your looking for Messiah
    promised deliverer of the Jewish nation prophesied in the Hebrew Bible.
    know the world will turn on you As Mad Dogs. attack you to wipe you off the face of the earth. those few who will be left there crys will cause
    The Messiah to return. This world as you know will never be the same Your
    Messiah will rule with rod of Iron. Time as me know will be no more. Death to millions and millions
    Lost Souls.
    Israel History is our teacher. Trust in man we fall Trust in God we have hope.

  54. Search for your self
    God hates liars (Pr 6:16-19). Do not ever think otherwise. All liars shall have their part in the lake of fire (Rev 21:8). There are no liars in heaven (Rev 22:15). Liars are an abomination to the LORD. He will destroy liars (Ps 5:6). He loves men of truth, and He delights in them. God will judge all liars, but He will bless men who deal honestly.

    The LORD Jehovah, the only living and true God, is a God of truth. Moses wrote of Him, “He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he” (Deut 32:4). While nothing is too hard for the LORD, He cannot lie; it is impossible for Him to lie (Titus 1:2; Heb 6:18).

    Lying originated with Satan, the devil himself. God made him a rational creature – a very high-ranking angel. He rebelled in pride against the most high God. For this profane and rebellious sin, he was thrown out of his position in heaven. He came and lied to your first parents, deceiving Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. He is a liar and the father of lying; when you tell a lie, you submit to him and honor him as your father (John 8:44).

    When something is an abomination, it is disgusting and hateful. When you abominate something, you abhor, detest, and loathe it. God abominates lying – He finds it abhorrent, detestable, and loathsome. He considers lying disgusting, and He hates it with holy hatred. He loves truth, honesty, integrity, sincerity, and the men who love these things.

    Ananias and his wife Sapphira were members in the church at Jerusalem. They sold some property and gave a large offering to the apostles. But they lied in keeping back some for themselves. What did the blessed God do about this fudging of the facts? He killed them both in the church (Acts 5:1-11). Do not even think about compromising truth.

    God expects more than just telling the truth; He demands your dealings to be in truth. This is honesty in speech and action. All conduct should be governed by integrity and sincerity. You should say exactly what is right and true, and you should do it completely. Reject exaggerating or modifying facts at anytime, and then perform exactly what you said. You can and should be known as a person of perfect integrity in word and deed.

    God’s blessing, which makes huge differences among men, is promised to those who are honest and true. David wrote, “What man is he that desireth life, and loveth many days, that he may see good? Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile” (Ps 34:12-13). Peter then quoted it, “For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile” (I Pet 3:10).

    A family can only be blessed when lying and liars are rejected (Ps 101:1-8). A church can only be blessed when hypocrites and liars are exposed and eliminated (Ps 144:11-15). But when God delights in either a truthful family or church, He will bless them graciously and generously. This is one of the simplest means for obtaining God’s blessing and favor in your life. Choose to make honesty and integrity very important at home and at church.

    Children must learn to hate lying, so parents must teach them. The Bible says they are born liars (Ps 58:3). Honest and observant parents know this to be true. Children must be taught the importance of truth and punished severely for lying. Conversations must be checked for confirmed truth without exaggeration. Do not allow your children to speak without verifying facts to be certain and provable and to limit their words accordingly.

    Lies and truth are significantly different to God, and He will make a tremendous variation in how He treats men based on their degree of honesty. What an opportunity for God to delight in you! What an opportunity for you to distinguish yourself before God and men! Starting now, replace all deception and exaggeration with total truthfulness. Who knows what God will do when He delights in you for your honesty and integrity!

  55. Amen brother Amir. We wait and we occupy. We continue to look up, for our father Jesus, comes to take his church very soon. I for one am very excited about the times, and don’t worry about our crazy government here in America. It is all written, it is God’ word, and so we trust and we walk in faith. May God bless and protect you Amir, and all of my brothers and sisters in Christ. We meet soon!!!❤️??

  56. Trump’s withdrawal from Syria forced the Syrian Kurds to seek protection from the Syrian government and Russia. The US-brokered ceasefire then forced Turkey, Syria and Russia to agree upon a buffer zone and its joint patrol. The region has a chance for peace, if they want it.

  57. ?GRAND SUPREME NEWS ?, witches going to cast spells ?against trump on , Halloween ?. Who is trump in the Bible by dr Gene Kim. This proves , we’re going to heaven soon . Proves it. TRUMP THE LAST TRUMP IN BIBLE …THE SOUND OF THE TRUMP . They are trying to kill trump people , love ? you always

  58. Thank you for your service and I understand better about the countries over east.

  59. Amir, you’re right on. America is listening to money making preachers and politicians with their own goals, but not what the Bible says. Now is the time to awaken from our sleep. Thank you.

  60. Let's see..ISIS FIGHTERS..Put all of them up against walls and shoot them DEAD..End of Problem!!! These jihadist are pure people not get this..eliminate them! No one wants them from where they came from..what does that tell ya!?

  61. Thank you Amir for telling the truth about the Kurds!!! I will Never understand how any NORMAL person can really believe in Muslim and their evil laws n perverted way of life!

  62. 3rd comment! Trump knows..these wars are also about drugs n money going to the corrupted elites! Yes, Trump's responsibility is to America!

  63. God doesn't want any country to help Isreal. The reason is he doesn't want anybody to get the credit. He is going to help his beloved people. Then all will see that they are protected by the almighty God.

  64.'s obvious GOD called you..and has His Hand on you! You've been a blessing to Christians and Jews..your knowledge and wisdom and spirituality is on a level beyond your years!?

  65. Thank – you Amir, for confirmation been recieving so far, bless you and your precious one's. Shalom.

  66. Yeah, we are controlling OIL!!!
    Then let the US, take it!!!
    Watch 'Midnight Express', and you will have no love loss for Turkey…

  67. The BUSH family, caused an endless war, then Obama destabilized it and caused the arab and Isis spring. Time to leave!!!
    Bush, guilty!! Rumsfeld, guilty!! Obama, and Killery Guilty!

  68. Christians and Evangelicals are the most racist problematic people on the planet.

  69. Thanks for this information so clearly explained. Turks need to get out of Syria. Kurds, ( some sects) are our allies who fight isis. just recently the USA choose to protect Kurds oil fields

    Turks are part of Isis military not to be trusted. Actions speak louder that words.

    Thank goodness the US President is not naive. . True, Because the US news media is anti President , therefore President Trump need to get this detailed message to more American people. Details vs emotion.

    Not to forget Israel will sign a pact peace agreement with Palestinian. From that time on it will get worse. Peace, peace and then the antiChrist will operate full force.

    Yes, true the word of God tells us Israel will stand alone. But, Israel has the Almighty God's protection! Just look at Bible history how God protected His people. Over and over again!
    Things that seem impossible with man IS possible with God. We put God in a box. God forgive us for our lack of faith.

    Sin (Satan) very active in many situations world wide.

    Ore hope is in the Lord alone!


  71. Thank you for being a strong man of God this is much needed
    please continue…

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