An Expedition Education on the River of No Return

(Laughter) (Music and singing) (Inaudible and laughter) My name is Karl Schmidt and I’m the
instructor for the exhibition planning and management course. Nothing going on here except speed. However friction is the thing that happens,
so where is friction happening in this situation?
What is happening to the
sediment load that is being carried in the water? Where is it going? If it was
over here, where does the sediment load end up?
Downstream. (Off camera:Tell me something
about what you learned and with respect to wilderness on this planet.)
I learned that wilderness is a lot more complicated than I thought it was. Coming in for a close-up look on the small mouth floating by I’m Dan Carr, and I’m teaching
the natural history of the Salmon River. I feel a lot more confident after this
class not only in the wilderness, but in terms of the classroom with really
putting myself out there and feeling really confident about my future. Hi I’m Sam. I’m a Ph.D. student in Arizona State University studying dryland ecosystem
ecology. What a great experience to be able to
combine field ecology with the pursuit. We’re out here looking at some desert
grasslands, so we’re over the course of this trip trying to figure out where we
are in modern time between the old and the new and what we’re going to do with the
species that exist here now. I really appreciate that this class gave me the experience to push myself beyond my limits and show me that there are things
that I definitely can do even without realizing I could. (Music and singing)

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