Angela Drives ~ Hoover Dam & Lake Mead Camping

hey guys we’re leaving this cool
boondocking spot here that we ended in our last video and going north into a
new state in Nevada and on the way might as well stop at Hoover Dam for a little
bit before we get to our final destination for the evening don’t you
know when we get there guys yeah so there is no cost to get in or
cost a park here at the Hoover Dam but be prepared to let them go through all
of your outdoor compartments and an officer needs to come walk inside and
peek through to make sure that you don’t have a bobcat or something I swear it’s
just a normal-sized cat yeah now we’re gonna go find a spot to park all right
Miranda’s first trip on driving on a dam I’m gonna stop into the bait store real
quick get my fishing pole that’s popular that was Nevada time back there and now
that we’re in the middle we have just switched over into Arizona time which
like I said is the same time right now because Arizona does not observe
daylight savings so we’ll head up this windy hill go find a place to park and
I’ll get back to it once we get parked I mean we did find a place to park we
are incredibly unlevel and it’s not not worth it to try to put the stabilizer
jacks it is in sanely windy today we have not gotten a wind break in like a
week I’m gonna just sit down because it’s
kind of scary up here with with the wind going but they this entire town of
Boulder City was built because of the workers that were constructing the dam
in that time otherwise this was just another place in the desert that
happened to have water run through it it used to be the tallest dam in the
country but California’s Orval dam is taller than this one now we’re just
looking up some facts here on the phone googling it the the bridge that we came
in that we crossed over from the highway that is the world’s second tallest
bridge I feel like it’s gonna knock me over the cliff here this wind is nasty
today that’s why it’s not very busy so I’ll just grab a couple pictures for
Instagram and patreon real quick and then we’ll hit the road and go to try to
find some camping over at Lake Mead how does that sound it sounds good to me
alright we took this little scenic route up here before we left look at this view so that is Lake Med and in case you
didn’t know Lake Mead is the second with the world’s second largest reservoir
because of the Hoover Dam the world’s second largest some 248 square feet of
lake there has to be camping down there right and actually if you look really
closely I think I see an RV way over there about 24 miles away so that’s
where we’re gonna head right now so Hoover Dam was not national parks it’s
something separate but right now we are in the National Park area of Lake Mead
which has a bunch of paid campgrounds and has dispersed camping I know that
because campervan Kevin recently filmed some stuff down here and showed some
really cool views of this so what we’re gonna do both Angela and I had america
the beautiful’ passes that have expired so you can’t buy him here at the Visitor
Center but we’re gonna go buy one more for us for this RV and our occupants and
that’ll get us into National works for the next year $80 it’s $25
just to get into Lake Mead for seven days so it’ll it’ll pay itself off for
sure we love national parks and there’s so many like this that I haven’t been to
yet so and I already got my magnet it’s a turtle that says Lake Mead National
Recreation Area and it’s three-dimensional that acrylic kind and
they have a filling station here so before we head out and go camping by our
pasts I’m gonna fill up the water jugs yeah those views never get old right
here free filtered drinking water mmm-hmm so we’ll do this five times and
then we’ll hit the road yes Angela’s getting a feel for Miranda I’m just
driving around the parking lot here cuz it is a little different than the van
that she’s used to driving no we know it’s the stove the stovetop doesn’t it
doesn’t sit right it’s got some foam underneath it but it doesn’t it’s not
doesn’t make a solid connection to the top burner it’s really weird
okay ready that is out there that’s what we’re going all right drive us there any
yeah a little lower it is still really really windy out here and from watching
other youtubers it just gets like that down hearing there’s nothing you can do
about it yeah if that’s the worst of it I mean look how beautiful it is out here
it is sunny it is gonna be 94 degrees on Monday in April 94 degrees I mean we
have our own personal beach yeah there’s garbage and
but this ducks up this just gorgeous I love it once you’re in the National Park
there’s there’s lots of options like this I mean you got another fifth wheel
up on the hill up there with just a view of the water I am pretty darn impressed
by it by Lake Mead and that little America the beautiful pass is really
gonna come in handy for this summer I’m very excited I hope you all are doing
well I’ll cut back in once we get all situated yeah I’ll remind you we came
out to a dead end a dead end somebody just barreled in
here to dump a jet ski behind us even though this isn’t a boat launch he told
me that he comes here all the time because he’s a two-wheel-drive he can’t
use the normal launch so he uses this camp site but that was kind of weird
it’s like you didn’t want to ask me if that was okay if he just barreled right
through and almost hit all our stuff so we’re leaving the water was nice but
it’s not worth dealing with arrogant ignorant people just not we’re dealing
with it so we’re going back up till our neighbor over here is running a
a construction generator and I couldn’t hear that by the time and
I’d put the Levellers down you know and that’s just one of those things if
you’re a generator user then you can camp next to another one because you can
probably sleep to that but all this money into solar so you can enjoy the
peace and quiet and instead all I can hear is that well you’re gonna go find
the third spot now and like I said I feel like there should be a lesson to
learn here maybe when you get to park turn the engine off open the windows and
listen or you know there’s nothing we’re all going and talking to your neighbors
and saying hey are you a are you a heavy generator user or you know the RVs have
quiet generators the pickup trucks with teardrop trailers can only afford
construction great shadows there is a five mile an hour limit it’s it’s free camping I don’t want this
to sour Lake Mead itself you know it won’t but maybe I’ll walk around and see
what I can find down there’s even quite a better camp site generators third
time’s charm Angela and I went on a walk scope some stuff out and you know
there’s nobody that you can see out here we did have to come down a little
farther we do have a nice nicely built fire ring right here which I like that
wind though we have two days of hot hot and very very windy conditions and then
it’s gonna even back out to like mid-80s so it may not be optimal time to camp in
this little canyon area but man it’s gorgeous you now evening is closing in guys
and I was right third time is a charm this last little campsite worked out
really well the wind is finally starting to die down outside too so we are gonna
sit outside here and put our chairs on the other side and see the Sun set
around here but I’m glad I didn’t give up on Lake me ad good old Lake Med I
just do it because I know it gets under your skin guys have a great night
I’ll show you this sunset if there’s anything and then we’ll be back with you
here in a few days guys good bye good night

100 thoughts on “Angela Drives ~ Hoover Dam & Lake Mead Camping

  1. Yep… I really like tent camping… Nothing like waking up to the sound of generators and the smell of gas/diesel in the morning!

  2. Glad to see you found a nice spot you and Angela should be happy there. Looks like things are working out in that class A that's awesome. I'll see you on the next one guys have a great day.

  3. Eric did ya's go on the Hoover Dam power plant tour it takes on the elevator down in to the power plant ? A couple of years ago in April I flew to Las Vegas & stayed in an all suites hotel across the street from The Hard Rock Casino / Hotel . Took a bus tour out to the dam & glad I did . It was quite interesting to see & hear the history of how the dam was built & what it took to accomplish the feat back in the early 1900's . It was an amazing story .

  4. Eric,
    As a RVer you are allowed to have a shotgun, may I suggest a Mossberg 500 12ga. As you have an assigned camp site when boogersnotter cuts thru your site uninvited you simply walk stealthly towards him, rack a round in and state "Get Off My Campsite Boy". So once jetski boy hears the Mossberg clack "Hello" he will nicely obey.

  5. Eric, I understand your frustration.
    A-holes always seem to show up from time to time, regardless your effort to avoid them.
    You're wise & are doing exactly what I would have done; avoid confrontation & Just keep looking till you find that suitable spot.

  6. I have been to the Hoover damn many times and absolutely love that area. Beautiful Desert out there. Not sure if you are into sporting clay's but there is a great gun club not too far from there on your way back towards Vegas. "Pro Gun". Enjoy the beautiful desert. There is also a great Helicopter tour that takes you down into the Grand Canyon and have lunch out of the Boulder City Airport.

  7. Earplugs and Headphones – not included. ๐Ÿ˜Ž At-least you didn't have to deal with ATVs flying by.

  8. I see the SAI Lofters are also spraying in Nevada. I see the telltale X. God help us.

  9. Never commented but Angela has softened you in a good way๐Ÿ˜ฝ๐Ÿ˜ฝ๐Ÿ––๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿ’ƒ

  10. Lake Me ad, of course E rik. Glad you guys found a peaceful spot.

  11. have to start calling you negative nacy. … remember there was a time you would park on city streets to camp now your complaining about neighbors. Hmm I bet they all complained about you. Seems since you have got the class a your nose is in the air. I'm tired of hearing your crybaby content anymore I'm out.

  12. Eric, I have followed you from day one and I'm sorry to say it mate But you're as we say in Ireland 'Stuck up your own butt and need to cop yourself on' Just because you upgraded your rig you should still be the same person. Thumbs down on this one.
    So some person has a generator that's a bit loud or wants to get to the water past you!

  13. #610 Good Afternoon, Angela and Eric. I was there a few years ago and it was windy, too! They require trucks and high profile vehicles to drive on the inside of that tall bridge (left lane), due to the high winds. I have a question, was Lake Mead named after the Union General in The Battle of Gettysburg?

  14. re the generator user and the jet ski dropper offer, speeder, so sad about those humans who are so inconsiderate and self centered, I think someone could print up a little booklet about manners for travelers. I would carry a few copies with me and give one to any of the above ignoramouses.

  15. Sorry my construction grade generators offend you, oh wait no I'm not. Stop your bitching and whining, that person was there before you, just shut up and move on

  16. That was pretty dam windy, and that guy was pretty dam rude. And the generator was pretty dam loud. Did you get another dam magnet. I'll bet it was too damn windy to fly the dam drone.

  17. I could have ignored the idiot with the jet ski, he would be finished after about two to three hours but I was so pleased when you move away from that noisy generator.

  18. Oh, I love it that you made a joke about the pronouncing of whatever that lake is called. :'D

  19. Whine – Whine – Whine
    Are you getting old and stubborn?
    thumb down! – but hey that is the interaction that counts
    just don't keep on whining.

  20. Third times a charm. ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜Š Pretty place for sure. That's one curvy drive. Good for Angela doing a test drive, she's going to get it. ๐Ÿ‘ Enjoy.

  21. Oh my, when did you become a snob!? LOL! You were not always quite so fortunate!!! Just look for another site and enjoy yourself!

  22. Sorry but the guy with the jetski should not be a problem , Live and let live .

  23. LMBO! Today I was on a hill in the drive thru bank teller and my car was rocking the whole time! We have a lot of windy days in NW Arky-saw!
    I have seen that very same thing happen to other youtubers out at that lake. Someone came and squeezed by and parked behind them because they fish that spot. Locals lay claim to their spots I suppose. There will always be a loud generator somewhere, itโ€™s a camping world. We had a 26ft PaceArrow back in the day and when we first got it๐Ÿ˜ฑ lol took a bit to figure out and take care of all the rattles and ticks๐Ÿ˜‚. Great to see Angela in the drive seat๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ Now about our lovable star๐Ÿคฉ Jax Man! Heโ€™s an American fat cat and has a huge following! Yrs ago I had a beautiful akc champion female that was a tad over-weight. She had a thyroid problem just like a lot of people and me too. She was the best dog I ever had. She was my shadow and I sure miss her. Well you three have a great time and hope to see some green and trees in your videos soon! ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  24. 432 "thumbs down" & counting. Looks like I'm not the only one who's finally seen right through you. I see you deleted my comment from earlier. Can't stand the truth. How many have you deleted today? Someday all your viewers & patrons will wake up.

  25. Might want to update the description, as Dresden is no longer with us. Or put "In memory of".

  26. Third time is a charm! Thatโ€™s one of the perks about being in a RV, you can move it! Lol
    I have a question and I swear I mean no disrespect!
    My husband and I are animals lovers, we have a 4 legged dog daughter that we spoil rotten. Weโ€™re planning on hitting the road full time in a couple of years and my question is.. what do you do when your 4 legged baby gets promoted? I SWEAR no disrespect and if itโ€™s to early to discuss this, maybe save this question and answer for a later date.
    Yโ€™all are still in our prayers and blessings for safe travels!
    Sending love yโ€™allโ€™s way.

  27. Thanks for another quality video. I really enjoyed it.
    Rude, selfish people are good at ruining so many of the good things in life. Their motto seems to be โ€œF*** you, Itโ€™s All About ME!โ€
    Itโ€™s good to see your gal take the wheel.
    Happy Camping

  28. Hi Eric, I donโ€™t know if youโ€™ve been the other direction in Kingman Wash, but it takes you right down to the lake. Iโ€™ve seen 5th wheels down there, but Iโ€™m not sure if itโ€™s motor home friendly. CVK mentioned the lake is up 25 feet, so Iโ€™ve been itching to go down and take a look. They have pit toilets down there and you can park right by the lake in a little cove. 14 day limit of course. I really like your new rig, and the solar is super cool. Make sure you run the generator every 10 days for 15 minutes, or the carburetor will clog up. $300 for a new carburetor!

  29. Wow, how dare the rest of the world dare use Public Land? They should all have to ask your permission first. Sorry Eric, but you've turned into a serious jerk. Unsubbing now.

  30. You should try Telephone Cove it's free for 7 days but people stay longer Adventure van man has a great view of it. Park on the beach and there's volt toilets and dumpsters

  31. I am a long time subscriber and have always enjoyed your channel. Now it is even better with the addition of Angela !

  32. โ€œPeople with pickups and tear drop trailers can only afford construction grade generatorsโ€

    A bit much judging there. Disappointing to hear that. I understand the frustration but that comment was not accurate by no means. Not everyone with pickups and tear drop trailers are that rude. Iโ€™m not speaking for me as I live on a ranch. Just thought this was a bit of a broad statement.

  33. Actually that generator is illegal in a National Park. Maybe you could call a ranger.

  34. Liked your smile through the negativity. Glad you found a quiet campsite. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  35. Its great to see Angela driving. She looks so natural behind the wheel!

  36. isn't that the same dam from gta sanandreas lol i think there should be ghost town close in the desert though the game is based on random parts of the state that aren't connected in real life

  37. Hi. Can you do a video on how you cope with the wind driving a Class A? ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  38. Where is this Troll Hula Shack? They accused me of having 100 accounts. Were is the person Hula Shack now that everyone is commenting on the arrogant comment catagorizing "Pick up truck and tear drop trailer owners can only afford a loud commercial generator." They are the troll not us. Seen them post the same troll garbage on 2 other comments. I have followed and enjoyed his videos since he was getting rid of black van.

  39. Yeah I would have blocked that dude in and had "little chat" if you know what I'm SAYZIN'

  40. Wow that view sure beats a Class C …. just sayin! XO, Kelly

  41. My first down vote, Eric they're national parks meaning "everyone" gets to enjoy them and I'm sure he didn't come "barreling through", I've camped in lots of place and no one has ever come "barreling through" where I was parked, as for the generator noise I'm sure someone has complained to themselves when you ran yours, I'm in a teardrop (like the one in your video only home built) and run my small generator to charge my batteries when my 2 measly little 100W panels don't because of clouds, "TO KEEP MY MEDICATION COLD"

    great, you have a nice new class A and you have enough solar to run everything, I'm happy for you. You didn't like the "tater haters", I gave them shit when I thought they were being unfair to you "back when you were humble"

    will you no longer attend the "Travelers Campfest" because you don't want to park near "those people" in their lower class campers?

    The fastest way to lose viewers like me is to start thinking you're better than the rest of us

    I liked the guy in that first video, its why I followed you, DON'T BECOME A CAMPER SNOB!

  42. I do add a towel to the stove also. And you go Angela. The size is scary but we do need to learn. That is a pretty place.. we have a 35 ft motorhome. How bad were the roads getting back to your site. Our plan is to do a lot of Boondocking also. So it is helping to see you are able to do it with our size rig. It is very beautiful there. Thanks for all the videos. And it is really good to see both of you. That is your lives now as a couple living and traveling together. Thank you for sharing that with us.

  43. Cool video, takes me back to a couple of years ago when we were still mobile and nomadic, we traveled those same highways and byways, so it's like old home week. Just buried my sister, man that's a hard thing, and just two months back I stood beside her as we laid her husband to rest after a fight with his failing heart and kidneys. Getting old SUCKS! I hope to be back on the road next fall if I can sell off my mom's property, she is in the nursing home and put her house in my name so I could sell it for her, right now houses up here are not selling. Ah well.

  44. After seeing this video and the way you treat others no wonder you're single again … the way you treated Angela and her driving skills was atrocious, that young woman knows how to drive and as an ex cross country 18 wheeler driver, considering her prior skills the open road would have been a better local for her to get a feel for the placement on the road !!!! Btw you've become a real douche , follower lost, but not like I mattered.

  45. What the heck? You have ran your generator lots of times..I've seen the videos. Now you act like your are judge and jury to anyone using a generator…and then to bash people who dont have the $$ to install a F ton of solar on their RV. Dang Eric, you seem to be in a ugly place in your life. I hope it gets better.

  46. 1st clue the relationship was bound to fail, putting a ring on her finger so fast. 2nd clue, you sir, Sold the best RV you've had and she kept hers in storage! "SW, SW, SW, WN"…..Some Will, Some Wont, So What….Who's Next

  47. You could really tell in this video that he was completely stressed about his relationship. Behind the scenes things must have been tense as could be.

  48. You did your best. We all deal with grief a different way. You are allowed to be honest, upset, sad, on camera. Sometimes grief comes out as anger and criticism directed at everything else when you dont feel like facing the sadness. It comes out as frustration directed at all kinds of things that normally we feel okay or even good about. It's like a defense. You were dealing with a lot.

  49. Eric-J-is-not-perfect!–man-can-complain-sometimes-about-life!–We-all-do-,no?

  50. Well you all you can see his attitude is different..things been going on…

  51. Dude, you have changed over the past year or so. Not enjoying the vids so much anymore… Take a hard look in the mirror, who are you and what have you become. Remember your humble beginning my friend!

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  53. Open frame construction grade generators have no business in camping especially near other people. Its rude and offensive to use these generators in a quiet setting such as campsite. I don't think the boater was being rude as its obviously a launch point for small boats. Maybe Eric should consider other people and their right to recreating as well.

  54. I was going to subscribe but… I know there are reasons to have attitude but I don't want to spend my time watching them.

  55. Way to go on getting use to driving the RV. I would have stayed at the water location jet ski or not.

  56. You missed the machine gun nests on the Arizona side? I saw one above where you parked to look at the dam.

  57. Eric, I had been enjoying watching your videos. I started by working my way through all your Route 66 videos but I'm about ready to give up.

    You seem like you are in a negative space and everything bothers you. The world is filled with all kinds of people. Some of them are jerks. Some of them just don't think the same way you do. But nobody wants to watch you upset all the time about every little thing.

    I hope you can turn it around. The crankiness really standa in the way of the quality of your videos. This one was particularly bad.

  58. Oh the generator noise… oh the wind… oh the guy speeding… oh the guy putting his jet ski in the water… Jesus Eric… sounds like a lady in a rocking chair would set you off! Get a grip dude!

  59. What a crybaby. See why he travels nobody wants to be around the sniveler

  60. Geez people with your rude comments! Everyone has a bad day now and then. I'll bet everyone of you have had days when everything just got under your skin. if you're actually a fan of this Youtuber maybe you all should be a bit more loyal and less critical. I'm fairly new to his channel, but I'm self aware enough to know I have days when I'm super annoyed by things. It's not whining! Even if it is, guess what it's ok because everyone has those days, and anyone who says they don't are not being honest with themselves.

  61. Every video I've watched so far all you do is complain and whine like a little girl.

  62. Dude, it was one guy unloading his boat. I enjoy watching your channel but this is the second channel I've watched a video on today where the YouTuber has seemingly overreacted to something that occurred. There are lots of other things to get upset over in life. A boater using a ramp he apparently uses often shouldn't be one of those. (My guess is you both did a little bit of posturing toward one another and thus a simple exchange turned into a bitter one.) Shoulda let Jax handle it. LOL. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Safe travels.

  63. There are a couple of Native American reservations here in AZ who observe daylight savings time. Confuses the poop out of me because I work in one "time zone" and cross to another "time zone" 2 miles from each other. Time travel !

  64. Between the:
    garbage on the beach,
    arrogant jetski dockers,
    construction generators
    and speeders,
    you really sold Lake Mead to me, Eric!!!!

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  66. Bunch of odd comments. Non of the stuff he is complaining about is acceptable in the average camping are. Especially construction generators, speeding and enchroching on each others space. This happens to be one of the spots where folks live loud. He just wasn't expecting it and he doesn't agree with it. Not that he needs anyone to stand up for him but I just thought it was odd that people were bitching about his bitching. We're human. We all bitch. A lot. JMO.

  67. so with putting those solar panels on you don't need to use the generator much? Cause I want to do the type of traveling,boon docking stuff like your doing so I am learning things from you to prepair for buying my first RV class A if someone can teach me how to drive it

  68. Thank your so much show us The Boulder Dam in the 1928 but there changing itโ€™s for The President Hoover Dam I was there on September, 22 2019 for a Report on it for my college endurance college class for it my class Report donโ€™t ๐Ÿ‘Ž not take your pet itโ€™s not a allow on the Hoover Dam and not good or Drinks not allowing in Side at all

  69. When you think you own the land cuz you have a rv and a YouTube channel…

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