Angelina Jordan – Reaction Review – Cry Me a River

greetings everybody how you doing today
welcome to my channel Rob K reacts I’m Rob K and I am acting the music most
days of the week was coming up for Day Health real life issue you know whether
okay in there reason cold gotta go home but a bit of a cold
my turn I’ve got my engineering Gordon coming all streams currently or
cancelled and work-related health-related real life related issues
but hoping to come back soon when we do slow down and work and I’m not required
there yeah that we roll and finish off this
great Sunday morning session with Angelina Jordan Crimea River coming off
of doing goodbye Elba Kroll which I loved outstanding incredible River this next stop found 27 on a
playlist that I’m rolling with Thank You rusty Shackelford for providing either
be linked in the description box down below that’s the actual plate listed I’m
rolling with as I go through the progression of her music
it allowed for me to check out on this journey I’m rolling with her well let’s
roll check it out cry me a river engineer Dourdan that’s wrong you Oh got to Capas Hey
how good is she you know I’m hearing like variations here I’m so wonderful
she is just killing it each time and we’re all was imagine to Jordan I am so
impressed he’s able to progressing and sound just so consistent and wonderful
and angelic incredible thank you been referred to as the velvet
voice is that correct yeah she’s an angel man Angelina Jordan what a great
tune she sounded making it sound so good I am aware the tune yeah she studying locally
growth nice procam shot
city all available I was tiny job on that man I sounded
really good Oh once again the wonderful Angelina Jordan so effortlessly stunningly wonderfully
incredibly Donal great each every time love and her progression
loving all the times she’s getting that was standing she deserved a wall
deserved fate head on her shoulders hopefully she can maintain that as she
rolls her stardom and gonna hit her that’s like me of sure I’m sure but she
she seems pretty stable about it hope you enjoyed that I loved it engineer
Jordan once again hope you’ll have a great day a typology enjoy telling if
not let me know people already getting too much more coming up have yourself
great to everybody got a role we all again soon thanks check back at my video
size taking time appreciate a big time they all again soon peace out take care

26 thoughts on “Angelina Jordan – Reaction Review – Cry Me a River

  1. Good old dependable Sunday morning Angelina from RobK! Love this performance of cry me a river. You are really starting to get into some of the best stuff on the list now… she just gets better and better. Thanks for continuing down the list. It's always great knowing what's coming up.
    A heads up on the next one (Lovin You)… there is a 2.47 intro… you can either watch it, or you could just que it up to when you see her come on the stage.

  2. This is top notch stuff. Her voice, her inflections and phrasing, the musical interaction among everyone on that stage just blows me away every time I listen to this. Just top notch stuff.

    And she's just 11 years old!

  3. Sunday at last, Rob on my screen, perfect Sunday as always, been waiting:-) Your reaction as you know, is heartfelt and sincere.

    Listen Rob; Angelina has a big surprise going on according to an interview with a close associate on national TV in Norway, the family will announce after AGT.

    Angelina will also participate in two different jazz festivals in Norway this summer, by you a ticket? Beautiful norwegian summers…..not!

  4. If you want to see the playful side of Angelina check out this rehearsal of "Cry Me a River":

  5. Awesome… I love love LOVE your reactions! Keep them coming. Love from Norway 😀

  6. Awesome reaction. Thanks for stating what I was thinking about Angelina at the end of your video!👍🏼🤗

  7. Of all of her performances of this song, this is my absolute favorite. She slows it down & really makes you feel it. The trombone player was great, nice & soft. I read an article that Angelina has something exciting that is a secret & she can't talk about it. What could that be????????

  8. Another sunday fallen into place, just where it should be, into Rob`s reaction studio, with the inspirational and warming sound of Angelinas greate music, and Rob`s joufull smile and coments. It don`t get better than that. Wonderfull job Rob, see you back soon.

  9. Thank you for reacting to this wonderful live performance by Angelina. 😇😊

  10. I love your quiet reactions but literally could not hear you on this one. Your audio was way down and on Angelina too. Check it out.

  11. I have seen this same performance on other reactor's displays, but I could barely hear her sing over the music, but this time with your system, I can really hear it. Nice. I just subscribed.

  12. Angelina does have an album called 'It's Magic' that has this song on it. I just bought the album from Amazon yesterday. The CD was not available so I bought the download album. It sounds fantastic! ✌️😃❤️

  13. First time hearing this one–it's perfectly in her wheelhouse. I always love to hear Angelina's jazz sensibilities come forward

  14. This child proves there is a power greater than us all – thank you for blessing us with her magic and pure innocence

  15. Rob, I just found out Angelina has one more performance on AGT-C Grand Finale TONIGHT where they crown the winner & the finalists perform with special guests. It's on @ 8 PM EST on NBC. Pass the word.

  16. I find it amazing how much Angelina has produced already! Barely 14, and YouTube is literally full of masterpieces with her signature! And still, she hasn’t rushed anything… Just a few concerts a year, and some home recordings in between! I love to see the world is really starting to recognize her for the legend she’s bound to become!

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