Animal Spotlight: River Otter

Hello I’m Dale Snyder. Welcome to ZooAmerica. We’re here featuring and filming one of
our animal spotlights. Today we’re featuring two of our most popular residents, our river
otters. Meet Ethyl and Link. Link is actually one of the newest members
of our zoo family, having arrived in August from the great state of Minnesota. While Ethyl has called ZooAmerica home since
2011, when she arrived from a zoo in Texas. In her former residence, she was very aggressive
and fought with the other otters. So she came to ZooAmerica, hoping a new home
with only one otter roommate would be a better fit for her. It certainly was. Since arriving in ZooAmerica, her behavior
has dramatically improved. It seems Ethyl and Link have become the best
of friends as they swim and play throughout the day. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for them to be
seen grooming and snuggling one another. Otters are fan favorites at ZooAmerica, especially
when these playful creatures show off their swimming skills. Their streamline bodies and webbed feet make
them extremely agile in the water. You also might notice the long, stiff whiskers
on the otter’s face. They use them to search for food in the murky
waters common in the natural homes. At ZooAmerica, Ethyl and Link are each fed
fish twice a day, as well as a small portion of meat. Next time you’re at ZooAmerica, stop in
to see Ethyl and Link, our two playful river otters, here in the Eastern Woodland area. Check out what they’re up to! Thanks for visiting and stop by and visit
us soon!

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  1. I'm surprised that no one comments on these videos! These Animal Spotlights are great! I have seen all the animals in ZooAmerica before, but it is cool to know more about them and their names. Ethyl and Link are a favorite of mine, same with Willow and Woody and Buddy! I have yet to see Izzie and hope to see Rainier sometime when he gets on exhibit!

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