Annie Sloan Chalk Paint vs. Waverly Chalk | Premium vs. Walmart Bargain Chalk Paint

hi everybody its Christina from Pretty
Distressed welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to be doing a
side-by-side comparison of a high end chalk paint versus a very inexpensive
one I’m going to be using the og the original a nice loan chuck paint and I’m
going to see how it compares to Waverly Chuck a bargain brand that you can find
at Walmart or on Amazon so if you want to hear all my thoughts and see my
comparison just keep watching if you are new here I am a furniture painter and
refinisher and you will find me here on YouTube making over old pieces that I
have around my house or things that I find on the cheap so if you wanna learn
more about furniture painting I would love it if you subscribe before you
leave here today I am so excited for today’s video I have had this idea on my
mind for a long time and I’m actually really excited to be filming it today I
found the perfect table yesterday I got this thing for $15 at my local first
store and it’s you know big enough to show you guys the comparison but I’m not
wasting my money on a piece that I’m painting in half one paint and half the
other so this is gonna be really chatty I’m gonna be talking to you about the
paint how it’s going on the different finishes that they have I even got
Waverley brushes I’ll be talking to you about prices and where you can get
everything so let’s zoom you in and we’ll get started back when I started
painting a nice loan at chalk paint is the paint that I started with it was one
of the only ones on the market she’s the OG the original it’s a really
great paint I still love it today I have a lot of videos using this paint so I’ll
link my playlist up above and I have the Annie Sloan oval brush that I’m painting
on if you like I said if you want to see me paint more with this paint I have
done this on whole pieces so I know how this is going to perform I love this
paint this is the first paint that I ever started painting with it’s
available at local stores it’s sometimes they sell online but only individual
stores are allowed to sell it you can’t get it on Amazon or like in a hardware
store or anything like that you have to go to a stockist which you can find on
there website it is expensive and is a
high-end paint it costs around $40 a container and this brush that I’m using
retails for around $36 I don’t use it like too often cuz I know it’s hard for
you guys to get hold of but I actually chatted with Annie Sloan herself through
DM on Instagram recently and I was just able to express her how much her paint
has meant to me how it changed my life how it introduced me to furniture
painting I didn’t even know that was a thing and now I have a channel and I
guess I hang out with you guys business and I have a job so I’m very
grateful to Annie and I just think this is a wonderful wonderful paint and it’s
definitely worth every penny and in case you’re new here and you don’t know what
chuck paint is the paint doesn’t actually have chalk in it it just refers
to the matte finish that the paint leaves it can be painted on like this
and to kind of create texture it can also be applied smooth if you thin it
out with a little bit of water and use a different brush it de-stresses really
easily which I will show you that technique you can distress it to make it
look older and as you can see it adheres directly to a finished surface you don’t
have to sand or prime you just clean it off and you can get to painting maybe my
best to like keep them separated so I thought they’re plaster color would be
the closest match to old white so that’s what I’m going to use I have always been
scared to try this paint I just didn’t think there was any way for the price
that it is that it would match up to a nice long chalk paint but my girl
catcha who is also a furniture painter here on YouTube recommends this she’s
used to before and we are good friends and talk all the time about furniture
painting and I said is this on the real like you used this inexpensive paint and
you loved it and she told me yes so I have watched some of her videos and I’m
gonna kind of use her technique for using this paint and I will link one of
those up so I’m just kind of going to shake it
and get a little bit out on this plate it’s very thick so I’m gonna water this
down a little bit you could do this in a bowl too
I’m just not doing it a lot so I thought it would be easier to just do this paper
plate I’m just gonna mix this water in until it kind of has the same
consistency as a nice lone all right okay that’s looking pretty good so now
I’m gonna take my brush and I’m gonna use the Waverley brush the price
comparison at this Waverly brush is ten dollars versus the Annie Sloan that’s
around thirty-five thirty-six and then this paint for eight ounces is around
seven dollars and sixteen ounces is around eleven so definitely a lot
cheaper so I’m just gonna spray it my brush like I normally do get my brush
nice and wet and I’m gonna dip it oh my gosh okay see how this goes on okay okay
this is pretty nice it looks like the coverage is thicker than a nice loan so
I’m gonna try to keep this line pretty close to right down the middle I think
we’ll be able to tell I like the way this is going on though okay now now I smell it a little bit
more now that I’m putting on it does kind of have a little bit of a paint
smell to it but it’s not super strong this brush is a little different so I’m
finding it a little bit hard to get up in these corners and stuff I like the
coverage it seems to be going on well yeah this first look okay I definitely
like the a nice low and a brush better but it’s getting the job done it’s
definitely a little scratch here so you can see it leaves like more brushstrokes
and I got these at Walmart they have a lot more colors on and it is
available on Amazon but it’s way more expensive on Amazon it was like five to
ten dollars more expensive so you could just buy it on Walmart or you could go
in store and see what they have so I put plastic wrap over my paint to help it
not dry it out as well as wrap my paintbrushes in damp paper towel so I’m
gonna eat lunch and then we’ll come back and do a second coat okay so it’s been
about an hour and my paint is dry pretty good I’ve not seen a huge different
side-by-side but the way really did have a better coverage and a nice loan but
that’s not that big of a deal to me because we’ll see how it’s gonna look
after the second cooked it was hard to get white to focus up
close but they look really similar I went to stylist Waverly chalk
de-stresses so I just have a really fine a sandpaper this is 220 just it’s just a
little disc you can use just regular sandpaper and I’m just gonna kind of
rough up the edge a little bit to see how it looks so the Waverly actually is
just really nice very similar to any clone in fact I can’t really tell the
difference between the two so I like the way it distresses so I’m gonna go ahead
and apply my Annie Sloan at wax to my Annie Sloan side this is what it looks
like this is the Annie Sloan brush that I’m going to be applying it with today
they actually don’t sell this one anymore the one they have now is more
appointed and this one’s around but this is still a nice brush just get a little
bit of wax on there this wax is really soft but it’s definitely in a solid form
and it is pretty stinky it has a pretty strong odor it smells like mineral
spirits we’re gonna grab my lint-free cloth and I’m just gonna wipe off the
excess globs that I see okay next up I am ready to wax the Waverly piece they
have their clear wax and then they have a matte varnish so I’m gonna do half of
it in the wax and half in the varnish this wax is a really different because
it is actually really liquidy I’m gonna pour this on a plate so I’m not really
sure how it’s gonna work but yeah this is way different than anything I’ve used
before so this is the Waverly brush that I bought so I’m gonna play the X with
that they also started you to use a lint-free cloth so I might do a little
bit of that this is really interesting I’m just gonna dip this in here I’m
gonna kind of get the excess off I think and then go for it here okay so it said to do it in circular
motion so that’s what I’m doing it’s really easy to see where I’m putting it
so that’s nice it is deepening the color a little bit but as it dries I don’t
know if that will change this brush is working well to apply it so I’m just
doing circles I’m going to do this back and forth a little bit I’m lint-free cloth like I usually do
just kind of wipe it a little bit just to get excess off I like that huh it
doesn’t look too streaky but white is really forgiving so I’d kind of like to
try it out with a different color to see how this looks
Wow very cool not too hard okay now I’m gonna try to just do it with just a
cloth and see how that goes I’m just gonna take a clear section that doesn’t
mean works on it yet just dip this in a little bit and I’m just kind of
spreading it around on the plate so I make sure that I don’t have too much that’s working pretty well as well no I
think I might like the brush better sure this is definitely working Wow I really
like that that’s cool I haven’t ever seen like a really
liquidy wax like this before but I like the way it feels it seems like it sealed
it it’s giving it that matte finish it looks even it looks very similar to the
a nice loan that I did I don’t know about durability and stuff but the look
of it is really nice the odor doesn’t really have one um when I opened it I
kind of smelled it but it definitely has less of a odor than the a nice low and
why okay so I saved it this last corner so that we can do the matte varnish
which is a water-based formula that’s perfect for sealing heavily used indoor
and outdoor painted projects it says to mix the varnish by rolling at the bottle
on a tabletop do not shake the says use a soft bristle brush but I’m actually
gonna use a foam brush because I like applying those the top coat I just find
that they work better so I’m gonna try that first if it looks horrible I will
go find a soft brush little brush and I’m gonna go kind of with my brush
strokes here get this one there’s a lot thicker than other clear
water-based topcoats that I’ve worked with supposed to be going on pretty
nicely doesn’t have a very strong odor right now which I heard that stuff can
be really stinky so I don’t know it’s just because my room is so big the nice
thing about it being thick is that it’s not dripping so I’m just trying to
spread it out smooth this foam brush is working really well so I think that it
would be safe to use one of these it’s not shitting or anything and I just get
less brush strokes with top coats when I use these but you definitely could use a
brush if you wanted to it’s just personal preference cuz I’ve worked with
top coats on chalk paint before I just like this technique the best the last
thing I want to do is do a comparison of a nice lone dark wax to the Waverly dark
wax and I’m just gonna do a little bit of detailing on this table here to see
how that looks do a little bit of clear wax just a little bit of dark wax and I
like to mix those together especially when I’m working with white just so that
it’s not too overwhelming so I’m gonna mix this up a little bit I’m just gonna
get a little bit of wax my wife’s fresh and I really work it in get the excess
off and then this is my own side so I’m just gonna go right in here where I
distressed and deepen it up a little bit then I’m gonna take my clock wipe that
back I sometimes use steel wool to rub this in but I don’t have any today this you can see how that darkened up that
edge a little bit I’m just gonna rub it in okay so there’s my any flood side
okay so I’m gonna do it the same process and take just a little bit of this dark
wax you don’t need as much that’s why I bought this little teeny tiny one I’m
gonna take a little bit of the clear Waverly I’m gonna mix it with a little
bit of the brown I’m sure you can use this full strength I just rather take it
easy than overdo it so I’m gonna mix these two together so I’m going to use
this little Waverly brush it came in a set with that other chalk brush so I’m
just gonna get a little bit on this fresh I’m gonna spread it out a little
bit gonna go in that same place for a distressed I think about feel about this
I feel like since this is so liquidy it’s absorbing more into the wood and
it’s just kind of changing the color of the paint versus like adding detail like
the Annie Sloan one does even though I mixed it it seems like it’s really hard
to control yeah so it’s just making it really bro I definitely like that a nice
Lone Star quiet sputter it’s just like super natural
Waverly one just looks money to me here is the side-by-side comparison Waverly
chalk is on the right and Annie Sloan is on the left and I really cannot tell
a big difference between them the only thing I will say about Waverly is I did
not like the dark wax I think it just looks muddy
I think the anti-saloon side definitely looks more natural okay so this is the
Waverly side and the right side is the varnish and the left side is the wax and
I cannot tell a difference between them but this brushstrokes really disappeared
on the varnish and it feels nice and smooth so I liked working with them both
the coverage on the Waverly side is actually better than the Annie Sloan
coverage my final thoughts on this paint comparison
I still love Annie Sloan it still performs great love the brushes love the
wax love everything about it know that it holds up but I was really shocked at
the performance of this Waverly chalk it really surprised me how well it
performed the brushes I don’t like as much as my auntie Sloan brushes but they
definitely work so if you’re somebody just starting out and you don’t want to
invest a lot of money I think it’s definitely worth a shot to try this out
the only thing that I can’t really test right now is how well it’s gonna hold up
over time so I’m gonna leave this piece just like this put it out somewhere in
my house where we can actually use it and then I’m gonna probably come back in
a couple of months and let you know how it’s holding up I know a nice low and
holds up really well because I have it all over my house this hutch is an
example I’ve moved it and it’s been painted for five years and it still
looks like it’s in great shape I’d also like to try out more of these colors and
see how the top coats perform over maybe a darker color if you would like to see
me paint a whole piece in this Waverly chalk or if you want to see more paint
comparisons let me know down in the comment box if you liked this video
please give me a thumbs up before you leave it don’t forget to subscribe if
you want to see it more videos from me and thanks for being here thanks for
watching this all the way to the end I’ll be back with another project soon
and I will see you guys next time you

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