Another 20 earthquake detector tools to be installed nationwide

A tool to detect earthquakes… …known as Weak Motion, throughout Malaysia… …six out of which are placed in Sabah. And, now we are still adding another 20. Eight Weak Motions and 12 Strong Motions… …out of which, three are additional for Sabah. Meaning, three plus six becomes nine. In September, we will commission and operate the additional three that was mentioned earlier. With the total, six plus three equals nine that will be in operation. The detector tools are adequate, actually… …to receive real-time seismic wave signals… …to be processed by the Earthquake and Tsunami National Centre in Petaling Jaya… …and also in Kota Kinabalu, to provide data… …right after an earthquake strikes, within less than 10 minutes. So far, there is still no technology that is able to detect… …because only when an earthquake occurs, there are waves. However, as stated by my friend in the Mineral And Geoscience Department earlier… …studies need to be done in order to identify areas with high risks of earthquakes. This is because there are specific fault lines, like in Sabah… …but the level of risk for an earthquake needs to be determined through a comprehensive research. That is why it is said that a comprehensive study needs to be included… …in the 11th Malaysia Plan.

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