Apple HomePod Unboxing and Set Up (Apple Speaker – White Version) | 4K

Hey Google, guess what I’ve got? Oh yes.
It’s Siri. How boring. Hey guys Roger here, and after months of
waiting it’s finally time to set up HomePod. This thing honestly does look
stunning. Now in the box you’ll find a very small instruction guide and of
course the all-important Apple sticker. Getting this set up is very, very easy.
All you do is you just bring your iPhone near to the speaker, just perhaps by the
side of the speaker and the setup screen automatically shows up. Very clever, I
love how this happens automatically. So to get started I’ve tapped setup. I’m
going to choose which room I’m going to use this speaker in, so I’m going to choose
office. Now if you went crazy and bought two of these, you can set them up as a
pair, but I’ve only got the one for now. This next option is called personal
requests, and it will give anyone talking to the speaker, the ability to send and
listen to messages and other information that’s on your iPhone, so you might want
to pay close attention to this step. The last step I have blurred this out, as it
does contain some of my personal information, but this option will send
your iCloud information from the phone over to the speaker,
including your Wi-Fi password. Once all that’s done, it takes around about 30 seconds for the speaker to complete the initial setup, and then it’s time to test
it out. hey Siri, play Friday night by Brock Berrigan. Friday night featuring Panthurr and Jeff Kaale by Brock Berrigan now playing. Hey Siri, put the volume at 50%. Hey Siri, put the volume at 100%. That’s
very loud, are you sure? Yes. Please stop the playback. Controlling
HomePod is easy, as the top surface is touch sensitive so you can turn the
volume up and down with a tap, pause or play your music with a single tap in the
middle, and if you double tap in the middle, HomePod will skip to the next
track. Now as well as using voice commands you can also press and hold in the middle to speak to Siri. If your phone is near HomePod when you call out a voice command, HomePod takes over and your phone ignores the prompt. Now that
is clever. The build quality is exactly what I would expect from Apple, and the
material covering the speaker and the power cable has a real premium feel to
it, and it should do given how much it costs. There are so many other features
to explore but that’s a quick look at the basics. HomePod is a combination of
incredibly clever engineering and software, and yes that does sound like
something Apple would say but it’s clearly true. And once you play around
with and listen to one of these for yourself, you will know exactly what I
mean. The audio quality is exceptional, the
speaker has a lot of weight to it, and the build quality really is superb.
I’m sure home pod will not be compatible with as many services as say a Google
home or Amazon Alexa device, but the HomePod is still very new, and so will be
interesting to see if the compatibility with other services improves in the
future. That’s my unboxing and initial review of HomePod. I hope you enjoyed
the video and if you haven’t already, please do consider subscribing to the
channel. Also a special thanks to Mr. West for introducing me to the
incredible Brock Berrigan, whose music I’ve used in today’s video. You’ll find a
link to Mr. West’s channel and also Brock’s music in the description below.
Thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you in the next one.

42 thoughts on “Apple HomePod Unboxing and Set Up (Apple Speaker – White Version) | 4K

  1. Great video Roger! I really love the look of the HomePod. I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ll be getting one anytime soon though. I donโ€™t even use Apple Music for my music streaming.

  2. The homepod definitely fits your desk decor, I would be annoyed with siri asking if I am sure I want 100% volume lol

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  12. I use my AirPods with my iPhone and iPad Pro and itโ€™s so frustrating when even you want to switch to another to go to the Bluetooth settings and pair then. How about in this HomePod, if you have already pair it with your iPhone but you would like to play back Life of Tech from YouTube with your iPad, do you have to go to settings to switch the source of Bluetooth of is it even an option?

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