Appleton™ Areamaster™ Generation 2 LED Luminaires Overview

Emerson is your manufacturer of choice
for harsh industrial and hazardous lighting. Our LED portfolio covers the
most demanding task, flood and area lighting applications. Now, you can get
best-in-class LED performance with our next generation of Appleton™ Areamaster™ LED flood lights. With the Areamaster™ Generation 2 LED, your lighting design
can maintain traditional HID spacing while improving uniformity and reducing
energy and maintenance costs – delivering comfortable, evenly distributed
illumination for a safer work environment. The Areamaster™ Generation 2 LED provides greater versatility, with six lumen output levels available. all the
way up to 38,000 lumens or a 1500 Watt HID equivalent. Plus, a choice of
beam patterns to meet your diverse floodlighting needs. It also provides superior
secondary optics to deliver lumens evenly and efficiently to floodlit
areas without excess glare, hotspots, overspill, light pollution, or wasted energy.
Emerson’s optics set the industry standard for comfortable, evenly
distributed lighting, with a selection of beam patterns, including NEMA 7×6, 5×5, and 3×3. Visors, guards, and 3000k color
temperature are also available and can be used to create Dark Sky friendly
lighting solutions. And, two levels of surge protection are available – standard 6KV and optional 10KV. Improved human interfaces make the Areamaster™ Generation 2 LED easier to wire in the field thanks to a front access
panel which has a handle for easy opening. The panel is accessed through a
hinged cover with four captive screws. A sealing gasket provides watertight
protection to the screw style terminal block. And it has two three-quarter inch NPT conduit entries, with one entry that comes with a plug. The Appleton™ Areamaster™ Generation LED provides energy efficient,
environmentally friendly, high quality white light that features better
visibility, no startup delay, no degradation in lighting quality due to
on/off cycles and no end-of-life cycling. Emerson. Providing LED lighting solutions to meet all your harsh industrial and hazardous needs.

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