Aquaponics for Dummies – The Easiest DIY Indoor Aquaponic System

What’s up ladies and gentleman so this
is Phillyaquaponics, and as promised I will be doing a walkthrough of my
apartment aquaponics system. I will show you guys how this system works. It is super easy. Anybody could set it up. The only tool
that you will need is a pocket knife. If I could set this up anybody can,
so let’s get started. So over here in the back of my aquarium you’ll see a 375 gallon per hour pond water pump. This pumps water up from my aquarium through this black pipe that
comes out the water and goes up and then into the side of my grow bed right here. This blue stuff is standard aquarium filter
floss that you can get at any pet store. It’s basically a meshy material that has
a high surface area that acts as a filter. It filters out the solid fish waste. It
catches it, and my red wiggler composting worms actually break that down, so most of them live
inside of that material. I put this on top of it to prevent algae from growing on it.
Over here you see about 15 pounds of expanded clay
pellets called hydroton that acts as my grow media. My grow bed is a standard window grow box that I got at
Home Depot. The way I set the water level is a piece of a PVC pipe, which I cut a rough whole in the bottom of the window growbox and shoved the
PVC pipe through it. This black thing on top of it that’s
acting as a media guard, it’s actually two 1-inch hydroponic net pots that I have put on
top of one another to act as a media guard. It fits on top of the one
inch PVC pipe nicely. So the way this works: The pump is attached to an automatic
timer down here, which turns on and off every 15 minutes
so the water floods and drains out of the grow bed, and it fills to the
level that is set by this standpipe. The plants take out the
nitrates from the water, making it clean for the fish. The fish poop in the water, fish poop contains ammonia, and bacteria in the water and in the grow bed convert the ammonia to nitrite and then nitrate, and then the plants take the nitrates out. So this is a 29 gallon fish tank. I have four goldfish in here. My light is hanging from chains which are then attached to S hooks that I made out old wire
hangers and then this is all held up on top of this shelving unit
that I had in my garage, which fits nicely around the fish
tank and actually fits on top of the aquarium stand that I am using as well. That’s pretty much it. The stuff you see in
the back is just cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil, which acts as a light reflector for the plants. Thats it. I hope this helps you guys. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know. Thanks for watching… bye.

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