Aquascape Maintenance – Brazilian Style (with ENG subs)

(first of all, sorry for my grammar) *greetings with Indonesian joke Hello Indonesian Smart Scaper wherever you all are How is it going? I hope you are not affected by floods *asking my crew: are your home affected by flood? As you can see in the opening video, It was raining when i’m driving here from my house It getting stop after raining all day, Right now is 6:15 PM Friday, January 10th 2020 If you remember on last video: ‘Brazilian Style Aquascape tutorial’, it was December 28th 2019, so today is 13th-day less than two weeks. This is latest condition, invaded by algae. In this video I’ll show you how to do a maintainance on this tank. Don’t panic when algae attack, it’s very common for new tank, especially Brown Algae & Green Spot Algae, they very often appear in ‘young’ tank. I’ll give you a closer look to the tank. This is the situation after two weeks. I’ll show you Rotala h’ra on background, it turns to green. Because i haven’t dose any fertilizer yet, and i think this tank is lack of CO2. Other reason is maybe because only use two-third of light array, hanging pretty high around 40cm so only get Medium PAR (only my estimation). Let’s back to the plants condition. Attack by algae, mostly Brown Algae (diatom). Also Blue Green Algae (cyanobacteria) on some spots. Brown Algae mostly attached on moss and rocks. Brown Algae is very often appear in first 3-4 weeks, and very easy to clean it. Shrimp and nerite snail love them. This is the top view so you can have a better view of stem plants Little bit tweak on hardscape as per client request. Additional small rocks on this area. And raise up the ‘sand-path’ on back little bit. Client is king, you need to follow his order. You already saw what happen on this tank after two weeks I have a problem with ‘buzzing sound’ from original audio. This phone is charging while recording using lightning-3.5mm converter. I think it’s because audio from iPhone external micropone interferred by charger current and create that ‘buzzing sound’. We will skip this part until got a sound from Top View camera internal microphone. Sorry for the inconvenience (cleaning the glass) (using white-floss filter media) (showing brown algae stain) The water is too full, need to reduce it little bit *miaawww me: look at the camera cat: ‘F’ you hooman..!! me: do you wanna drink? cat: put me down hooman..!! (cleaning hardscape using nylon brush) Moss trimming using Spring Scissors from Aquariset Ultimate-Tools Stem plants trimming using Wave Scissors from Aquariset Ultimate-Tools Tips for stem plants trimming: 1. use good scissors, I recommend wavy-shaped scissor 2. trim it to rounded shape with different contour of each stem plants group For example: this is R.walichii & vietnam group, trimmed rounded but shorter than R.h’ra at background. So each group will looks separated if wee see from front glass. And have a better look when it start growing. Siphoning using 5/16″ hose Siphon it while gently patting the plants and substrate, so all dirt will came out and easier to siphon. Dirt and other organic matter trapped inside moss clump. These dirt and organic matter will composed into ammonia. And ammonia will trigger algae. So this siphon activity is necessary to prevent algae. But please be careful not to unrooting the new plant. I recommend to change 50-70% water weekly, or twice a week max. Don’t exceed 70% because new water have slight different parameter. It will shocked livestocks, and plants also need to reset their enzyme for acclimation. Fish, shrimp, snail, also can be shocked with significant water parameter changes. They can be stressed, sick, jump over the glass, or just died and dissapear. Frequent question asked by all you guys: about lighting period. For new tank, or even established tank, to prevent algae you guys always set lighting period only for 6 hours. DON’T DO THAT. Six hours is not enough, Plant is starting to reach the peak of photosynthesis after 6 hours lighting. So don’t stop the lighting after 6 hours. The stupid analogue is like this: you throw away someone food while he is in the middle of his lunch. Minimum recommend lighting period is 8 hours, when your tank use CO2 injection. You can raise the lighting period up to 12 hours depend on your plants need. If your tank don’t use CO2 injection, use SIESTA: 5hours ON, 4 hours OFF, and 5hours ON Other frequent question regarding lighting: When is the best time to put lighting ON and OFF? When daylight or night? Well, it’s depend on when or what time you often spend your time in front of aquascape. Plants don’t give a FU*K if it daylight or night. When lights ON, they will start to make their own food. When lights OFF, they will produce CO2. (I’m talking to my crew) Change CO2 glass diffuser to in-line diffuser, raise the CO2 level until pH down to 6.6-6.7, or until dropchecker color turns to yellowish. And then, because tomorrow is week-3, please start to dose liquid fertz. (new water coming) While waiting water to full, there is other frequently asked question to me regarding inlet & outlet pipe placement. Also surface skimmer & CO2 diffuser placement. I have done shooting the video explaining those question, but not published yet, don’t know when it published, before or after this video. (annoying sound from sellotape) Put inlet and outlet pipe at the same corner. For surface skimmer or other water pump like wave maker (if you use it), placed that also at same corner. OR… if you feel your water current is not strong enough, you can placed it at other corner that diagonally crossed, which is this corner. But because this corner is full with stem plants, i don’t do that. So I put all these thing at the same corner. The reason behind this placement is to make water current moving equally. Water will move counter-clockwise But if we put this surface skimmer at this corner, The water movement from this main pump will collide with flow from skimmer. So movement of water is only happen at the front side, and relatively stagnant at back side. Why water flow matter? Because water flow will bring Oxygen, CO2, and nutrition. Speaking of CO2, where to put the CO2 diffuser? Usually I put it across the strongest water output. From my case it is across this Lily Pipe. If you feel water flow from main pump is not strong enough to spread CO2 bubbles evenly, you can put it under the strongest pump. I prefer to use in-line diffuser or CO2 reactor That is CO2, how about Oxygen? You don’t need TWINSTAR or CHIHIROS Doctor (that produce H2 and O2) You can rely on surface skimmer. Make sure water surface is always clean. You also can put a Lily Pipe little bit higher to surface so it will create some ripple on surface. It called surface agitation, it’s enough for gas exchange, CO2 from water release to air, and oxygen from air diffuse to water via surface CO2 is important, but Oxygen is more. Plants and fishes need oxygen. Nitrifying bacteria also need oxygen to convert ammonia/ium into nitrite and nitrate. Higher ammonia in aquascape, higher bacteria dependancy to oxygen supply. Thats why first substrate layer I use pumice-based substrate to avoid anaerob condition, so oxygen and water movement can occur inside substrate. On surface, you have to create water movement and surface agitation to keep oxygen level. Oxygen is lighter dan CO2. CO2 concentration is higher than oxygen at the bottom of tank. VICE VERSA Thats why when you inject too much CO2 but lack of oxygen, fish will gasps to surface, because it higher oxygen level. Thats the importance of evenly flow, oxygen, CO2, and nutrition will evenly distributed to all water column High oxygen level in water will not decreasing CO2 level, O2 and CO2 are independent, not affecting each other. You can get high level of oxygen and high concentration of CO2 in water at the same time. Thats the wrap-up for maintenance, I’ll wait the water to full, turn the filter ON, then I’ll close this video Additional info and tips, you need to check your water parameter regularly. I’m using JBL Easy Test 6in1 This is how it look, like Litmus Paper, but this one can measure 6 parameters. I’ll show you how to use it: Sink it to water for 2-3 seconds, dry it a little bit, the color will change second after that you can measure Chlorine compare the color with comparator on packaging. 0ppm chlorine Next is to measure pH it’s yellow, between 6.4 – 6.8 let say pH 6.6 it’s pretty good water. Next is kH measurement. its around,, betwen 3 – 6 let say kH 5 Next is gH measurement gH=4 Next is NO2 measurement (nitrite) NO2=0 ppm And last but not least is NO3 (nitrate) measurement. NO3=10 ppm Nitrate level is quite low because i didn’t dose any fertz yet (resuming water parameter i showed before) (as you can se on running text below) Actually its pretty good water source, maybe it’s because rainy season. So my conclusion is this water is lack of CO2 (only 19ppm). Water source pH is 6.6, but after couple hours it increase to pH 7 I’ll fix this issue Stunt and slow growth, not healthy plants, are strong indicator of lack CO2 As you can see this floating plants moving counter-clockwise along glass edge It means water flow in this tank is good It moving 360 degre Lily Pipe raise little bit higher to create surface agitation so gas exchange can occur like I explained before So you can see the maintenance result, Weeping moss and Montecarlo are much much cleaner rocks also cleaner. I also trimmed the stem plants, re-shape it Surface agitation You can see clearly plants growing on this side, Hairgrass and stem plants, it’s growing and showing new rosette Stem plants also, even roots reach the bottom layer Maybe around 10cm long Thats how I do a maintenance for all aquascape in my store, but honestly store crew did more often than me, LOL Summary: 1. Clean the glass first 2. Clean hardscapes using wire brush, not wire, it’s Nylon Brush actually 3. Most important is siphon all dirt and particulate organic matter on plants, substrate surface, hardscape, etc. 3. Trim plants if needed, it’s for….. especially for stems or other fast growing plants, if you don’t trim, it will block lights for the bottom part, stems start to melt, and then it will uproot. I think thats all, (talking to my crew): when this tank will deliver to client? (my crew): in a week..!! (me): so next week? So this aquascape will deliver to client in 7 days, Lot of you asked me to make a video how to deliver the tank this big, but next week I will not be here, If there any extra crews, I’ll ask them to shoot the process with their phone, and I’ll post it on my Instagram or Facebook, because I think its not proper youtube material. (dosing liquid bacteria starter) What you guys think? It’s easy or not to do an aquascape maintenance? Aquascape is not easy, but not difficult if we eager to learn. So stay tune on AquaJaya x AquaRiset, most complete channel to learn aquascape knowledge. BE A SMART SCAPER Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE this channel, and turn on the Notification Bell So you don’t miss new videos and giveaways from us. Assalamualaikum Wr Wb, I’m out,,, ciao,,,, (no need to translate this part LOL)

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