Aquatic Clear Dam – Quickly Clears Murky Water

hi Terry from aquatic technologies here
I’m here to talk to you about aquatic clear dam is the easy way to clear
cloudy murky water in your pond dam or lake it clears organic matter
microscopic organisms some forms of algae and other pathogens from the water
how long does it take to work aquatic ledum once applied correctly will take
up to 72 hours to clear the water column depending on the particle sizes large or
a course of particle sizes such as large clay and silt deposits they tend to
settle a lot quicker more organic based matter tends to take a little bit longer
but in either case 72 hours is about typical for clearing a dam some results
may happen sooner how much do I need aquatic clear then 1 1 liter willl
treat 50,000 litres of water or 20 litres will treat one megalitre how it
works it works through the process of flocculation now flocculation is the in
basic terms taking fine particles and that making them join together thus they
become more heavy and then they sink to the bottom and that then takes them out
of the water column they then bind with these bottom
sediments and that prevents them from ring mobilizing how do you apply well it’s quite easy to
apply you take one part of a Aquatic Clear Dam and mix that with twenty parts of water
and then we’ll spray that across the surface of the dam depending on your
volume either using a backpack sprayer with a strength spray you don’t mist it
on or you use a firefighting pump and you spray that on in a solid stream
spray aquatic clear dam is safe when used as directed and with the correct
application rates in relation to usage with fish it’s fine to use with fish
unless they’re bottom-dwelling fish such as koi there’s generally no negative
impact the advantages of aquatic clear dam over other forms of flocculation is
that aquatic clear dam will not affect or alter the existing pH of the water
body which is quite critical if you’re using that water for irrigation or if
you’ve got fish stocks or other things in you know where pH is a critical
factor the other thing is it works in a broad spectrum of pH ranges so unlike
things such as Allen which has a very narrow pH working range this will work
in an extensive range of ph’s aquatic clear dam is an advanced formulation that
quickly clears murky likes dams and ponds

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