Aquí fue el tsunami | Chile #19

Day 4 Good morning travelers of heart and soul, we’re in the airport of Santiago, about to fly to La Serena. Travelers, welcome to La Serena! behind me is La Serena, which isn’t so serene, because it is a pretty big city. Just in front of the bay we see Coquimbo, which are these sister cities, and sometimes not so sister. This is a place where a lot of Argayntineans and Chileans too come for vacations. During summer, this is chaos. I want you to introduce you Marcelo, who will be with us for these days. Well, not tomorrow, but Marcelo has a tour operator, and the people from Turismo Chile let us borrow for these days, so he can show us the best places here in La Serena, so we’ll show you where we will sleep, and we’ll have a tour around the city to know the details, the beauty, and especially where we can eat, because, Manu, what are we doing? Fats by the world! I already said it so many times…but keep enjoying this gastronomic tour, because Chile has a lot to offer, and I guess this place is all about fish, and seafood. You guess correctly. There’s 15 kinds here. There’s 15 kinds of fish? Yeah, it’s a unique zone in Chile. And this is the university? The university of La Serena. A public university. And people can come here to see this view, or are we special cases? No, this is free access. Oh okay, well come here then to enjoy this panoramic of La Serena. Travelers, we arrived here by plane to La Serena, but it’s pretty close to Santiago, between four-five hours by car. So if you bring a car, it will be very useful to move around too, because of the zone. If you don’t want to spend too much money and you want to come to relax, this is the hotel “Mar de ensueño”, which is next to a beach, it’s very clean, and the rooms are affordable. My room is about 60 dollars a night. There’s wifi, breakfast included, and parking spaces in case you brought your car. Let’s go see La Serena, mattress test. I told you we would begin by La Serena, but really we’re starting in Coquimbo. These two cities share this long coastline, which I’m not exactly sure of how long it is. Let’s go see more of the city of Coquimbo, and then come back to La Serena. It’s a beach that, well, cold beaches bring me nostalgia. Coquimbo market. I’m very impressed at this thing that they call “picoroco”, which I don’t understand, it’s like a living shell, and inside there is something moving. As Percebes. Percebes. And you eat that? Yes. You boil these, and you throw up, and you have a meat as squid Over there we have some squid. They’re waiting for something to fall. Yes, the fish usually feed them. Look at these huge squids, holy sea mother. Giant Squid of Humboldt. On September 16, 2015, while Mexico celebrated the anniversary of our independence, here in Chile there was a very strong earthquake of 8.4 degrees on the richter scale, which caused a tsunami here in La Serena and Coquimbo. This tsunami caused a lot of destruction, and the death of 13 people, and in many places, like here in the market, you can see a sign ofwhere the tsunami went, which, well, that’s over three meters. I’m 1.90. Yeah, easily four meters. But since it was at night, not a lot of people saw it or took pictures, but some boats got to the sand, and then came the wave. And up until where did the water come? Here in Coquimbo, almost three blocks into the port were damaged. Three blocks with houses. The food is here. How’s this restaurant called? Yohnny Fortuna. Look, this is how you write it. It has a fanpage. Oh, Yohnny Fortuna. With a Y. We got some ceviche of pippin. And what did you get, Manu? Fried congrio. We have the sea here and everything. Very nice. My grilled pippin is here. According to Marcelo, this is one of the better places in the market. Yup. Arriving at Fuerte de Coquimbo (Coquimbo fort). This fort was created to protect the dock, but it’s a little dramatized, because one, it is reconstructed, and that cannon back there was originally not. So it’s a good place to come relax. Entrance is free, and here you can see Coquimbo, La Serena, the sea, a colony of sea lions. Pure enjoyment here. The best view of La Serena and Coquimbo is from “Cruz del Tercer Milenio”. This cross was opened in the year 2000, and it is a catholic monument, in the form of a cross, which dominates over 150 meters over sea level, but the cross is 92 meters tall. You can get up if you pay, and see some spectacular views. Right now we are in the “arms” of the cross, and the sight is pretty nice. Very nice. The cross is not yet finished because it is intended to be fully covered with marble, but Marcelo says that it will be very expensive. Travelers, we are now in La Serena! This is the second oldest city in Chile, founded in 1544. It has a very colonial aspect, which makes it a very beautiful city. It is very well cared for. The center of La Cerena is not allowed to change the facades. It’s well cared for, and it is a very nice place to go and wander around. There are four ancient churches declared national monuments, which can be visited. Santo Domingo Church La Serena Cathedral San Francisco Church El Sangrario Parish Travelers, look at who I met! Patricio lives here in La Serena– Hold on, I’m very small. Well, you’re short, bro! Anyway, Patricio lives here in La Serena, and he’s a mariachi! He’s a Chilean mariachi. How does that work? He says it doesn’t have a name, but they sing when people give the ring… Tell me about your job. That’s not my job, it’s a “pituto” as we call it here in Chile. Pituto. For other countries, it’s an extra job. So, you’re a mariachi by hobby? Yup. There’s “El rey”, “Por tu maldito amor”, “Como quien pierde una estrella”, “Matala”, “Cascos ligeros”… What’s the favorite ranch song of Chileans? “El rey”, or “Volver volver”. And in August of every year is the anniversary of La Serena, and they do a festival of the popular Mexican singing. And can you do the mariachi scream? No, not here. Someone else usually does it. You’re being shy. No, I don’t think so. We can’t like that! The mariachi scream isn’t very manly in Chile at least. It’s as if the mariachi steals the tuna, puts it in his pockets, and pinches himself. Okay, that’s fine. Nice meeting you! Same, thanks for coming! I’m the laughing stock for Manu. Tell us, what happened? You were filming, and there was a man in a suit running towards you, screaming “Alex! Alex–Alan! Alan! Alan!” He’s like, “Come on man, make up your mind.” Travelers, I urgently needed a haircut, and I found a perfect place here. How’s it called? Ernesto is going to cut my hair, because I couldn’t stand it anymore. So we sacrificed the crafts market for the art of aesthetics. In ten minutes I’m a little balder. We did it. Thank you, Ernesto. Here we have enough for a wig. Look at that! That could be a dog. What? That could be a small dog. How did you have that in your head? There you go, travelers. I’m handsome again. My eight dollar haircut, which took exactly ten minutes. I don’t know how good it is. Tomorrow once I wake up we will find out, because I feel like one side is longer than the other, and we don’t know. Vanity isn’t important though. Travelers, to enjoy the sunset, we are at the icon of La Serena, which is that lighthouse over there. Here we’ll see the sunset, and it’s a very nice day, people are relaxed and enjoying the beach, so one gets poetic and nostalgic. Let’s enjoy. One more for the collection. Travelers, we ate a ton and we’re really full, and we’ll keep eating. How is this place called, which had a weird name? “Huentelauquen”. Oh. I almost had it the first time. Here there’s many dishes, but Marcelo recommended the pizza. We got a four seasons one which looks really good, we’re enjoying some craft beer, and finish enjoying this beautiful day. But they’re both really hungry. Look at both of them on their phones. I’m reading your instagram picture. I hate you. This is the slice of pizza. Whenever people eat in a group, people often leave a little just to say “Hey, I’m not that fat”. Because the one who eats that last slice, that person is truly the Fat by the world. That’s the truth. Whoever finishes it is it. I can sacrifice myself! Nah, I’m kidding. The pizza was really good, and they use a local cheese, right? I liked it, today was a beautiful day. Let’s rest, because we’ve been awake since very early. My new hair. Next episode We’re in “Punta de Choros”, which is 120 kilometers away from La Serena. We’ll take a boat over there, beacuse there’s the island of Choro, the national reserve of Humboldt penguins, and it promises to see many animals.

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