Architects’ Choice | CAFC River Cruise

Chicago is a classroom of architecture and that classroom of architecture morphs and changes every year. And what better way than to have a prime seat on the river and I can imagine the magic that it is for a visitor. I’d really recommend visitors and locals to take the CAFC river boat cruise. It’s one way to really get the correct history, the background is key
for helping people understand the architecture of the city, it’s history and how it was built. It’s almost like going through a gallery with the buildings sitting on a pedestal that you can’t really touch or experience but you’re observing them. The thing that distinguishes the CAFC cruise is just that deep knowledge and passion for the knowledge and those docents who are really dedicated, passionate, smart. The docents that are on the tour are very well educated. They’re very well trained. They have an immense knowledge of just about all the buildings
that are along the river and some that are beyond the river. The first thing I recommend to people when they come to Chicago is take the Chicago Architecture
Foundation Center river cruise. My opinion, the CAFC tour is the one that gives the most interesting and the most accurate information. And I can tell you for sure, whenever somebody is coming to town I’m taking them on the river cruise. It’s more than reading a history book. It’s a living history that people can experience.

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