Arctic River Lodge

My name is Johan Väisänen and I’m an
entrepreneur in tourist business. The building we see in the background here
it is the Arctic River Lodge. We have been in a renovation process now for one and a
half years yeah so but now it’s finished and our guests are here. We are standing now
in a big wilderness area, we are out of big road networks, we don’t have any
heating pipes, we don’t have any gas so of course our old heat source was the
forest. It’s a burning fire in the basement, we are taking care of guests
and our staff so to sleep well in the night we didn’t want to have the risk
and it was a half-time job to take care of it. Now we have moved 10 meters away
from the old heating source. One and a half years ago, we took the decision to
move it a little bit upwards both in technology and of course in the
environmental way and safeness. So we use a little bit of the resource of earth and
coming to our heat pump system that heats everything now in Arctic River Lodge. For a customer it’s very good to have a heat pump because you know what the costs are, a big heat up like this has a saving of over 250,000 kilowatt
hours per year. 10 to 12 years then it has returned the investment and so it’s
quite fast and the amazing return if you count both, the economic part but also
the running part because there are no troubles. So we keep the nature green
free of bad energy. For us it’s a big give back to Lapland.

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