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How do we live authentically? Since the dawn of philosophy, thinkers have posed questions such as
“Does this plank exist?” or “Does God exist?” But 20th century philosopher, Martin Heidegger, thought that before questioning whether something exists, we must first ask
“what is the meaning of being?” In his notoriously difficult book,
“Being and Time”, Heidegger introduced the concept of the human being as Dasein. Dasein is that
being that stands back from everyday consciousness and recognizes its own being. Dasein asks
the question: what does it mean to “be?” At first, however, Dasein does not distinguish
himself from the world around him. He is completely immersed in it,
or what Heidegger calls “being-in-the-world” But how does this relate to authenticity?
Living authentically involves, in part, Dasein’s understanding of itself as something that exists, and potentially doesn’t exist. Here’s one way to think about it. We carry on with our everyday activities
out of habit, we do things but do not consciously consider THAT we are doing them. For example,
a craftsman uses his hammer every day without thinking of it as an object independent from
himself – until something goes wrong. When the hammer breaks, I come to look at it as an object that exists separately from myself. This is one way that Dasein becomes
aware not only of THINGS not being, but also the possibility of Dasein’s OWN not being – that is, Death. Living with the awareness of one’s own NOT-being is a crucial
element of living authentically, because it has to do with what
Heidegger calls my “Ownmost.” Think of it like this; nobody else can die MY death.
I cannot share it with anyone. It is mine, and no one elses. You see, the authentic Dasein is constantly
aware of MY existence as MY OWN – to be defined by myself, and not others.
The inauthentic Dasein lives lacking such awareness.
When one’s everyday activities are lost in the mindless grind of the “public,” and
allows one’s self to be socially constructed, authenticity is lost – one becomes lost in the “they.” But that’s not to say that one must isolate
one’s self in order to live authentically. Authentic living is more of an attitude, an attitude towards confronting
one’s own mortality, seizing one’s existence, And making it one’s own

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  1. Praying to GOD for a more peaceful future makes me happy. Thanking God for blessing my family for 3 things I really need in life, which are Food, Shelter, and health. Everything else is a want.

  2. Ah, but Dasein is its understanding… The thought bubbles make it seem as though Dasein were an object for itself, which is what Sartre thought.  

  3. so are 20 people being authentic for disliking video? oh well I'll join the "They" and hit that like button

  4. Great stuff.

    I think it may be important to note that Heidegger, like many philosophers, never really completed his philosophy and often challenged assertions from his seminal early works later in life. Authenticity as presented here is much more attractive to a young person who hasn't built a life than to an adult who has. The balance between a purely authentic but isolated life and choosing to conform becomes more important.

  5. If only debaters knew how to make this argument – LITERALLY THE ONLY QUESTION HEIDEGGER POSES IS OF AUTHENTICITY plz debaters relate it to "ontological damnation" and eco-managerialism plz plz plz (then the rounds I sit through won't be as bad)

  6. I've recently become dasein minded. Now I'm trying to figure out how to be happy with it. 

  7. The fallen Dasein does not realize his fallen-ness when witnessing objects ready-to-hand become present-at-hand, (Hammer Example) rather due to something Heidegger names, the call of conscience. Dasein deals with 'guilt', not of actions, rather one of not owning up, taking responsibility of what is ownmost, this is built into the existential structure of Dasein's being. This guilt/ call of conscience (as anxiety did) exposes Dasein to his own being as finite. And Dasein as 'truth'/ unfolding/ disclosing. Understanding this call of conscience/ guilt represents a "conversion" in Dasein (Religious language deliberately used, reference Kierkegaard) what allows him to take a particular stance towards death; anticipatory resoluteness. This particular mode of being toward death of anticipatory resolute disclosedness is what Heidegger calls an authentic mode of being.

  8. Is there anything to say about Gorgias of Leontini?  No, no there's nothing.  Hahahah

  9. Every description of Heidegger I've come across just sounds like convoluted bullshit. What the hell does living authentically have to do with metaphysics?

  10. Being In 8 Bit and Stuff.  Is it a difficult book?  Being and Time, Being-One-Self = Who is something I point out to Whovians a lot as the joke of Dr Who, Doctor of Being on Self.  Suggest that book as manual to the originating philosophy of the character that seems lost now.  Heidegger's Deism and Maslow's Self Actualization are similar but there is something more enjoyable about reading Being and Time.

  11. I think another good episode would be on "What does it mean to be creative?"

  12. You have ruined River City Ransom for me with your useless sophistry…

  13. I don't know if you'll go back and annotate an almost year old video but the end is kinda seizure ish with the flashing red and blue stars

  14. Wait a second…. This voice is bloody familiar… It's like the computer's voice from Courage(the cowardly dog show)? By the way… What do you mean that "dead" is = "not being"? "Not being" can also mean "not borned"; in both cases it's = "not exist" (just that in the next one you are "anymore" if you know what I mean)…

  15. +1:30 What about conceptualizing improvement? You see a hammer separate and independent when you create a longer handle, a claw, a better wedge?

  16. I find that these videos leave a much better impression if you don't read the comments. Keep up the great work guys.

  17. we are all being towards negation. the negation of everything we are is inescapable. if we take this idea seriously, we are then free to become who we are and who we are capable of being.

  18. If you get nothing get this. If you are being punk rock, you are seeking to be authentic. In this seeking, you tied yourself to a group. The group is now your identity and deviation from that group will get you ostracized. So you have left the main group to join a less accepted subgroup. Are you then authentic? The answer is no. You deviated with a group of others, and just reformed society in a smaller group. The internet is great at this. Your only you when all labels that can be applied are false. This is the question asked in Ghost in the shell. Think about it. Prepare to deal with it, and God help us all.

  19. You know what I hate? People that don't see the value in philosophy as a school. Like, people revere majors such as engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, etc., and yet take a shit on philosophy majors, as if there is no good reason to invest one's time and money toward a better understanding of one's self, the human species, and existence itself. And for the record, I am a physics major, but I have a huge amount of respect for philosophers, both throughout history and in modern time. We would be lost without them.

  20. Ugh I need to sit down for a bit. This is just too much to consider.

  21. I don't know, but Holden Caulfield would think that this is a little phony.

  22. For some reason whenever I see something with the message that you should live like you want to live, instead of how other people want you to, it makes me really happy. I'm still trying to set myself on the track of doing that <3

  23. Ah… my favorite philosopher illustrated by my favorite NES game. Wisecrack, thank you.

  24. Dasein may live in ambiguity between being and non-being and its own temporal being-towards-death but focusing on presencing (Ereignis) as the way being is letting-be presence is life as it is. Avoid utility, reason, and technology's view of existence for existence as it unconceals itself. (See Heidegger: On Time and Being)

  25. am i the only one who gets desperately sad with those ideas? that video allowed some friends of mine to call me out for being unauthentic. What a terrible feeling. And I can't by the life of me shake it. My day is ruined already.

  26. Nathan, you sound like Peter Jones from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

  27. The HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy has this to say on the subject of being:
    Things just happen, what the hell.

  28. just wandering the authentic dasein requires not only detachment but a great dose of courage, that´s the price to pay to get it real. It´s like taking the "red pill"

  29. This is shit. Just read it with a bunch of lectures. Being and Time can't be explained in any useful way in 5 mins.

  30. You guys should do Stirner next. I find his look at individuality very interesting, and laugh when people try to call objectivism egoist, when it clearly isn't. Your video could clear some misconceptions

  31. The irony is that one must isolate oneself from others to be authentically a coward, kind of like Heidegger during the second world war. Can we all collectively get past the craftsman using his hammer and becoming immersed in the task as an example of authentic "being in the world", this is the 21st century. The paradox is that once we are immersed in Movement meditation or what have you, driving a car or writing or painting you are being authentically yourself and that is not a unique "enframing" and DASEIN is the simplest and best example of citing esoteric philosophy to cover up the fact that The sage hermit plagiarised or outright Carlos Mecia'd (yes the verb form) Japanese and pre socratic Philosophical notions and played it off like it was original Phenomenological work which was trying to make Philosophy more scientific. Something Heidegger hated. If I was his advisor at Heidelberg I would have advised him to ditch the seminary and the philosophers pulpit for a construction job. Something he could do and still say he was being authentically and really truly and son of the Black Forrest. A builder of Charlatanism and pseudo-mysticism.

  32. So basically it's Heidegger telling it is you who define yourself

    I define who I am because Heidegger told me so

  33. 00:31 What does the 'meaning of being' influence on existence of God? Heidegger's logic seems kind whacky.

  34. Wait, but to question the meaning of being wouldn't we need to know what being actually is? One can not question what they can not recognize.

  35. Not a single mention of final fantasy 7. I was led to this video under false pretense

  36. I consciously refuse to let Heidegger construct how I can live an authentic life.
    When I die, I will only exist as others remember. Furthermore I am the sum of my surrounding environment. Trying to be an authentic person in this second doesn't change that this video gave me someone else's version on how I'm supposed to be 'authentic' and that when I die this 'authenticity' will cease completely.

  37. How can it be inauthentic to accept the socially constructed identity? Once you accept it, you make it your own.

  38. Finally, a tiny group of philosophy majors found out how to do something with philosophy outside of academia and still be able to eat. This elite and abnormal group became known as Wisecrack.

  39. Yeah like if Mathew mc cologne was a cat.
    He would prompt it like that.

  40. huh.
    that sounds quite a lot like stirner.
    yes, i've read some bits of "The Ego and His Own"

  41. i have that ownbeing since may 2016 and i didn't know that that was the name for it

  42. I prefer the great philosopher Future who argued that he "woke up like this" in the work "Live from the gutter"

  43. I've tried mushrooms back in 2015, which kinda went great during the night itself but in the aftermath made me aware of the concept described here, my death being my own, it was kind of hard to describe what changed my perspective to others because I never believed in the afterlife or anything, so there was no part of my reality shattered and yet it felt like there was somehow, it caused me some serious anxiety and in some ways I isolated myself doing a lot of me things like hobbies and binche watching stuff, and I gave a constantly pannicked and stressed impressions at work, my employer at some point just couldn't have me working like that anymore, but two jobs later I've now found a place where I'm seriously feeling like besides earning my salary I also spend my time doing something meaningfull and I've gotten in a good mental state because of that again, this video still helps putting that time into perspective a bit better

    I'm not trying to sell a cliché like 'say no to drugs' but if you're as insecure as me at that time (even lying to my fucking parents about having had sex) you might want to be carefull with them

  44. The way you pronounce "Dasein" is adorable! 😀 (Don't worry it's absolutely correct)

  45. Don't forget, the question of metaphysics itself is invalid from the start because it conceived of itself as separate from Being, opposed to being as being

  46. Your ownmost just can't be alienated neither individually nor collectively 1:59

  47. "Find death, before death finds you" – Only when i felt myself as nonexistent, was the moment in which I felt the most alive.

  48. Congrats this video is truly authentic! Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Fuck off dull life imprisoned into social media, cyberworld and others' judgements. THEY should just get their own life in Dasein outside their screens of lies.

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