AREA 51 Wants This Video Banned! – Anniversary Edition

Welcome to UFO seekers I’m your host Tim Doyle has it been a year already. UFO seekers opened in 2016 on
YouTube and in that short amount of time we’ve managed to grow to 75,000
subscribers. So from Tracy and myself we’d like to send a big shout out and
thank you to all of our subscribers, fans, and followers on social media. And
especially our patrons. So in honor of that one-year anniversary we’ve
remastered our most popular episode of the year, “Area 51 wants this video banned”. The episode reached almost 2 million views
although I have to tell you the audio was terrible and that’s the main reason
we decided to remaster this episode to make it bearable for those of you who
got your eardrums blown out. So we went through and lowered some of the audio
levels, added in some different audio tracks, and we really hope you guys enjoy
the episode more. Also know we didn’t get arrested and we didn’t get a ticket, so
we’d also like to give a shout out to the Lincoln County Sheriff. You know who you are, for being extremely nice to us when it probably could have turned out worse.
We are very thankful when we made it back home that day. Alright guys, so let’s
take a look at this video. (women’s voice) “…is that the Raptor?” (man’s voice) “No. It’s the police or something.” (Policeman) “How’s it going?” (man and woman speak at same time) “Good!” (Policeman) “Were you guys camped out here? (woman) “Yes, is that okay?”
(man) “Yes, we were just leaving.” (Policeman) “No. I just… Um… We had just got a call about people camped out here. (Policeman) “Let me get out of the road. Do you mind if I talk to you for a moment ?” (man) “Oh yes. No problem.” Having just arrived at area 51, Tracey and
i noticed there was a brand new Black Mailbox. We headed south from the Black Mailbox
towards groom Lake Road. That’s where you’ll find a campsite that’s as close
as you’ll get to area 51. We’ll spend the night and seek UFOs. And
see what else happens. Welcome to AREA 51. Tonight we’re UFO hunting in fr ont of the most mysterious and secretive military installation in the entire
world and we’ve got all the equipment set up tonight. As you can see we’re
taking a look at Orion’s belt live here on the television. That’s coming through our video camera here. Next we got a still camera setup where we’re taking
still shots repetitively to see if we see any blinking lights maybe any um… any
dark objects… any lights out operations that might be going on. Tracey’s got some food cooking up. Some bacon wrapped hot dogs. Got the camp fire going. And we’re parked here… Off in the distance there is Groom Lake
Road. And about a thousand yards up this road, would lead to the Groom Lake
entrance. The Groom Lake Road entrance to Groom Lake. And that’s where we’re sitting. The Ford Raptor is blacked out right now.
Typically you’d see his orange lights or his running lights sitting out there up
on the hillside but he’s blacked out we don’t know where he went.
He actually came and checked us out did a little u-turn down here of course
they’re always bugging you. But that’s why we’re here we’re on public land and
we’re not gonna let them push us off here. Of course we’re not never going to
go over the barrier or pressure them or cause any issues. We’re just here to look
for lights in the sky and if they’re here we’re going to find them. Oh, he’s hauling ***. Where we’re at is literally the middle
of nowhere. The closest place is a small ranch back near the Black Mailbox. So when the security comes out they’re literally coming to see us. It’s only us and them. (AREA 51 Security Vehicle on Groom Lake Road.) The AREA 51 security checked on us every
hour. Even when we finally went to sleep that night, I’d wake up every hour and
see a security truck on the road. Not long after the last security vehicle
came by, this circular object appeared directly overhead. It was moving from
the east towards the West. Headed towards Groom Lake Base We don’t think it was a helicopter as we
heard no sound. But it was definitely low and inside the atmosphere We had not seen an AREA 51 security
vehicle since 11:13 PM. So we decided to head to the entrance while no one was around
and grab some pictures. There was an AREA 51 security vehicle
hiding in the dark. We wanted to capture some night shots of
the security vehicle, so we went back about a hundred yards away from the
entrance. That gave us a good vantage point of the vehicle, up on the hill. Tracy asked me to stay in the car. (AREA 51 Perimeter Security) I got a picture of him and his taillights. Going that way. (AREA 51 Security Vehicle on Groom Lake Road.) Is that the Raptor? Looks like it, huh? We seriously just heard a wicked jet
engine noise coming from over at Groom Lake. I’m gonna set the camera up.
Hopefully we hear it again. We heard it about three times. Oh, it is so flying. Try not to make any noise. Oh there it is! There it is! Hold this. (Tracey) It’s gonna hit that… (Tim) The top cloud? (Tracey) Second cloud. See it floating? (Tim) Oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah! I got it, I got it, I got it. Oh I got it. That is the first airplane
we have ever seen flying over area 51. We have never seen an airplane here. He’s banking. Ohhhhh… You see it? Oh… Oh did you just dip down behind that
mountain? And uh… right here is the Groom Lake Entrance. From groom Lake Road I’m estimating Groom Lake is right about
here. And we are watching a test jet come down and fly over the base and up, flying
up and all around everywhere out here. Oh baby. Look over here! Look over here. You see that shiny thing? Yes. I’m just taking pictures of it babe, just saw it. We noticed a white object headed towards
Groom Lake. We managed to capture a short video and a handful of pictures of the
object. After studying the images and video, this appears to be possibly a Janet flight bringing employees to AREA 51. Tracey noticed a couple of jet fighters
dog fighting. So she popped off a couple pictures. It wasn’t until we got back
home when we started revealing the pictures that we noticed a third object What in the world is this? It looks like
some kind of triangular unmanned drone. Because it’s definitely too small to
have a person inside and after reviewing the pictures it definitely looks as
though the three crafts are interacting with each other. It’s like a three plane
dog fight. Oh. He’s stopping. Doing something, there’s two of them. He’s looking with binoculars. I’m waving. Doing something. Having a skin with us, we heard the call.
A Policeman was on his way. (Tracey) “Is that the Raptor?” (Tim) “No. Looks like Police or something.” (Policeman) “How’s it going?” (Tracey and Tim speak at same time) “Good!” (Policeman) “Were you guys camping out here?” (Tracey) “Yes. Is that okay?” (Tim) Yes, we were just leaving.” (Policeman) “No. I just… Um. we’ve just got a call about people camped out here.” (Policeman) “Let me get out of the road. Do you mind if I talk to you for a minute?” (Tim) “Oh yes. No problem.” Thanks for watching our video. Show your
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