Årets underviser 2016, Niels-Ebbe Dam, DTU

Lecturer of the Year
Niels-Ebbe Dam
Associate Professor, DTU Diplom
‘Electrophysics and materials’ He is very nice and has really taken good care of us. I think he is good, and he also shows that he has time for us. I think that is also really good. It is a very dense subject. There is an awful lot of theory, but if you take just a slight interest in it, he has put together the course in a way that everyone can follow along. And that’s really great. He manages to make teaching both instructive, motivational and exciting at the same time. He does that really well. He is passionate, and very enthusiastic about his field. He has created his own teaching material and all his own figures. The material is fantastic. We have not encountered any other teaching material so far which is more thoroughly prepared.

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