Arkansas River – Browns Canyon Water Update -June 21, 2019

it is Friday and that means a fresh
River update and this week we have a great one for you we are in Buena Vista
taking a closer look at how Browns Canyon on the Arkansas River is
currently flowing for your June 21st River update the Ark is running
incredibly have a look at some rafting footage from this week while we take a
look at its current CFS we rafted the Browns canyon section of the Arkansas
River which has some of the very best rafting you’ll find anywhere in the
state to get the current streamflow data for this section we took a look at the
reading from the fishermen’s bridge access to the stone bridge access. the
most up-to-date streamflow for Browns Canyon is currently 3800 CFS get out there and raft this section while
it’s at this current streamflow because you’ll be hard-pressed to find it
flowing at any better rate than it is right now to learn more about Browns
Canyon check the link in the description and don’t forget to hit that subscribe
button to stay up to date with all of our future River updates. ’till next week.

3 thoughts on “Arkansas River – Browns Canyon Water Update -June 21, 2019

  1. I wanna go rafting so bad! 3,800 CFS!?!? Bonkers. Great update here

  2. Thanks for sharing. We were the couple on the raft with you guys!! This was an awesome adventure and will definitely come back to AVA soon.

  3. Rode brown’s a few days before this update. The flow was amazing! Go every year hope to do numbers next year!

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