Arlo Lights – Add-on Smart Home Security Light

Arlo Lights – Add-on Smart Home Security Light
Review. The Arlo Security Light comes with its own
wireless bridge so you can use it independently as a light-based motion-triggered alarm system. But it can also prompt Arlo cameras to record
when it senses an intruder. Design and build The Security Light is about twice the size
of the Arlo Pro 2 cameras, but we would still describe them as compact and the design aesthetic
is the same. The smooth white plastic looks smart and it’s
waterproof to IP65 certification, so you can leave it outside all year round. You can even buy rubber skins that cover the
white plastic body which come in black, or green camouflage so that they better blend
in with their background. Features and specifications This product is essentially a wireless and
waterproof LED light with a motion sensor that switches it on, but when you download
the Arlo smartphone app. You will see that it can do much more than
a non-smart security light. You can choose between spotlight and floodlight,
adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection, which works up to 7 meters. Set the duration that the light will be on
after detecting motion and choose how dark the ambient light needs to be for the light
to come on. You won’t want to waste your battery by
letting the light trigger in daylight, so you could just leave on the default dawn to
dusk setting. And as a party trick, you can even choose
the colour of your beam. Our verdict is: The initial cost of the Arlo Security Light
seems high and that would be our biggest criticism. But it is undoubtedly well designed, well
made and useful, particularly if you have other Arlo devices. It makes a good first layer of defence by
putting off would-be intruders and is also convenient for lighting your own path. It’s also flexible in the way you can set
the parameters to suit your needs, while being fully wireless makes it especially easy to
install. A magnetic mounting bracket, as you get with
the cameras, would have been nice and it’s a pity you have to plug in another bridge
unit. This simple design with its intuitive companion
app will appeal to anyone looking for basic subscription-free security and of course,
anyone who already has Arlo cameras. Kindly see the description for this product
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