Art River In Your Home

Hello everyone !! How are you? Yesterday I published a photo, And told you to wait for a video. The idea of the video is the photo that you saw. The photo of a small book which has a bookshelf in it. This I Before losing my eyes In about 2003 Made it when I still had my eyes. I still could see. A few days ago I remembered it, and was trying to explain Rajni what I was doing around 16 years ago. We couldn’t understand each other. So I told her to give me a book. Give me a cutter Give me a scale etc. And I started to work. Of course this time I worked without eyes. Without seeing It was a big challenge for me. And… After 16 years Without eyes….. ….The outcome is this book. It is constructed from a book Inside is a bookshelf A tiny one It reminds me of Art River a lot And this book with small bookshelves.. ..I will name it “Art River”. There are approximately 38 or 37 titles. It could fit in 38 small books. Most of them or all of them I have read and they are my favorites. I set the idea and developed it with Rajni that anyone from you friends and relatives I don’t know… close people and far ones Everyone in this small planet Would like to have something like this. Will like to have in his bookshelf or on his desk something like this Art River…. a Small Art River And this time the title will be “Art River In Your Home” I am ready to make them Anyone who wants to have it they can buy it The cost will be 50 euros I am ready to take orders Only you will need to send me the titles of the books you like And I will sit and do this work with all my heart without eyes but with hands It will take one week to make it in a good way it doesn’t matter which book, which language or writer I can make them. Rajni helps me with typing I can make anything in this theme And I will make it in this form as you see here And will get it by post The idea behind this is to create an environment of a book because I believe in the environment that a book creates I believe in the change that a person can experience with the help of the book I hope that you will understand me correct I am not selling it for business I just wish to work, to do something that I like depending on my health, my abilities and talents It came to my mind And I did it immediately without thinking about your response So this is it. So now you can see it so nicely made and I will wait for your comments, interests and calls And thank you all beforehand those who will help and support this idea with you, your support and your encouragement to develop the idea and to bring it to a more creative level In order to all of us reach the idea that the human being can do anything without eyes can do anything, even in small details

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  1. With the new tech, I carry my thousands books in my phone and do not own a book case any more. I am a reader and had 100's of books in the past… I wanted to honor them because I missed them, but did not know how till I saw this… Now I can have my book case and the most loved books I read, displayed on my desk… THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES.

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