Arthur River Boat Cruise

Se are here now trying to take the Arthur River boat cruise today and this Arthur River is the oldest authentic river in Tasmania never ever logged, its the original river I want to go to explore now … Let’s go with me The Arthur River, for over 1000 years, has remained untouched This river is totally pure, and natural This is the giant Tasmanian Lobster He lives in this river, the Arthur River if you want to see this animal, come to Tasmania It took 1.5 hours on the Red Boat Cruise arriving here at Turk’s Landing Let’s Go! this is real nature … wow OK folks! Now I’d just like to first of all welcome everybody to the South Arthur forest otherwise known as the Tarkine have you heard that name before… Tarkine Yep, well that name was given to this area in more recent years by the conservation groups to heighten awareness of the area just to make it sound a little bit more important for myself my family have lived and worked in this bush for five generations now and it’s always just been the bush to us all of a sudden it’s not important enough anymore it is known as the Tarkine and that name came from the aboriginal tribe who once lived here and they were the Tarkineer so if we look at it that way it has been the Tarkine for a lot longer than it’s been the bush Now at that point in time there was an abundance of Thylacines on the island the Tasmanian Tigers were found right throughout the island, probably a little bit thicker up here in the northwest corner now a male Thylacine was the size of a German Shepherd dog but once again his jaws were longer and he had a hundred and twenty degrees jaw gap so he was a pretty serious carnivore. Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you very much! All the way from Korea Yes … alright … Thank you again

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