Ask An Expert: How Will We Drive Out of the Tsunami Zone When All of the Roads Are Closed?

I know that if we have a big earthquake
here, you know, the experts are saying yeah, that there’s a very good
shot that we will have landslides around the area that the steep terrain will slide. And it’s very possible roads will be blocked and that
is true. But when it comes to evacuations from tsunamis, really the key is if
everybody starts to get on the road there’s gonna be so much traffic
it’s going to be really difficult to even get anywhere. You don’t know what the road
conditions are like. It’s possible bridges have been knocked out from the
earthquake. It’s really just not safe to just start driving somewhere. And around
here we’re blessed with high ground. Most of Eureka is outside of the tsunami zone. You only have to go a few blocks. It’s a short walk. Manila has big dunes nearby
you can walk up onto the dunes and be safe. Most of McKinleyville is out of the tsunami zone. Most of Arcata is out of
the tsunami zone. So it’s really a matter of just walking the few blocks, getting to a
safe area and then staying there and waiting for
notification that it’s safe to return. And once you’re there, staying there
could be for a little while. So having a “go bag”, being prepared to be able to
stay there for 24 hours or longer is really important because tsunamis last
for a long time and they can be very tricky. You want to wait for that official warning, or notice, that it’s okay to go back.

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