“An asteroid just hit earth! Warning! A mega tsunami is coming!” That is the title of a PROPHETIC DREAM from one of my viewer’s, name: ( little boy ) Their code name is: “Crafted Enderman.” They are the one that had this dream and I am going to tell you how his dream went. Okay? Here we go: I was riding along with Grandma and Grandpa. After school, they always come and pick me up… I was in the car with them and my
cousins and You know. We laugh. We talk. It’s always fun, when we all get together like that. Then, my phone started ringing. I couldn’t figure out. You know how you having fun, and you don’t want to be interrupted? Well, I picked up the phone and I said, “Hello.” and itI was mom. Mom sounded so alarmed! She hurried up and told me, “A tsunami
just hit earth and a mega… (I mean, um…) an asteroid, a giant asteroid just hit earth and a mega tsunami is on the way”; so we immediately started looking; because we were going up a little high… We were looking over the treetops and trying to see through that trees… ..behind and around to see if we could see the tsunami. What was going on? We didn’t feel any earthquakes. We didn’t feel anything shaking. It was just a normal, beautiful day. We started looking and we started seein’. Let me tell you; that thing was so scary! That was a monster tsunami! That thing was so tall; you could see it coming, through the clouds! It was that tall. I was so scared; I
didn’t know what to do! I was clinging my grandma and I said, “Is everything gonna be alright, Grandma?” and Grandma said, “Yes.. You’re gonna be just fine. You’re gonna be safe. You will be alright.” Next thing I knew, I could hear it! We could see it
coming and I could hear it! It was crashing in! Oh, I was so scared and then, the next thing that happened… I felt myself floating around in the water…….! Then, I woke up. Uh! I was so glad; I woke up! / Okay. That was “Crafted Enderman’s” dream. .. his prophetic dream. Now, listen to this. Okay? You know Pat has to put in her ‘two cents.’ We have to consider the fact that
things… very strange… (sorry) …very strange
things are happening and we don’t realize there are things that are not being told to us by Nasa and some of these other
space stations or the whole space industry. They’re not telling us what’s really
happening and since there are so many strange things happening in the sky, strange things happening around the Sun, If you have the right kind of filter,
you could actually see an extra globe behind the sun, next to the sun, in front of… I
don’t know but I’m hoping that’s not a giant
asteroid coming; cause it looks like a whole planet. Okay… Anyway… We need to pray, you guys. I know it seems like every time I tell one of these, I always say, ‘We need to pray.’ Church… Y’all… We all… The whole world’s church We need to get before God and intercede and ask him to repent of the pending
dooms… that are coming. IT’s not just one doom. There are other pending dooms that are coming and we need to ask God for His mercy… his mercy. .. If for no other reason; for the amount of righteous people that are really in him. That God can somehow find another
way to handle the offensive ones sometimes He’s ready for serious booty whooping. Of course, we don’t want to get whooped with the ‘bad ones’; but that happens. Doesn’t it? So… We have to ask God to stay his judgment, hold it, hold back on it. Please have mercy. Let mercy rise up in the face of
judgment and say, “NO”… Uh! That’s what I mean; when I say we need to pray, you guys. There are too many people having
these dreams… way too many and it is not mass hysteria. If it was mass hysteria, the roads would be full and people would be taking off to the mountains. These people are getting these dreams for a reason. You know God warns a lot, before He brings on the fire and brimstone; so let’s take heed you guys. Let’s pray. Pray hard and really really intreat God’s heart, to have mercy. Amen? For those that you who don’t know the Lord, don’t you think it’s time? I don’t care what you doubts are… what your questions are… Don’t you think it’s kind of about time?
You haven’t found an answer yet; now. Have you? So… Why not try God? What have you got to lose? ………………Okay… God bless you.

31 thoughts on ““ASTEROID Just Hit EARTH! * Warning! * MEGA TSUNAMI is COMING!”

  1. This is coming so soon!! Many people have this dream/vision! I believe we will be raptured before this destruction! Praise Jesus!

  2. Something big is coming Sept 2017. Not my words but John the Revelator. When all hell broke loose in the great tribulation John saw this sign in the heavens. Revelation 12 verse 1 and 2 . This sign will appear in the heavens Sept 2017.
    The Coming Great Tribulation Playlist
    click link below
    The King planet is about to enter Virgo on 11/20/2016. What does it mean? birth pains as describes in Mathews 24 , 7 and 8 click link below

  3. Don,t wory ,is soo lidl,shee flight in the Pacific Ocean,,fogeth gooth,look sky and satelyt.trust inteligent people ,like astrofizic, se you later

  4. I don't like the photo that you used because it is fake. Nothing hit the earth yet. your ""ASTEROID Just Hit EARTH! * Warning! * MEGA TSUNAMI is COMING!" is so out of context. Just tell us about the dreams and that is ok. But you don't need to say things that are not true. FALSE ADVERTISING.

  5. maybe NOT        an island is falling       slowly…….. across the ocean   a  100ft    tsunami    WILL   occur on the EAST coast      a matter  of TIME

  6. GOD will but for the Elect all Flesh would perish,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Well, let me tell you, about a month ago I was looking at videos with all these prophecies and I came to one and she said about a tsunami hitting a the east coast. Only the Appalachian Mountains will stop it. That same night the Lord woke me up at +/- 2 a.m and told me a number. I know it will sound crazy to some, the number is 300 meters high. Like it or not, this will happen, when I don't know, but soon. We might have max. of 5 yrs. or less. WE MUST PRAY. JESUS IS COMING, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. BE PREPARED. SEEK FOR HIM NOW, TOMORROW WILL BE TOO LATE. GOD BLESS YOU! JESUS LOVE YOU!

  8. HA HA SO PETHETIC LIER IF THAT HAPPENED THEY WOULD HAVE WARNED US /old people story tellers/ i mean her house isnt destroyed ????????

  9. JESUS says Sydney Australia  ASTEROID STRIKE, HUGE TSUNAMI DECEMBER 2017. christiangatheringcom

  10. About a month ago the Lord also gave me a dream of an asteroid hitting the earth. People, please don't dismiss these dreams as only dreams, thinking that God can't and won't use them to warn us of what is coming. Like the sister said in the video NASA is aware of the asteroid that is lurking out there but they are not talking.

    This is why the heavenly father is showing countless people in dreams and visions what is coming so we can warn those who need to get right with him before it is too late.

    Please hear me when I say, an asteroid is going to hit the earth followed by a tsunami. Millions will die in these dual catastrophic events. Get your house in order now, while there is time. Come to the heavenly father, repent of all your sins and turn from your wicked ways.

    Accept his free gift of salvation in the person of his son Jesus Christ (John 3-16-18). There is no other way to ensure that when these events happen, and they will, as they have been prophesied for years, at least your soul will be secure in him.

    The sinner's prayer


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