Astrolux EC01 3500 Lumens USB C Rechargeable – Best Value 2019

Hello my friends. Nice to meet you again. Today I share with you the new flashlight Astrolux EC01 How the product is packed. EC01 is very cheap, only $ 25, so it is packaged quite simply. Inside the box include: Instruction manual Lanyard 2 Oring Manual printed quite nice Astrolux EC01 uses firmware: Anduril Anduril UI is a very famous, easy to use UI Lots of modes and very good. Please explore later. It takes a lot of time to talk about Anduril Ui. If you want a user guide, please leave a comment below. I bought a lot to get the best price. Astrolux EC01 There is a battery capacity indicator The battery capacity indicator looks darker than 1 compared to Astrolux FT03 EC01 fits in the palm of your hand. Astrolux EC01 uses 21700 battery Banggood comes with a transfer tube for use with the 18650 battery Integrated Type C fast charging port on the body. The cover of the charging port is very sturdy. Astrolux’s perfection is getting higher and higher. And the price is getting lower and lower For $ 25, you can’t choose any better product than Astrolux EC01 at the moment. The benzel ring is made of steel Transfer tube for using 18650 battery Astrolux EC01’s body is made of very thick. Very beautiful The threaded pipes is made very beautiful Tail cap Springs are very large but not very hard. The tail cap is designed for easier opening. Flashlight head The heat sink is not very deep. Perhaps Astrolux EC01 does so to make the flashlight look better. High quality reflector Led Cree XHP50.2 for brightness up to 3500 lumens Very high brightness in small body. Transfer tube for use with 18650 batteries By Astrolux EC01 is designed for use with 21700 batteries You should use Samsung 40T battery Samsung 40T will be best suited for Astrolux EC01 The 21700 battery will fit. And samsung 40T battery with high discharge current, will unleash the full power of EC01 Samsung 40T Fits snugly on EC01 The 21700 battery has a much higher capacity than the 18650 The transfer tube is also designed specifically for Astrolux EC01 Astrolux FT03, EC01 is a great choice. Very compact for everyday use. I compared the size of the BLF A6 2 flashlights are quite similar in size. Astrolux EC01 is slightly larger in size But the brightness level is up to 3500 lumens. Great. Beam of Astrolux EC01 and BLF A6 Beam of the two flashlights is very smooth. I tested the charging ability of Astrolux EC01 5V 2A is very fast charging Because my battery has a lot of capacity. So the charging current is only 1.8A If your battery has a lower capacity, the charging current will be higher. The charging status light will turn green when the battery is full. Compare the dimensions with Lumintop GTmini and March C8 Astrolux EC01 has a compact size and outstanding brightness. Price below $ 25 EC01 is a great choice for EDC You can mount it on the car or donate to relatives. Thanks for watching See you in the next clips. Hope you will find a flashlight that suits your needs. See you

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