At least 832 dead in Indonesia after quake, tsunami

The authorities in Indonesia say at least
832 people have died after Friday’s magnitude 7-point-5 earthquake and tsunami… as aftershocks
continue. Some five hundred people have been injured. The search continues for those thought to
be trapped under debris in Palu, the city closest to the epicenter. The tsunami waves are believed to have been
as high as six meters there… and they continued to hit the city even after the tsunami warning
was lifted. The airport in Palu is closed because of damage
to the runway. The South Korean embassy in Indonesia said
it’s trying to locate one South Korean national who was in the region. Finding the unnamed person is proving difficult
due to power outages and lack of telecomunications. The South Korean foreign ministry has aslso
warned people not to travel to the affected area.

8 thoughts on “At least 832 dead in Indonesia after quake, tsunami

  1. Decoding end times predicted this quake would strike exactly on 9/28 all the way back on 8/18 so he gave more than a 1 month warning hopefully people listened and subscribed to his channel

  2. So… a tsunami in this day & age, in broad daylight and ONE person thought to take a video?

  3. Att: Indonesia, Australia will NOT be helping you, you're on your own with this one. We have our own problems in Australia and you've never helped us in the past with anything. Call donald trump or vladimir putin for help

  4. Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami: Death toll rises to 844 as rescuers struggle to get to victims

  5. Tim Katakan Putus sedang bertugas utk syuting realithy show Katakan Putus, selain tim KP para di depan kamera yg duduk di area taman dekat Jembatan Kuning di Kota Palu.

    Inilah keterangan bukti telah mengakting Realithy Show Katakan Putus di Palu hanya settingan saja bukan kebenaran asli permasalahannya sebelum bencana gempa & tsunami di Palu, Sulteng ini.
    Ini videonya:

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