ATEEZ(에이티즈) MOON RIVER Photo Shooting Behind Story

Don’t hide your face with the flower! (Sincerityx100) Wow… I thought you’re the model of a cosmetics advertisement! Please use this one for sure!x2 Woo Young’s PICK! Individual photo shooting is continued (Firm) No~! (Listens to him well) No? Should I close my mouth? (Embarrassed) How long have you been filming? Yun Ho looks like a baby~ He’s my puppy… Isn’t he cute? He looks like a puppy He’s my golden retriever I’m raising him! We use a bunk bed Yun Ho uses the bottom bunk bed and I’ raising him I throw a meal from the top bunk bed And I play with him He’s so cute Time to take a look ATEEZ with flowers The king of dance Min Gi with a plum blossom Finally, the last group shot! ★There is a bonus clip★ ATEEZ never ends up normally, you know? ★Let’s watch together★ After finishing all shootings, a concert has started all of sudden Yun Ho took a seat already Audience: San Stage effect: San Huge crazy party Play it at ten times speed ATEEZ’s shooting for the album cover has been ended! Please give them a clap! We will show an encore song! Idol instincts that he can’t hide Are you ready? Yes~ Carefree Song Min Gi Finally… The last is coming…! Oh, I’m so ashamed (Embarrassed) I think I heard the sound of a snap No…. Please…. Go home… (Firm) Come down. Let’s go home ★ATINY! Let’s meet at MOON RIVER on October 24th★

100 thoughts on “ATEEZ(에이티즈) MOON RIVER Photo Shooting Behind Story

  1. I love them in their white outfits. They look so crisp and pure. Then the mini concert at the end and San giving the special effects. At the end him holding Mingi's hand and saying we need to go home. Priceless. He is always taking care of Mingi.

  2. damn so what yall tellin me is that mingi has stacked thighs and a butt but the stylists rarely showcase their beauty ? damn thats a shame.

  3. 4:16 Mingi at the playground with mom San scolding him…time to go home.😂🤣..

  4. When I get married, I’m gonna show this video to my fiancé. If he doesn’t pick one of these outfit designs, I would delay the wedding for a decade until he changes his mind. Actually, if he is not one of the men in the video, I would delay the wedding for a century.

  5. No but I said Yunho is cute before Sani said it. That says something. It's also pretty awesome xD >~<

  6. Rindo quando eles riem tmb kkkkk 🖤🇧🇷
    Promoção :
    pra quem mandou eles vestirem esse terno branco
    Pra quem pintou o cabelo do Mingi
    Pra quem arrumou o cabelo do San.
    Para meus sogros que fizeram o Hoongjong e o Yunho.
    Pra quem passou todo o visual pra genética do Seongwha.

  7. I love you guys so much that I want you guys to come to my birthday love you guys so much
    I have never been to a concert before😍😍😭😜

  8. yall ever take a second to realize its been a whole year since debut already

    im sobbing

  9. I know he has dimples, but i still get attacked by them Everytime he smiles and thats the best thing of the day ever Everytime i watch San smile ❤️

    Photo Shooting Behind Story
    1. Wooyoung
    2. San
    3. Jongho
    4. Yunho
    5. Yeosang
    6. Hongjong
    7. Seonghwa
    8. Mingi
    and all everyone Ateez
    hahaha… Yunho,Mingi and San😂😂
    songs..san what you doing??😂
    so nice a song..


  11. So I’m singing along to “If Without You” and then he came up 0:37 and I screamed 😂🙊 #bias #icanteven

  12. Does anyone know what song it is when they are doing their mini concert?🙏🏼

  13. happy early one year anniversary to the eight angels that brighten up my life<3

  14. ExCusE mE this isnt JUST an anniversary event–THIS ATEEZ'S AND ATINYS' WEDDING 💒💖💐💍🌹💐💕💞🎊 🌕

  15. I want a boyfriend like San.He'd be the type of boyfriend that will non stop complimenting his girlfriend 😂

  16. Yunho said I'm ashamed
    But Yunho in the inside….. still doing weird things 😂😂

  17. Damn I kept going “wow” at literally every scene. This is really THEIR era.

  18. LMAOOO the “bonus clip” is literally longer than the actual content I love kt

  19. I'm so happy to see playful Mingi …. And ATEEZ…❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. You guys look like beautiful angels😭🥺😇
    In the end, they end up crackheads😆😂
    Love you, ATEEZ! Can't wait for MOON RIVER!
    8 Makes 1 Team, Fighting💪

  21. they are always so extra haha

    ATEEZ happy first anniversary!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3

  22. Get you a hype man like San who will fan your clothes for special effect 24/7

  23. Why are they so funny I wish they had a concert like that one day It would be my first

  24. 4:16 Mingi wants to start another concert and San said "Come down..let's go home"

  25. I know thats weird but the first thing I did was searching for the song mingi sang cause its freaking good and I wanna listen to it too

  26. والله انا كنت حياتي كتيرا بكراهية بس لم سمعت اصواتكم حياتي أصبحت فيها رواح شكراً ATEEZ 👉💪✌️❤️❤️😭😭🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿 Love you ATEEZ

  27. mingi san and yunho are such crackheads 😂

    mingi is the overly enthusiastic singer, yunho is the adorable excited drummer, and san is the dedicated special effects man

  28. Did Jongho held a flower to???? Or not why not he belongs to the group….😳😣in solo shoting….

  29. I find this dicrimination and i dont like it a bit😰very sad and angry do you only like his voice is that all you need….??? This is damn sad💔😢

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