Atomic Beam SunBlast Review As Seen on TV Solar Powered Light

Welcome back guys I have another ass
seen on TV item today today I have got the Tomic beams Sun blast this is
another ass seen on TV item see right there and this item is an outdoor light
and it is solar powered it says right here that it is motion activated which
is something that I am very interested in I’ve always wanted an outdoor motion
activated lamp I’ve got lights outside but they are not
motion activated and I in the past the lights that I’ve looked at for outside
there’s a little bit of installation I read the box and this shows that
there’s not a whole lot of installation on this right here it says just peel and
stick I know that there’s adhesive and I’m guessing that that adhesive is
probably pretty strong but there are also a couple of screw holes right here
so that you can screw this thing up but there are also a couple of screw holes
or nail holes right here so that you can hang this thing up that way to which
that’s not going to be very difficult right the good thing is is there’s no
wiring no batteries no wires that’s very appealing and on the back here I’m just
gonna read off a little bit it says it’s got two light settings it says that it’s
atomic solar panel which I’m not sure exactly what that means but it says that
it’s a charges a lithium-ion battery so we know that those looking my own
batteries are good and then it says it’s got a 120 degree motion sensor on it and
you know we know that that means for 120 degrees it’s gonna pick up motion I
don’t know how close you have to get within those 120 degrees to be picked
out but you know that sounds pretty good and then it says got a wide angle beam
so I’m guessing that means it’s gonna stretch out this beam pretty far and
cover a lot of ground and then it also says it’s got the adhesive backing which
we already talked about so you can see those descriptions right there on the
back and it’s got a few pictures of you know
demonstration on here it all looks pretty good it says that it’s weather
resistant so that’s a good thing but right here’s the motion sensor these
motion sensors are pretty cool I like the idea of you know if somebody gets in
my yard or if there’s an animal or something that this light will pick it
up and hopefully scare off the person or the animal you know whatever happens to
be in your yard that you know you’re wanting to scare off and right here it
says that it’s amazingly bright I hope it lives up to that so let’s go get this
at ohmic beams Sun blast lamp hung up I’m going to do a quick unboxing here
we’ll take a look at this thing see what it looks like before I get to hanging it
up looks like it’s going to be pretty easy to open it’s got a perforated edge
back here and back here it’s got some instructions
on it it says important test pitch test in pitch black room
it says slide switch low off and high so that’s the two themes on their low and
high it says to test it in a pitch-black room before you use it and the solar
panel on here looks pretty nice and this unit actually has a pretty good feel to
it it’s got a little bit of weight to it so that gives you a little bit of idea
that it might be kind of you know slightly heavy-duty and then the motion
sensor you know it’s just plastic and you can see some sensors in there and
then the LED you can see a lot of little lights right there so I’m gonna turn
this thing on now so I’ll turn it on and that’s pretty bright that’s the high
beam right there and we’ll turn on the low beam and there’s the low baby so
that’s quite a bit lower and then there’s the off position and then the
high beam again and then off again so I’m just gonna set
this here real quick and I’m gonna leave the camera rolling and I’m going to turn
the lights off in here and then I’m going to test this and see if the motion
sensor turns it on for me when I come in I’ve got a set to low beam right now and
I just set the motion sensor off I just waved my hand in front of it and the
motion sensor kicked on you know this room I’m in it’s not pitch-black so I
don’t know how sensitive it is right now I did wave my hand in front of it and it
set this sensor off okay so we’ve got the manual in here tells a little bit
about it it comes with some free end stickers on
here and anybody that has used 3m stickers knows that these things mount
pretty well so that’s a good sign this thing may stay up for a while on itself
with just these 3m adhesive stickers see how easy these things are to put on I’m
reading the instructions here it says to pull off one side of the double-sided
adhesive tape and place on the back of the unit right here you’ll see there’s
some lines and it’s kind of like a little dip and this is where the
adhesives gonna go so I’m gonna go ahead and place those at ESA’s real quick one
side right here that fits pretty snug in there it just
it’s just about big enough to hold that and the other ones right there and I’ve
got this thing set for High Beam and now I’m going to take this thing outside and
hang it up and I’m gonna hang it right here above my screen door I’m actually
gonna hang it on the door itself I’ve got a little bit of an overhang right
here and that blocks a little bit of Sun but I do get a lot of sunlight during
the day right here on this door so I think this will be a good location for
it so we’re gonna hang it right here above the door okay I’ve taken the
protective coating off the adhesives and now I’m getting ready to hang this thing
to the top of my screen door here in the front of my house so the light does work at night my dogs
just set this thing off and you see my dogs or my dog sticking this head out
right there there’s another one I actually forgotten I’ve added it and
the dog set it off so you can see it’s cast a pretty good
light out here this is the front porch so it’s nice and bright it looks good so
it works pretty well and this charge is just probably from the lights that were
shining on this thing at Walmart is sitting in the store for the last you
know few months or whatever so I’m really really curious to find out how
this is gonna do with sunlight so anyway just things of winter I like how it
works okay so this atomic beam Sun blast outdoor lamp turned out to be a pretty
good item I’m very glad I bought this item and I will keep it hanging in front
of my house I think this is something that will work as we know we buy an ass
seen on TV item sometimes they’re revolutionary
sometimes they aren’t that great so Tomic beams Sun blast lamp has saved me
some time I didn’t have to do any wiring and I didn’t have to do any heavy-duty
mounting and there is very little maintenance because it is solar powered
how nice is that I guess the true test is how long this
thing will last I’ll try to remember and sometime in the future I will add in the
comments how this thing worked long-term so I’m very happy with this atomic beams
Sun blast lamp it’s turned out to be a winner
sometimes these as seen on TV items turn out pretty good sometimes they’re not so
good this is one of those items that I’m very glad that I purchased I didn’t have
to mount it and I didn’t have to wire it so it killed two birds with one stone I
will have to put batteries in it either so that’s pretty cool it is solar
powered I hope you’ve enjoyed this video today and I hope it was informative if
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day do you know why a chicken coop only has two doors because if it had four
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review videos thanks for watching and God bless

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  3. I've read other reviews that say it works once or twice & then never works again. Is yours still working ?

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  8. thats pretty good….i'd get it but at times i don't want a light outside when i go out at nite, like to look at the stars or thunderstorms….

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