AURALUX High Output 3535 RGB LED Strip Lights

We are proud to announce the arrival of AURALUX high output 3535 RGB LEDs to compliment our line of existing LED Strip Lights. Most multicolor LED line elements use a common 5050 chip for color reproduction and light output, which enables a wide dispersion of rich color within a large area. While these LED strips work great for many retail and custom applications, sometimes more light is needed in the same amount of space. That’s where Ellumiglow’s AURALUX 3535 RGB LEDs come in. With almost 3.5 times the brightness of other multicolor LED light strips you can be confident to attract more eyes, effectively accent and illuminate spaces with less effort. A small section has the equivalent output of two 60 watt lightbulbs, or 1,320 lumens per meter. Now, most 5050 type LEDs have a beam angle of 120 degree or more. With our vibrant 3535 RGB strips, a narrower 110 degree beam angle has been implemented. What this means is when comparing the pixel density to most 5050 LEDs, our 3535’s have about double the pixels which results in less hotspots and more even illumination. This smaller beam angle enables lighting professionals, retail space designers, production companies, and stage designers to focus more vivid and bright palettes into spaces that would normally require almost four times the amount of LED strip lights to achieve the same light output. For more information on these and other RGB LED Strips, visit us at And to check out educational and product videos, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel! Thanks for watching.

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