Australia’s Top 3 Desert Monsters | Australia’s Deadly Monsters

first crawling from the oceans around 430 million years ago they are common in the world’s tropical regions yet far from the sea the Australian desert scorpion has carved out an unlikely existence in the continents withered heartland this large female is an impressive nocturnal hunter specialised hairs on her body detect the subtlest of air and ground vibrations alerting her to the presence of prey nearby her lightning-fast claws ensnare prey with all the ferocity of a steel trap her flexible tail is punctuated with a venom gland and piercing barb delivering a stinging blow her prey is incapacitated then eaten alive extracting not only nutrients but valuable water all of the scorpions dietary requirements are met through predation twisted by eons of evolution into a uniquely grotesque form the thorny devil is Mother Nature’s desert monster he may be short in stature but he’s not short of defensive strategies he’s able to adapt his colorations to best blend in with his surroundings camouflage is his first line of defense if he does draw unwanted attention he can roll up into a ball of impregnable spikes positioning himself along the ant trail The Devil’s sticky tongue captures a seemingly endless supply of protein he can devour several thousand in a single sitting the thorny devil has evolved remarkable adaptations to extract water from even the driest environment in a process known as wicking a seemingly gravity-defying technique the devil channel’s groundwater along grooves between his spines uphill into his mouth in this way the thorny devil cheats even the most insidious of desert killers measuring up to 10 feet long and weighing in at around 13 pounds the king brown snake is one of the world’s largest venomous snakes his broad head houses a pair of quarter inch needle-like fangs an efficient venom delivery system this juvenile type hands exit is fortuitously timed even at this young age the venom of the inland Taipan is the deadliest of all snakes instinctively the young Taipan perceives the threat and lashes out but eons of coevolution have equipped the king Brown with a resistance to local Venom’s the Taipan on the other hand has no such defenses although not as toxic deliver it in a chewing action the King Browns counter-strike contains a higher than an output than any other snake on earth which quickly overwhelms the victim

15 thoughts on “Australia’s Top 3 Desert Monsters | Australia’s Deadly Monsters

  1. Why only King Brown? Eastern Browns are much more aggressive and live closer to people. Ive had several in my house and they just want you dead. King Browns aren't even real Brown snakes, they're actually called Mulga snakes.

  2. "Eons of evolution"? "Eons of COevolution'? Weeded out the bs, haw haw haw haw….

  3. the first 3 seconds of this video=Australia in a nutshell

  4. Of course Australia has one of biggest venomous snakes. Sometimes I wonder if those people down there are really okay.

  5. Тhis is thее niсeist mоviеее i ееvеr sеееее!!! I аdvisе еvеrуууbоdу tо wаtсссh it 🙂

  6. that is taipan actually not type hands…. he is nobodies tame secretary LOL

  7. all these snakes and creepy crawlys we have Australia keeps all the tourists away!!!!

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